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The Sisters
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The Forgotten


The Sisters are the ancient spirits of Choice and Consequence. They take the form of two teenage girls named Sentaku a.k.a. Sen (choice) and Kekka (consequence). There used to be more sisters, but they were all murdered by Wangji in a twisted attempt at revenge.


At the beginning of the Spirit World, The World of Avatar, and other worlds, there were actually seven sisters. Three of them represented the elements and the other four represented emotions. Melinoe was one of them, and she was the Spirit of Grief and Memories.

In Choices, the Sisters interact with a shapeshifting spirit named Wangji. There also were other shapeshifters besides Wangji, but they all eventually died out until there were just two left: Wangji and a female named Neela. One day, Neela was brutally murdered by a human. Wangji was infuriated by this, and he went to the Sisters to either help him take revenge on the human who did it, or bring Neela back to life. They refused, saying that they had to remain neutral.

Wangji became angrier and angrier until he desired nothing more than revenge on the humans who had taken Neela away from him and the Sisters who destroyed his chances of ever seeing her again. He hatched a plan to weaken the Sisters by picking them off one by one.

He murdered the Elementals first. The Emotions wanted to execute Wangji for it, but Melinoe wanted to try and talk to Wangji and make him see the light. They had an enormous fight over this, with Zumaa (Anger), Lette (Happiness), and Carin (Love) siding against Melinoe. She ran away, but while Melinoe was gone, Wangji came and then slaughtered the remaining Emotions. The respective powers of the Elementals went to the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Air, but the Emotions fell on the only remaining Sister and they were crushing her along with her grief, which had multiplied along with her sister's deaths.

Melinoe pleaded with the Creationist* to either give her someone to share the burden with or to give it to someone else. It answered by transforming Melinoe into Kekka and creating a baby Sen, who eventually grew up into the Spirit of Choice a couple hundred years later.

Like most of the spirits, they remained neutral in the War until the end, when they began to realize that a power is growing in the Spirit World that is seeking to destroy humanity. To help combat this, they pulled Viola from her world, through the Spirit World, and into the World of Avatar (Todd was just dragged along because his spirit was weak from sadness and fever). They are now concentrating on fighting this enemy and making sure that its influence doesn't spread any farther.

* The Creationist is somewhat like an omnipresent neutral spirit who created everything. I'm not saying it's God, but it's pretty close.



Everything about Sen is loud and boisterous, including her appearance. Her curly hair, her eyes, her nails, and her clothes are all a violent shade of red.


Kekka's appearance fits her personality; cold and sterile. Everything about her is pure white except her eyes, which are a very light gray.



Sen is loud, hyper, and impulsive. She is much friendlier than her sister, and is usually very kind and understanding except when she gets angry. When that happens, oh-my-God-get-out-of-her-way-or-she-will-rip-you-to-pieces.


Kekka's the exact opposite of her sister. She's cold, calculating, and emotionless to the point of robotic. However, she only remains like this because she choses to. She found early on that if she chooses not to think about her lost siblings, the pain isn't so great. So Kekka does her best to detach herself from everything except Sen.


Each Other

The Sisters share an unbreakable bond with each other. They are insanely protective of each other, and they know the other as well as themselves. This leads to them finishing each other's sentences, much to the annoyance of those around them. They also tend to balance each other out personality-wise.


Unlike most spirits, the Sisters treat humans respectfully. But even after thousands of years of watching them, Sen and Kekka still don't quite understand them or their motives, and can act slightly rude, bossy, or just plain weird.

The Avatar

The original seven sisters were more powerful spirits involved with creating the Avatar Spirit eons ago. They have the power to intervene, warn, and influence the Avatar's decisions.


Koh and the Sisters have an enmity that usually results in vicious insults and occasionally physical violence.


Wangji hates the Sisters for their willingness to do nothing and Kekka hates him because he murdered all her siblings except Sen. Sen used to just hate Wangji because Kekka did, but now she's mad that Wangji impersonated her and tricked her into thinking Kekka was dead.


  • Kekka has revealed that she can shoot a beam of light out of her hand that she can manipulate to her will. However, it was never elaborated on in that chapter. Later in Falsehoods, Sen uses it multiple times for random tasks. She normally uses it like rope, but she and her sister also use it for fighting.
  • Sen has also let it slip that she and her sister were the people who are responsible for Todd and Viola's coming. They are very powerful, as it takes a lot of energy to pull two people across the worlds.
  • The Sisters also have the ability of flight, but it's not very powerful, and can basically only take them up and down.


  • Sentaku means "choice" in romanized Japanese.
    • Sen's nickname is coincidentally the given name of Chihiro in the movie Spirited Away.
  • Kekka means "consequence" in romanized Japanese.
    • Melinoe is the Greek goddess of ghosts.
  • The Sisters can die or be injured.
  • Originally, the Sisters were just going to be one person that continually morphed back and forth from one extreme to the next.
  • The Sisters will play a huge role in Book 3.

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