Koizilla destroys the Navy
The Siege of the North, Part 2
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The Siege of the North


The Siege of the North, Part 2

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The Avatar State

{[(Watch the episode until the part where Zhao releases Tui back into the Spirit Oasis pond.)]}

Zhao killing

Zhao drew fire from his hand and killed Tui. Iroh looked in horror as the Moon Spirit perished in the flames of Zhao's killing move. The Moon was destroyed and left the world forever. A furious Iroh attacked Zhao's guards and incapacitated them. Zhao was terrified by Iroh's demonstration of firespells so that Zhao's ambition evolved into cowardice. Fearing the old man, Zhao scarpered for his life. Iroh turned to the dead body of Tui.

Yue said, "It's too late it's over.

Aang's eyes and tattoos began to glow blue and his voice mingled with the voices of all the past Avatars as he spoke "No – it's not over yet."

Aang stepped into the Spirit Oasis pond. Katara moved to stop him, but Iroh withheld Katara. La's eyes began to glow. La's energy merged with Aang's energy in the Avatar State and the two spirits – the world and the Ocean merged. La took the form of a giant koi fish and where the upper part of his chest should have been, was Aang in the Avatar State hence; Koizilla – the fused form of Aang and La – was born.

Katara awestruck

Koizilla treaded away from the Spirit Oasis to protect his people from the soldiers of the Fire Nation attacking their city. Water Tribe men, women, and children – Pakku among them – knelt in honor and respect before their patron spirit. Fire Nation soldiers stood their ground however; they could not hide their fear.

Zhao ran for his life. Just then, a flame barely missed Zhao. He turned to find Zuko wounded but clearly alive.

"You're alive!" exclaimed Zhao.

"You tried to have me killed" yelled Zuko. He brandished another firebending blow at his adversary.

Zhao deflected Zuko's flame.

"Yes, I did." Zhao admitted "You're the Blue Spirit. You're an enemy of the Fire Nation. You freed the Avatar."

"I had no choice."

Bowing to koizilla

"You should have chosen to admit your failure. Then at least, you could have lived."

"Better get out of here, before the fleet leaves without you."

Zhao grunted angrily.

"When we meet again, you will regret denying your failure."

Zhao continued his pursuit for the docking bay. He stepped aboard his battleship.

Back at the Spirit Oasis, Iroh placed Tui's dead body back into the pond before him. He and Katara looked with concern into the pond.

Katara said, "It's too late. It's dead.

{[(Watch the episode until the part where Sokka says for the second time that Yue is dead.)]}

Koizilla washed away Fire Nation soldiers, broke down their warships, and drove the evil warriors attacking the Water Tribe city away with one almighty wave.

Back at the Spirit Oasis, Sokka cradled Yue's dead body which briefly glowed and disappeared.

{[(Watch the episode until the part where Yue fades away into the nothingness she now was in the mortal world, but shines bright with hope in her new form as the Moon.)]}

As soon as he saw his people and their city were safe from harm or damage, La parted his body from Aang's and Koizilla ceased to exist as his two halves separated and ended their fusion.

Aang landed on his feet at the Northern Water city. As soon as his body was his own again, he shook his head from exhaustion. La entered his waters and swam his way back to the Spirit Oasis.

The Fire Nation navy fled from the North Pole in fear of Koizilla. Just then, Zhao looked up at the sky and was struck with horror at the sight of the Moon.

"Impossible! The Moon Spirit is alive." screamed Zhao.

Zhao's armada retreated to the Fire Nation Capital. The damaged ships underwent repair immediately. Meanwhile, Zhao rushed straight to the Royal Palace and bowed in reverence to his master.

Fire Lord Ozai was displeased and outraged by Zhao's testimony of Iroh's betrayal and Zuko's treachery and failure.

Zhao said, "And as for me, Sir, I am retiring from the Fire Nation military."

Ozai said, "Why are you retiring?"

Zhao said, "I knew the Moon Spirit could be found and killed and I thought that it was my destiny to do so. I thought it was my destiny to destroy the Moon and the Water Tribe. I tried and I failed. I no longer have any wish to serve the military."

Ozai said, "Very well."

Zhao rose to his feet, bowed in honor before Ozai, and walked out of the chamber. As soon as Zhao had left his sight, Ozai bent the flames before his throne upward in his wrath, screaming in denial "The Water Tribe could have fallen! The Avatar would have been ours! My brother and my son will pay for this treason and failure!"

Back at the Northern Water Tribe, the people rebuilt their city from the damage caused by the recent invasion. Among them was Pakku who was talking to Katara.

"I am going to the South Pole. Some other waterbenders and warriors want to join me. It's time we helped rebuild our sister tribe," said Pakku.

{[(Watch the episode from this point onward.)]}

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