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The Siege Part 1
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Fanon:The Siege Part 2: Chaos and Insanity

Aang, Yian, and Zuko ran to the Earth King's palace. They saw all the soldiers guarding his palace. They had barricades of soldiers and tanks positioned. Zuko told them about the wall and chaos at the lower-ring of the city. Then, they entered the palace. Yian blasted Earth King Kuei's fancy door down using earthebending. "Why must everyone break down me fancy door! I mean really uh, come on, uh what!" said the King. Yian bowed down to the Earth King Kuei and apologized. Aang explained to the King that a siege on the city was about to begin. "Fleets of airships and tanks are currently trying to break through the wall. Who knows if the Dai Li and Long Feng are working with the Saviors of Fire and Ozai's army?!" said Aang. "Your highness, as Earth King and Fire Lord, we must leave the city immediatly," said Zuko. "But where will we go?" asked Earth King Kuei. "Well, maybe we don't need to leave the city. We can just hide at the Crystal Catacombs," replied Zuko. "Very well, Bosco, let's go with Fire Lord Zuko," said Earth King Kuei. "

Yian and Aang escorted the Earth King and Fire Lord Zuko to the catacombs. A group of the King's royal guards went along with the King to protect. Aang and Yian then left and headed to the Jasmine Dragon. Inside, Iroh was sweating and rushing to close the shop. "Aang, we must go to the wall and defend the city!" yelled Iroh. Iroh then ran along with Aang and Yian. They ran to the Team's house. Inside the house, Momo, Appa, and Shiungi were laying around. "Shiungi, the Saviors of Fire are invading the city! You three should fly out of the city and somewhere safe!" ordered Aang. Yian then went to his house. His parents were preparing their personal belongings and were getting ready to flee the city. "Yian, get you stuff honey, we need to escape through the western side of the wall," said Yian's mother. "Mother, I've made a decision with Aang. I'm going to join Team Avatar and help defeat the rebels with my earthbending!" surprisingly said Yian. "Yian, you," said Yian's mother before being interrupted. "Son, I know that you can do it and that you'll be safe. Your my little boy and I raised with honor and bravery! Follow the Avatar. A good future awaits you. Now leave!" explained Yian's father. Yian hugged his mother and father and left with Aang. As they ran, Yian cried small tears. He looked back and saw his parents running.

"The Upper-Class civilians are all escaping through the western wall." informed Iroh. When they reached the wall. Yian earthbended Aang, Iroh, and himself up to General Sung's Wall Station. At the wall, Saviors were trying to blast a hole through the wall. "This is chaos. How did this happen!" asked Sokka. Then one giant fireball nearly hit them. If it weren't for Yian and Toph who earthbended a shield, the Team could of gotten hit and killed.

Tiroku, Long Feng, and Inda watched the battle from a high-flying airship. Underneath the Royal Airship, were eight fleets and airships. There were more airships here then when Ozai tried to burn down the Earth Kingdom. Inda jumped off of the airships and began to blast her dark red flames of fire. "Sir, the Dai Li are loyal to Ozai and the Saviors of Fire. Please, allow us to do our job and help the Saviors by destroying the wall and storming the city. I promise you that when the battle is over, Ba Sing Se will be completely under our control and the King will have been killed!" said Long Feng
Dai Li betrays Ba Sing Se
to Tiroku. "Very well, Agents, lets go," said Tiroku. Long Feng and the Dai Li agents dropped down from the airship. In mid-air, they crawled into earthballs and landed safely. "Agents, crack down that wall!!!!!!!!" demanded Long Feng. "Wait a minute, are those Dai Li agents!" said Katara. "Oh boy," replied Aang. The Dai Li agents went to the top of the wall. Earth Kingdom Military guards tried to stop and arrest them. However, the agents shot out earth gloves which didn't allow the guards to earthbend. The Dai
Wall falls

A sector of the wall is destroyed.

Li then slid down to the bottom of the wall using earthbending. Suddenly another loud thunder was heard. A large piece of the wall was collapsing. The wall, had been breached. What followed next would be the simple battle for survival.

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