The Sith Warrior
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February 15, 2014

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Battle in Wulong Forest

Aang stood up, and saw a cloaked figure before him.

It wasn't Vader.

It was Darth Zannah.

"Hello Avatar. I am Darth Zannah!" said the cloaked woman.

Zannah removed her robes and ignited her double-bladed lightsaber.

"You have TWO blades?! OH COME ON!" Aang said.

Aang swung his staff blowing Zannah away then following. Zannah then Force pushed Aang. Aang moved forward and punched straight through it while launching flames. Zannah dodged Aang's blast. She then began to Force choke him. Aang was down on his knees, clutching his throat. Suddenly, the Avatar grabbed the Sith Warrior and threw her several feet away. Then he blasted her through a building. As Aang charged after her, Zannah swung her lightsaber. Before it struck Aang, the Avatar swung his staff, causing her lightsaber to fly out of her hand. Aang swept Zannah's feet out from under her with his staff, and brought the butt of his weapon crashing into Zannah's spine. Zannah's hand shot up and grabbed the staff and wrenched it out of Aang's hands as the other hand slammed against his shins, causing Aang to topple on the ground. Zannah jumped to her feet and brought the staff down on Aang's chest forcing the breath out of him. Aang took a deep breath and blew as hard as he could. Zannah flew up high in the air and crashed through the roof of a house. Aang jumped up on the roof and looked through the hole.

Zannah's lightsaber, cloak and body were all gone.

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