Chapter 1 "The Mission"
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The Mission

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Chapter 2 "The Island"

Chapter 1 "The Mission"

Zhou awakens bright and early the next day, showing little excitement. A square window facing the sun lights up the room. He looks around his room with a red carpet on the floor, a bookcase opposite to the window, a drawer to the left of the bookcase, and a long table with his staff on a stand.

Zhou gets off of his bed wearing baggy dark red pants and a black shirt. He stretches and yawns, then walks toward his drawer. He opens the top drawer and grabs his red and yellow dragon combat robe.

He looks at himself in the mirror above the drawer and grabs the scissors to his left. He cuts his long hair at the upper part of his neck, then throws away his hair in the trash to the left of the drawer. He walks to the long table and grabs his staff. He opens the door that is opposite to where is bed is and walks out.

He closes the door and walks left towards the offices where he will receive his assignment. Running behind him is Drake wearing the same uniform as yesterday, but instead of red, its blue.

"Today's the day! My pupil's first mission!" says Drake with alacrity.

Zhou shivered at the word mission. He was very nervous even though he tries to hide it. Drake could see right through him.

The two make their way to the offices where Master Taijo Wei, the grand master of the Celestial Knights is waiting in his study room.

"Before you go in, eat this," says Drake while taking out a small bean from his pocket. "What kind of a bean is that exactly?" asked Zhou worriedly.

"Its a fire Bean, its for good luck. When you eat one, the spirits will guide you. Don't worry you won't breath fire."

Zhou takes the fire bean from Drake's hand and swallows it.

Drake nods and Zhou continues to walk to Master Wei's office. Zhou knocks at the study room door.

"Come in," shouts Master Wei. Zhou opens the door and walks inside. Master Wei is sitting at his desk, reading a book. "Ah. Zhou, take a seat."

Zhou hesitated and examined the study room. It was filled with scrolls and books all organized. The floor had various notes and books opens and filled with annotations written all over them. Zhou walked to the two brown chairs next to each other and took a seat on the right one.

He stared at the desk that had only a single file. Master Wei throws the book he was reading across the room and turns to look at Zhou.

"Now then, this is your first mission. I don't expect perfection like I do from my more advanced students. You have been trained and I am going to assign you a partner for this assignment, its her first mission as well. You two are to help each other. I know you were trained as an individual fighter, so has your new partner."

There is a knock on the door and Master Wei shouts, "Come in!" Inside walks in a brown haired girl, tied in a low pony tail, with brown eyes and white skin. She wears metal bracers on her forearms and shins, a cut black and green robe with the mark of the Earth Kingdom on the left sleeve.

"Ah yes, Zhou, this is your new partner. Lin. Zhou turned stood up slowly, shivering as he turned to face his her. He looked into her eyes and Lin put her hands together and bowed. Zhou slowly put his hands together and bowed as well.

Zhou sat down on the right seat and Lin at the left.

"Alright then, your mission is simple. Travel to a nearby island and stop a gang that has been terrorizing the people. The gang consists of two firebenders and one earthbender. Remember your training and try not to get anyone killed in the process either."

Lin and Zhou nodded and they were dismissed.

Drake was leaning next to the door and said, "Show that gang who we are."

Both nodded and walked to the entrance of the headquarters.Master Wei walks out of his study and looks at Drake.

"You know that those aren't gang members right?" asked Master Wei.

"Yes. Why didn't you tell him who he was going up against? He has the right to know about what's been going on since the attack," said Drake.

Master Wei sighs then says, "I know. In time we will. Drake, I have a special assignment for you. Our spies have picked up a lead on one of the Element Stones, its...your stone. You are to travel to the same island as them, but don't go to the village, go to the northern part of the island. You'll find a small tunnel that will lead you to the catacombs. Zhou and Lin will lure the attention away from the catacombs, enough time for you to be able to go in and get out."

"Better send back up at the town, Dragonclaw will be there."

"Already on it. Zhen, why don't you go tell the Hidden Shadows to go watch over Zhou and Lin," says Master Wei with a smirk. Behind a pillar steps out teenage boy with his green eyes, short brown hair, and tan skin. He wears similar attire as Lin's, but he wears four iron rings on his forearms.

"You got me this time!" he says with excitement. Zhen bows and walks away.

"He's getting better at this," says Master Wei.

"Next time he should remember that the torches show his shadow," shouts Drake.

Master Wei and Drake laughed.

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