The Siege of the North in a different dimension
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The Siege of the North

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The Avatar State

This chapter consists of the two episodes combined with one another, largely due to the absence of Zuko's subplot.

([{Watch until Katara says that Aang is her friend and that she can protect him.}])

Sokka and Appa arrived in on the scene.

The Sun rose and with it the power of the firebender. Zhao stood at his ship balcony.

He said, "The Water Tribe can resist the inevitable, but their city falls today."

The attack on the Northern Water Tribe resumes. Meanwhile, Aang was having his journey in the Spirit World.

([{Watch until Aang nods to Roku stoically.}])

Zhao's navies continued their assault upon the Water Tribe fortress. The ruthless Commander looked upon the sight in front of him. Behind Zhao entered Hahn, spear in his hand.

Hahn shouted "Admiral Choi, prepare to meet your fate."

He charged at the Commander, but Zhao threw the young warrior overboard.

Aang's journey in the Spirit World continued.

([{Watch until Koh tells Aang that the Avatar had come to him with a new face.}])

Aang closes his eyes and breathes. His body imitated his spirit.

His friends and pets look over at him, then look out of the Oasis.

Sokka said, "Looks like we're going to be here for a while."

Aang continues his interview with Koh, who wrapped his body loosely around Aang.

{[(Watch until Hei Bai blasts the mystical monkey spirit out of sight and returns to his animal form.}])

His tattoos stop glowing and Aang wakes up.

Just then, Zhao and his soldiers walked in on the scene. Zhao snatched Tui in a bag and raised her into the air. The Moon turned a bloody red as its spirit struggled in Zhao's clutches.

{[(Watch until Aang says that Zhao has no idea what kind of chaos killing the Moon Spirit would unleash upon the world.}])

Zhao released Tui back into the water. The world returned to balance. Visibly angry, Zhao bent fire at Tui, killing her.

Yue said, "There's no hope now, it's over."

Aang entered the Avatar State as he spoke "No, it's not over yet."

He walked into the waters of the Oasis pond where La was swimming in a circular motion alone. Zhao and his soldiers retreated.

Katara made to stop Aang. Aang sank into the waters of the Oasis and fused with La thus, Koizilla was born. Koizilla rose from the pond and stood facing the people in the Oasis.

He charged at the Fire Nation soldiers and drove them back. The Water Tribe citizens bowed in reverence before their patron spirit, Pakku among them.

Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes were left to mourn Tui's death.

Katara said, "It's too late. It's dead."

Yue looks up in wonder.

She said, "I have been touched by the Moon Spirit. Some of it's life is in me. It gave me life. Maybe I can give it back."

The scene continues from this point just as it does in the other dimension.

Koizilla approached the Fire Nation ships.

Azula said, "It's going to destroy the ships."

Zuko said, "How are we all going to escape?"

Ozai said, "We're not."

Zuko said, "Then our only chance is to stand and fight."

Ozai said, "You kids have to leave. You have to escape together."

Azula said, "What?" I can't leave you behind."

Ozai said, "You and Zuko need to go back to the Fire Nation. We'll be prisoners but we'll all survive this battle."

Zuko said, "They're at the beach already."

Koizilla destroys the Fire Nation ships. Zhao arrives too late. He saw the resurrected Moon.

He shouted "Impossible!"

Koizilla saw the return of the Moon. Slowly it separated into its two fusee, Aang left standing on the edge of the city and La drawing himself out of his body.

La snatched Zhao in his watery hand and dragged him away from the bridge. La dragged Zhao away underwater.

The burning ships could be seen from the distance.

Azula, Zuko, and Ozai have one group hug.

Azula said, "We'll miss you, Dad."

Zuko said, "Bye, Dad."

They ran away, leaving their father and his soldiers secluded in the North Pole.

Team Avatar scenes.

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