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The Shadow Archipelago is home to the Shadowbenders, a race of people who were taught how to bend by Koh and Vaatu . They are the eternal enemies of the Avatar.


When the Spirits first moved into the Spirit Wilds, the Shadowbenders (Then bending-less) couldn't find a Lion Turtle to live on. So they, like the Foggy Swamp Tribe, Sun Warriors, Oma and Shu, and Air Nomads, searched for somebody to teach them to bend permanently. They found Koh and Vaatu. They taught them to bend shadows and guided them to the Shadow Archipelago.

When Wan went around collecting elements, he overlooked the Shadowbenders, as they lacked a Lion Turtle. After Wan defeated Vaatu and sent Koh back to the Spirit World, the Shadowbenders swore vengeance.

By Avatar Li's time, the Shadowbenders had massed enough power to cloak the Sun in shadows, causing a Solar Eclipse. At this time, Li only knew Firebending and was powerless to stop them. However, the three Water Tribes banded together and flooded most of the Shadow Archipelago.

At some point during the Hundred Year War, a Shadowender named Analay went rouge and attempted to join forces with the Avatar. Shortly after this, she was captured and had her face removed by Koh.



Most shadowbenders have pale skin and black hair. Their eyes are generally purple, black, or red. They wear shoulder armor similar to the Fire Nation's except in red with black trim. Underneath that, they wear waist-length, sleeveless silk robes that are black with red trim. On their forearms they wear red bracers and on their legs they wear black tights. They usually wear soft black or red boots.


In battle, shadowbenders wear segmented armor that covers their back and head. The armor's helmet looks similar to Koh's head, with the Shadowbender's face instead of Koh's. They carry short, curved knives. Their tactics are usually to aggravate their enemy, getting them to reveal their weaknesses. When that happens, they strike.


Shadowbenders usually eat meat such as that of the viper-goat of spider-bat. They also eat shadow pears and moon peaches. For drinks they drink spider-goat milk or koi blood.


The Shadow Archipelago is heavily forested with large, oak-like trees. Very little light reaches the ground, and most animals live in or on top of the trees. Huge mushrooms dot the landscape. Many of the Shadow Archipelago islands were flooded, and the remaining ones have many lakes an rivers. The Shadowbenders build their houses in the trees, making vast cities linked by rope bridges instead of roads.


  • The Shadow Archipelago is base on Analay, but was not created by the same person.
  • The Symbol of the Shadow Archipelago is meant to represent Koh.

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