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The Siege of the South, Part 2
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The Lost Scrolls




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February 20th, 2012

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The Siege of the South, Part 2 is the seventh chapter of The Lost Scrolls. The chapter was released on February 20, 2012. The battle takes a turn for the worst as the attackers arrive at the Southern Water Tribes, but what could be their motive for attacking?

The Story so Far

With help from the escaped Azula, the Bounty Hunters have recruited the Rebels and Fire Nation ships to attack the Souther Water Tribe. However, Aang, Zuko, and Suki head out to stop the fleet, but are attacked by Dai Nero, Arena, and the new member: Shou. Can the Water Tribes stop the seige of the south?

The Siege of the South, Part 2

~~The Fire Nation Ship ~~

"That's not good." Aang said.

"We will conquer the Southern Water Tribe in the name of the Fire Nation!" Dai Nero shouted, raising his fist in the air.

"Not if I can help it." Aang said.

The Avatar took a deep breath and blew, extending his hand in the process. The bounty hunter hit the side of the deck, and fell into the freezing water below. Aang took the knives out of his pants and ran below deck.

The Airbender ran down the steps faster then the wind. He jumped in the air, shooting a blast of air from his leg. The door flew down. Aang ran inside to see Arena sandbending at Zuko and a Yu-Yan Archer aiming an arrow at Suki's heart.

"Suki, wake up!" Aang shouted.

The Kyoshi Warrior opened her eyes just as the archer strung her bow. Suki waited as the arrow whizzed through the air. The warrior kicked her leg up, knocking the arrow off course. She took the tip off and landed on the ground safely. Suki broke the arrow in half and threw the blunt end at Arena. Shou strung her bow. An arrow made its way to block the blunt arrow. Whoosh! Boom! Arena screamed as she hit the metal ship. The arrow whisked toward Aang. The Avatar shot a slice of wind at the arrow, cutting it in half.

Zuko struggled to breathe as Shou ran up to Arena. Aang and Suki quickly surrounded them. Shou shot an arrow with a bomb at the metal floor. Smoke quickly blocked Aang and Suki's view. They coughed but as quickly as the smoke appeared, it vanished and so had Shou and Arena.

"Zuko, are you all right?" Suki asked.

Zuko coughed. "Yes, I'm-cough-fine."

"Go!" Aang ordered. "I know what I have to do."

Suki nodded and put Zuko's arm around her shoulder. The two walked out of the engine room. Minutes past and Aang stood silently. He looked at the engine and shot a blast of fire at it.

~~The Southern Water Tribe: Outside of Yugoda's Tent~~

Katara shot a blast of water from her water skin, drenching Mago. The force of the water propelled him across the ice. The magician smiled and shot three cards in the air. Mago jumped into one and came out from the one behind Katara. He threw handkerchiefs from his wrist, knocking the Waterbender to the ground. She shot a water whip at the hunter but he jumped into another card. Katara stood, looking for the villain. She looked at the card in front of her. Mago jumped out, shooting cards with knives. The Waterbender shot the snow up, freezing it in the process. The magician smiled and walked through the ice, smiling.

"What do you want you freak?" Katara asked. The Waterbender melted the snow under the magician's feet and he fell into the South Sea. Katara turned it into ice as fast as she could. Mago looked up, frowning. "You won't be getting me from there." Katara said.

She turned only to find Mago an inch from her lips. The magician jumped backward, taking out a small cane. The waterbender shot a water whip at Mago but in one motion, he dodged and hit Katara's legs. She screamed as she fell onto the ice. Mago unfroze the snow and the waterbender landed in the sea. "I'm not through with you." Katara yelled as she was trapped in the South Sea. Mago smiled, vanishing in the mist.

~~The South Pole: Southern Water Tribe~~

Sokka parried the attack, aiming at the rebel's legs. Ulti threw her katana down and did a back-flip, kicking Sokka's space sword out of his hands. The warrior took his battle club and charged at Ulti. Ulti grabbed the club with one hand and Sokka's hands with the other. She forced the club out of Sokka's iron grip and threw it aside. The rebel then twisted the warrior's hands.

"I though the best warrior in the Southern Water Tribe could do better then this." Ulti said.

Roar! Sokka looked up in the sky to see Appa descending. The sky bison turned around when he landed, raising his tail. "Appa, no!" Sokka shouted but he was too late. The bison slammed his tail on the snow, sending Sokka and Ulti across the South Pole. Momo looked up from the saddle and flew after them.

~~Fire Nation Ship~~

Aang smiled as the engine exploded. Soon a fiery inferno erupted. The flames roared with life. Aang's eyes widened. "I guess I didn't think this all the way through." The Avatar turned and ran faster then the wind, with the fire roaring closely behind. Aang jumped in the air and twirled, shooting a blast of wind from his palm. The force shot him all the way on top of the deck. The eruption exploded from the passage. Aang raised his arms. A humongous wave crashed on the deck, colliding with its ancient foe. The Avatar shot gusts of wind at the elements, freezing them. The Airbender sighed and turned around, smiling. The siege was almost over.

~~The South Pole~~

Sokka dodged knife after knife as he struggled to get a good cover. Something wrapped around his legs and forced him to fall. The warrior turned around as Ulti smiled. She took out a katana and held it up for Sokka to see. Boom! Ulti turned to see one of her brother's swords blocking her attack.

"Brother, what are you doing?" Ulti yelled.

"Are you blind, sister?" Ken Yi shouted. "The fleet has been defeated. We must leave before we are taken!"

"Not until he pays!" Ulti shouted. She threw the katana at Sokka. Whoosh. Boom! Crack! Ken Yi gasped because of what happened. Ulti let out a small yell because of what she almost did. "You guys are really loud." Toph said, walking up behind Ulti and Ken Yi. "I heard you all the way from the entrance." Sokka blinked once to see a boulder an inch from his face.

"Why you blind scum!" Ulti shouted and ran toward Toph. Boom! Ulti screamed as she fell into the snow. Ken Yi gasped and ran away. Katara jumped out of the snow, freezing it in the process. The rebel took out her katana and smashed the ice, jumping out and throwing knives. Sokka blocked with his machete and threw boomerang. Ulti dodged but fell backwards. Katara, Toph, and Sokka circled her. "You'll never defeat me!" Ulti shouted. She jumped in the air and threw more knives down. Katara blocked with ice. The rebel rolled down the snow. Sokka turned.

"Die!" Ulti shouted, taking out her katana once again. The rebel ran faster then the speed of a human, toward Sokka's stomach. Screech! Ulti shouted as Momo flew on her face, blocking the view. Ulti fell onto the ground. Roar! Momo flew up as Appa soared down and grabbed the rebel. Katara Waterbended her friends into the air and onto the bison.

"I thought you needed some help." Aang said.

Appa roared, dropping the enemy in the process. Ulti screamed as she landed on her brother. The bison landed in front of the entrance to the tribe. The Waterbenders were forcing the Fire Nation back.

"The ships aren't turning around!" Sokka announced.

"Of course." A voice said. Team Avatar turned to see Dai Nero, Arena, and Shou coming from the sea. "The ships are under my command."

"Turn back now or face the consequences!" Aang shouted, shooting a slice of wind at the hunters. The three dodged by jumping up. Katara shot water from the sea onto the hunters, shooting them through a wall.

"They're gonna be here any minute." Suki said.

"I have a plan." Sokka said.

Aang and Katara shot waves in the air, extinguishing the never ending supply of fire balls. The earth landed next to Toph. The Earthbender shot them back. A canoe drifted down the sea until stopping behind the middle ship. Suki jumped up the ship and climbed to the top, carrying a rope. Sokka and Zuko pushed a bomb over the canoe. They soon followed suit. Sokka carried a rope attached to boomerang and swam to the propeller. He threw boomerang. In a matter of seconds, the rope tied around the ship. Zuko breathed fire but failed. The force of the water was too much. Zuko breathed fire again and was successful this time.

The friends swam up and climbed aboard the canoe. Suki tied the rope to the railing and jumped down. Meanwhile, Aang and Katara pulled the water back. In a matter of minutes, the canoe was back.

"Did it work?" Toph asked.

Boom! The bomb exploded. The ship lurched to a stop, flipping over the water and crashing to the ship in front of it. The ships behind it exploded as they crashed into each other. Smaller ships drifted from the back and made its way toward the nearest island.

"The stink-n-sink worked again!" Sokka said. His eyes widened. "Duck!" Team Avatar dove to the side as a bomb exploded next to them. Dai Nero, Arena, and Shou jumped down. The archer shot an arrow into the sky, releasing a net that rained down on the team.

"Not today." Zuko shouted, twirling on the ground, shooting fire from his feet. Snap! The fire dwindled down as Team Avatar was trapped. Mago smiled as he vaporized into himself. "Who are you?" Zuko asked.

Roar! Appa landed on the ground. The bison turned, slamming his tail on the snow. The force of the blast shot the Bounty Hunters whipping across the South Sea. Waves rose ten feet. Katara looked around and smiled. Master Pakku shot the waves back. The sea raised higher than the moon and slammed the bounty hunters and ships together. The master shot the waves back and the invaders were gone.

"That was amazing!" Katara shouted.

Momo bit the ropes of the net, freeing his friends. Pakku froze the snow, sliding down it. The old master landed in front of the team. "I have made an important decision, kids." "You're retiring from the Order of the White Lotus?" Sokka asked.

"No." Pakku said. "The decision is something I want to do. I'm going to open the Lost Scroll."

"Really?" Katara asked. "What made you change your mind?"

"I want to help my grandkids." Pakku lied. Toph's ear twitched as she noticed the hesitation in his voice. "Really?" She said.

"Of course, now, the scroll please." Pakku said, taking out his hand.

Katara reached into her pouch and gasped. She felt around the pocket but nothing was there. The Waterbender looked around.

"Katara, what is it?" Aang asked.

"The scroll is missing." Katara announced.

~~Whale Tail Island~~

"This sucks." Dai Nero said. The bounty hunters staggered out of the water landing on the island. The ship ruins scattered at the shore. He turned to Mago. "But I trust you did what we went there for."

Mago took out the Water Scroll. He smiled as he raised it into the air.


  1. The plot about the Bounty Hunters wasn't thought of until the author finished writing the chapter.

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