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Avenger Cycle: The Last Lion Turtle







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1st August 2012

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Son of a Lion Turtle

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Fighting An Ally

The cold, harsh rain dropped on to his firm skin. He flinched ever so slightly as he drew his sharp, brilliant sword. The blade shone in the misty light.

"Today, he dies." His bitter, cold voice brought shock to the face of the Water Tribe woman in the courtyard.

"Please, Piandao, think this through more thoroughly. Sokka, the wielder of the space sword, would not allow this!". She pleaded.

"Father was a brilliant warrior. He would do whatever is necessary to achieve a goal."

"No! He would not. He may have thought so as a child, but as he matured, he realised violence is not the answer!"

"Hama, sister, you must understand. This must be done. He must be killed for the good of the world". Piandao pleaded.

"Please, brother, find another way." At that, Hama, left.

It was a week to the day that Jikir first woke up in the abandoned shack and Jikir had now made an important decision.

He slowly dressed in his white robes.

He then walked through the abandoned shack and opened the worn wooden door to the outside world. After examining his surroundings, he stepped through the door.

Suddenly, a car sped past him and showered rainwater on to his robes. A police car then followed and again showered water on to his robes.

Jikir remained entirely calm and began to walk up the hill. As he walked, he almost felt sympathy for all of the poor people living in the Slums. Most homes were broken down and others were makeshift constructions of spare wood and clay; which was rich in the area.

As he approached the top of the hill, he heard a roar of cheers and clapping on the other side.

He walked over the hill and began to walk down and then witnessed something incredible.

The blades shined brightly in the sun. The warriors wore nought but unhooded cloth robes.

Jikir couldn't believe his luck. These two warriors were masters of sword-fighting. Finally perhaps he could get a sword-fighting teacher.
He had planned to find a teacher ever since the morning after he had realised he had lost powers. He realised he needed to find a non-bending teacher.

He approached them slowly. Unknowingly, he stepped over a white line painted in the field grass.

He began to speak. "Hey, I was wonderin..."

"What do you think you're doing?!" One of the warriors looked shocked at Jikir.

"I just wanted to speak to you!"

"Oh really?! Hey, Onjir, how about we speak to this guy?" The warrior put additional spite into 'speak'.

The other warrior, who was called Onjir, stroked his sword and looked towards Jikir with spite.

Suddenly, they both charged at him and attempted to slice him.

He barely dodged the swing of one of the sharp blades as he attempted to leap into the audience. Unfortunately, the other blade hit him and drew blood from his elbow. He covered the cut with his other hand while he ran through the audience crowds.
He turned around and saw that the warriors had gone back to dueling. He then decided to continue walking towards the Middle District of Zukai and find a sword-fighting teacher later.

"It is time, sister. I am sorry. This is necessary". Piandao apologised as he began to walk towards the exit of his mansion.

"Brother, you are The Shadow. You gained this title because of your prowess in stealth. A vital part of the art of stealth is to help others without leaving a trace. Please, do not leave blood to taint your heroism". Hama again attempted to plead with Piandao.

Piandao, The Shadow, didn't reply and merely left silently.

He then bumped into a white robed young man walking in a seemingly random direction.

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