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The Siege Part 2:Chaos and Insanity
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The Way Things Were



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Firelord Hangh



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August 2, 2009

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The Siege Part 1

Dai Li agents stormed Ba Sing Se. Katara was deeply concerned and was about to go crazy. Azula flew out to the Royal Palace using firebending. She told the Team that she would go to the catacombs to guard Zuko and Earth King Kuei. The rest of the Team went to defend the city and civilians. Yian and Toph created shield to protect the civilians. Aang and Katara began to take an offensive stance against the Dai Li and Saviors of Fire. The Dai Li slowly created a path through the city, leading directly to the royal palace. In the battle, Iroh's tea shop was burnt down. Iroh now felt strong hate and anger against the enemies. He roared with fire and generated bolts of lightning at the Saviors and Dai Li, using his legendary breath of Fire.

Yian fought against the Dai Li and Saviors, he threw several boulders at several Saviors. But, the Saviors were saved by some nearby Dai Li agents. Yian was full of rage at the treachery of the Dai Li, and began to throw hundreds of diamond shards. It seemed to work, the enemy was retreating. Aang also seemed to be doing good, he was fighting several Saviors. The Saviors firebended with advanced moves and techniques. Yian however used earthbending to make a dome around him. Yian fought for several hours, but his muscles ached. The agents' bending became stronger and Yian became weaker. The Dai Li agents now had their chance to take out Yian. Aang ran up beside Yian to protect him, with a large dome of air. The dome stopped the incoming projectiles. Katara then quickly attempted to heal his chi level. However, Yian was just too drained. One Dai Li agent began to chuck a large boulder at Yian. Yian panicked when he saw the rock and stood in shook. The rock smashed right into Yian's chest. Aang then picked up Yian with his aching arms and defeated the group of Dai Li agents with some quickly fire blasts.

The group had taken out a least several hundred Dai Li agents and Saviors of Fire. However, they kept entering the city. There were far too many for just a small group of benders and Royal Guards. The group now had no choice but to fall back and retreat to the catacombs. So the group retreated to the Royal Palace. At the royal palace, they earthbended a deep whole which led to the catacombs. At the catacombs, dozens of Earth King Royal Guards guarded the abandoned house. Fire Lord Zuko and Earth King Kuei were heavily guarded. Azula ran to her brother and hugged him. "Zuko, we have to leave. Now!" said Azula to Zuko. Katara explained the situation, which only concerned Earth King Kuei more.

Suddenly, a large crash was heard in the tunnel entrance. Dai Li agents entered the catacombs. They quickly defeated the Royal Guards and surrounded the team. Katara waterbended water from the waterfall, and began to throw ice shards. Azula shot bolts and blasts of blue. Suddenly, Inda approached into the catacombs. She then started to battle Azula with her dangerous fire blasts. Azula however, was ready and prepared and retaliated with several of her own. Yian, fought against Long Feng with the help of Zuko. Long Feng however had a serious atittude and wished not to spend one second of his time. He blocked the earthbending and firebending attacks and attacked with a huge boulder and several nearby diamonds. He then sunk the Earth King, into the ground, using earthbending. The King was stuck and was seriously hurt. "Earth King Kuei!" yelled Yian. Long Feng then slowly walked up to the Earth King and looked him in the eye. Kuei looked up at Long Feng and stared at him. Yian teared up for the King, for he was a loyal citizen.

Long Feng then ordered the Dai Li agents to execute him. The agents them smashed the King with rocks, instantly killing Kuei. Kuei only hollared one time before dying. Katara then quickly rushed towards him in a final attempt to heal him. However, the King had no more chances and she was soon attacked by several Saviors along with Inda. As she defeated several Saviors she moved to heal the King, but she did not know Inda was on her blind side. Katara was then hit by a blast of Inda's red fire. Yian, then sunk her into the ground, and moved her underground near the rest of the Team. They then retreated through the water falls, with Agents throwing boulders at them. The team was quickly able to escape the catacombs. However, when they reached the surface of Ba Sing Se, they saw the city was completely conquered.

Shiungi, Appa, and Momo then flew quitely to the wall. Shiungi told them that they had alerted all of the area around Ba Sing Se. They then left quitely and were able to sneaked across the walls. Katara remembered the last time they fled Ba Sing Se, Kuei had said "The Earth Kingdom had Fallen", he wasn't here to say that this time. The Team quitely mourned him in their journey north.

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