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The Shadowbender Chapter 1 : The Mission


In the fourth training hall of the Celestial Knights, fixing his long brown hair is Zhou. He wears a red and yellow dragon combat robe with his staff in front of him. He then rolls the staff with his right foot and kicks it up to his hand.

"That's a nice move you got there Zhou," says a familiar voice. Zhou looks around and can't seem to figure out where the voice came from. "Still haven't figured it out I see," said the voice again. "This isn't funny Drake!" said Zhou annoyed. "Alright alright, stop whining," said Drake. Out of the shadows of one of the practice dummies is Drake. He wears a red and black master training robe with a black hood sewed on. His hazel eyes stand out from the uniform and his short brown hair under his hood.

Zhou bowed to show respect, as well as Drake to his apprentice.

"Zhou, tomorrow will be the day you demonstrate your skills. You will be going on a mission by yourself this time," said Drake. Zhou, stunned by the words Drake had spoken, didn't know what to say next. He then said softly, "What?" Zhou seemed to be very excited, while Drake was giving a plain facial expression.

"You don't care that I'm going by myself do you?" asked Zhou worriedly. "Not one bit," replies Drake with a smile on his face.

"I hate you."

"I hate me too."

Drake and Zhou started laughing then Drake said, "Alright, run me the form I taught you. Remember everything that I have taught you." Zhou tosses his staff to Drake and says, "Yes Master."

Drake catches the staff and walks to the left side of the mirror for Zhou to face the mirrors that were opposite to where the doors are. The mirrors are for the group or individual to see what their doing.

Zhou stood straight in the center, his eyes closed, and awaits for the call.

Drake shouts, "Red Dragon Form! Begin!"

Zhou immediately begins to perform a firebending with slow circular movements then in a flash begins to fire a wide variety of spinning and jumping kicks releasing fireballs and streams. He then using jet propulsion at the bottom of his feet to accelerate.

He back flipped in the air then landed in a horse stance with his hands out in front of him. Zhou turned to his left and into a split with his hands to the sides launching two fire blasts.

Zhou tornado kicked on the floor to get up, creating a blazing arc circle. Zhou rolled to wear he first started then lit one small flame between his hands while kneeling down on his right leg. Zhou inhaled deeply, the small fire disappeared and he immediately got up and roared.

Out of the roar is an immense fire breath.

Zhou inhaled lifting his arms slowly up. Then exhaled by pushing his hands down slowly. His feet together and his arms by his side, Zhou opened his eyes and stared at himself in the mirror. Drake smiled and said, "You sir, are the Red Dragon."

Zhou relaxed and breathed heavily due to the energy required to perform the Red Dragon Form. The Red Dragon Form was created by Master Wei, the grand firebending master of the Celestial Knights.

The form is portrayed is meant to demonstrate the exotic movements of a dragon, even though there are a plethora of colors, the forms with the name "Dragon" in the Celestial Knights are taught not by levels, but by the characteristics of the firebender. The red dragon symbolizes good fortune and joy. A strange color for Zhou, who is shy but yet quite talented.

Zhou bowed to Drake to show respect. Drake chuckled and did the same. Drake tossed the staff to Zhou and said, "Rest up, at dawn you will start the thousand steps."

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