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The Siege of the South, Part 1
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The Lost Scrolls




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February 10th, 2012

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The Southern Water Tribe

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The Siege of the South, Part 1 is the sixth chapter of The Lost Scrolls. The chapter was released on February 10th, 2012. It is about Team Avatar and the Water Tribes as they struggle to keep the Fire Nation, Rebels, and Bounty Hunters from arriving at the Southern Water Tribe.

The Story so Far

Team Avatar have finally arrived at the South Pole to see that the Southern Water Tribe have finally been restored to its former glory but when they ask Master Pakku to open the Water Scroll, he refuses. Sokka overhears Pakku talking with an ancient voice but is caught before he can see who. Meanwhile, the Rebels and the Bounty Hunters are on their way to start the Siege of the South.

The Siege of the South, Part 1

~~The Southern Water Tribe: Outside Pakku's Tent~~

"I'll repeat myself, Sokka." Pakku said, anger building up in his voice. "What were you doing outside my tent?"

"You're overreacting." Sokka lied. "I was looking for Momo."

"I'm not buying it." Pakku said.

~~The South Pole: South Sea, On Ship's Deck~~

"We're here sister." Ken Yi said. "The Rebels want to know what your orders are."

"We are going to crush these peasants and then we're heading around the world creating an army to storm the Fire Nation and take Fire Lord Zuko's life." Ulti laughed. "But for now, we are going to capture my old boyfriend. He's been playing at the pretend warrior game for far too long."

"Yes sis." Ken Yi said and turned around.

Ulti looked at her brother's retreat below deck. She turned and smiled. Icebergs were looming into view.

~~The South Pole: The Southern Water Tribe~~

Aang and Katara walked up to Suki, Zuko, Toph, Appa, and Momo. Soot started raining down from the sky.

"Black snow." Suki said.

"No, it's soot." Katara informed. "The Southern Water Tribe is being attacked by the Fire Nation. What's the meaning of this, Zuko?"

"Someone is taking our ships and I have one person in mind." Zuko said.

"Azula." Suki answered. "She must be leading the raid."

"Soot?" Toph asked. "What's soot?"

"Never mind that Toph." Aang said, jumping onto Appa's saddle. He looked around for something while speaking. "Do you know where Sokka is?"

"He left to go find Momo." Toph answered.

"I'm going to go find him." Katara shouted and ran off toward the tents. Aang jumped down from Appa, clutching his staff. "Found it. I'm going to fly to the ships and see if I can hold off the battle."

"I'm coming too." Zuko and Suki shouted.

"I'll need it." Aang said and opened his glider. The Avatar Airbended into the sky and grabbed his staff. He flew off into the sun. "Yip, yip!" Suki shouted as she boarded Appa with Zuko. Appa roared and flew off after Aang.

"So, what's up with you?" Toph asked.

Momo squeaked.

~~The Southern Water Tribe: Outside Pakku's Tent~~

"Well, you really should buy it." Sokka said, taking out his boomerang. He struck the ice around his feet as Pakku watched.

"Master Pakku!" Katara's voice shouted.

Pakku unfroze the ice around Sokka and walked back into his tent.

"Sokka!" Katara shouted. "Where were you? We have to go talk with Dad!"

"Why?" Sokka asked. Suddenly, his eyes filled with worry. Soot had finally caught up with him. The Fire Nation was gaining. "Not again." Sokka grabbed his boomerang and ran toward their tent.

~~The South Pole: Sky~~

"Do you see anything Aang?" Zuko asked.

"Nothing yet but I'm sure they're going to come any minute now." Aang said as he scanned the sea. Nothing but the glittering dark blue sea was in sight. Aang squinted to see a silhouette of a ship. "There!" Aang shouted.

"Aang, watch out!" Zuko shouted.

Aang looked up to see a flaming boulder hovering above him. The boulder zoomed in on its target as Aang screamed. The Avatar steered to the left as the boulder fell down into the ocean. "Watch out!" Aang shouted. Zuko pulled the reins to the left. A boulder skimmed Appa's fur and flew into the ocean.

"Guys, it's too dangerous!" Aang shouted. "Take Appa and go back!"

"No, we're with you." Zuko shouted.

Aang nodded and flew down to the sea. He pulled up and tilted so his glider skimmed the cool water. The Airbender flew next to a ship and swooped up behind it. He twirled his staff and landed on the deck. Appa flew down next to Aang, dropping Zuko and Suki. "Get out of here buddy!" Aang shouted. Appa roared in agreement and took off into the sky.

"What's the plan?" Suki asked.

"Honestly, I didn't think we'll make it this far." Aang chuckled.

~~The Southern Water Tribe: Hakoda's Tent~~

"Dad, there's soot!" Sokka shouted. His eyes widened. All of the men were there. All of them except Master Pakku.

"I know son." Hakoda said. "Now, prepare for battle. Katara, I don't want you to get hurt. Will it be all right if you stay and heal the wounded with Yugoda?"

"For you Dad but I will fight if I'm needed." Katara said. "Nothing is going to stop me from protecting the people I love."

~~The South Sea: Fire Nation Ship~~

"Sister, what are you doing?" Ken Yi asked.

Rebels walked into the smaller ships. Ulti turned to see her brother. "These bounty hunters are fools if they think they're going to use us rebels as pawns." Ulti snapped. "I'm going to the Southern Water Tribe and get my revenge."

"Sister-" Ken Yi started.

"Shut up!" Ulti said and sighed. "I need your help. Stay here and make sure that they don't see their stolen ships."

"Good luck." Ken Yi said as Ulti boarded one of the ships. The small vessels disembarked down the ramp and into the sea. They turned and vanished from sight. Up on a railing, Dai Nero, Arena, and Mago watched.

"What shall we do Dai Nero?" Arena asked.

"Nothing." Dai Nero smiled. "They're going to break the outer wall of the Southern Water Tribe. From there, we take the South Pole." Dai Nero smiled.

~~The South Sea: Fire Nation Ship, Outer Deck~~

"So, we have to stop this ship from reaching the Southern Water Tribe." Suki said.

"I've lived on a ship for three years." Zuko said. "I know what to do.'

"I'll come with you." Suki volunteered.

"I'll stay up here and make sure that none of them follow you." Aang said. Thump! Aang jumped, dodging a fire blast. Suki jumped in front of Aang and raised her fans blocking another blast. She threw one, hitting the bender on his shoulder. He tried to firebend but nothing came out. Suki ran up to him. The bender readied a fist and swung. The warrior moved to the side, grabbing the man's hand and throwing him to a wall.

"Look out!" Zuko shouted. The Fire Lord jumped and deflected an attack from more benders. Aang jumped in front of him, swinging his staff down. The benders screamed as they hit the rim of the ship. "Go, I'll hold them off!"

Zuko and Suki dodged multiple blasts as they retreated below deck. Aang jumped in front of the entrance, blocking multiple paths. "Looking for someone?"

~~The South Pole: Southern Water Tribe Entrance~~

Sokka stood in front of the gates of the Southern Water Tribe. Bato and Hakoda stood nearby. "The soot's picking up." Bato said.

"Stand your guard!" Hakoda shouted.

"Look out!" Sokka shouted.

A fireball swung into view. Waterbenders raised the water up, stopping the flames. The rock broke the symbol of the Water Tribe and landed next to Toph.

"What was that?" Toph asked.

"Toph, there's rock next to you!" Sokka shouted.

"Sweet." Toph smiled.

Toph jumped on the rock and sliced a part off. She jumped on it. "Finally, I can see!" Toph shouted.

Vroom. Sokka turned to see five small ships coming into port. "It's time." A Waterbender dropped the gates of the Southern Water Tribe. Three canoes drifted into the water with one Waterbender and three soldiers. The Waterbenders bended a mist around them as they headed toward the small vessels.

The three canoes headed up to three of the small ships. They shot rope up to the side of the ship and walked up to it. Ulti turned to see three warriors running up to her. She dodged a swing from the club, kicking the warrior. She twirled up and punched another warrior in the stomach, knocking him down. Ulti dodged an attack from a spear and broke it in two with one hit. She grabbed the warrior and threw him overboard. The ship reached the tribe's port. Ulti stepped out and smiled.

"No." Sokka said.

~~Fire Nation Ship: Passage to Engine Room~~

Zuko blocked an attack from a bender and swung to the side as Suki threw her fan, hitting the man square in the stomach. The bender fell as Zuko and Suki jumped over him and continued running. The two ran into the engine room. Clank! Zuko and Suki turned around.

"Well, well, how sweet of you to join us?" Arena said, smiling.

"What are you doing here?" Suki asked.

"Nothing, really." Arena said. "Just here to kill you!" Arena kicked a jar into the sky and swung her foot. Crack! Sand fell to the ground. Arena bended the sand up, taking Suki along with it.

"Suki!" Zuko shouted. He turned and dodged an arrow.

"A Yu-Yan Archer?" Zuko asked.

"She joined our team at Whale Tail Island. Her name is Shou." Arena said and shot sand at Zuko. Zuko dodged the blast and kicked the arrow away.

"And unlike the others, I prefer to talk!" The archer shouted.

Zuko dodged an arrow and kicked sand up. Arena smiled and bended the sand away. She turned and dodged a fan.

"How dare you betray the name of Kyoshi!" Suki shouted.

~~The Southern Water Tribe: Yugoda's Tent~~

Boom! Katara looked outside the window as a shower of flame blocked the clear blue sky. "Ugh!" Katara turned to see a wounded warrior dragging himself into Yugoda's tent. She ran up to the warrior and helped him onto a bed. Yugoda bended water onto her hands and healed the man.

Boom! Boom! Boom! "I'm going out there." Katara announced.

"It's okay," Yugoda said. "I have plenty of helpers already."

Katara nodded and ran out of the tent. Something exploded in front of her. She coughed as the smoke cleared. "You!" Katara readied a stance as Mago walked up to her.

~~The South Sea: Fire Nation Ship, Outer Deck~~

Aang swung his staff, shooting a blast of water at the benders. They screamed as they were shot back. The Avatar bended water from the sea around him. The water whipped at some of the benders shooting them off the ship and into the sea.

"Phew." Aang sighed.

He turned and dodged a net. Dai Nero smiled as he shot knives at Aang but the Avaatr bended the water up, freezing it. The Avatar unfroze it and shot it back. Dai Nero braced himself as the water drenched him. Aang shot slices of wind at the hunter but he swiftly dodged as he shot rope with a knife at the end at Aang. The knife pierced Aang's right leg to the ground.

"Who are you?" Aang asked.

"An enemy!" Dai Nero said and shot another rope-knife at Aang. The knife struck Aang's left leg, pinning it to the ground. Dai Nero smiled as he shot rope at the Avatar.

~~The South Pole: Southern Water Tribe Entrance~~

"What are you doing?" Sokka asked.

"Getting revenge." Ulti smiled.

Ulti took out a knife and shot it at Sokka. The warrior deflected it with his sword and threw his boomerang. Ulti jumped and kicked it off course. Sokka turned and ran toward Zen Berg.

"Coward." Ulti smiled. She shot more knives at Sokka. He turned and hit them with his club. Sokka grabbed a fallen spear and charged at Ulti. She dodged and kicked Sokka in the back, sending him headfirst into the snow. Sokka rolled out of the way as knives scraped his back. Sokka growled and took out his space sword. Ulti took out a katana with knives on either end. "This'll be fun!" Ulti said and charged at Sokka.

~~The Southern Water Tribe: Pakku's Tent~~

Pakku sat with his eyes closed. The being had told him not to interfere but his heart was telling him to do what's right. He knew what he had to do. Pakku stood up and walked toward the exit. He let down the curtains, blocking his view and help from the others.

~~The Fire Nation Ship: Engine Room~~

Zuko shot waves of fire at the archer but she swiftly dodged. Suki readied a fist and swung her arm. Arena dodged and shot her arm at Suki. Sand drenched the warrior and shot her onto the engine. Zuko jumped in the air, kicking blasts of fire at Arena. The hunter hardened the sand, blocking the attack. Arena made a fist out of sand and shot it at Zuko, knocking him on his back. Zuko fainted and fell with a thud. Suki jumped but Shou aimed her bow and shot. The warrior hit the wall, hanging by the arrow. Arena smiled as she trapped Zuko in sand. Shou turned and aimed an arrow at Suki's heart.

~~The South Sea: Fire Nation Fleet~~

Boom! Thud!

"What was that?" Aang asked, trying to peer over Dai Nero. "That was the gates." Dai Nero smiled. "The Fire Nation has arrived at the Southern Water Tribe."


  1. Katara was originally supposed to protect Toph but that was scrapped since she isn't a helpless girl.
  2. Aang was supposed to fly to the ships alone but the author wanted to see how Suki and Zuko will fight together.

Series Continuity

  1. Katara heals with Yugoda like in The Waterbending Master.
  2. Katara's line, "I will never turn my back on people who need me." in The Painted Lady was referenced.

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