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The Seventy-Fourth Avatar: Sokka Part 4
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July 8, 2013

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Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed during the Spirit War. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, gave us hope, but when the world needed him most, he was still a child. A few years passed and Avatar Sokka grew into a powerful warrior. And although his skills were great, he was skeptical, abrasive, sexist and immature.

But from the first day I met him, I secretly loved him. And you know what? He said he love me too. With the help of his friends, Sokka defeated Raschef and ended the Spirit War. Tora, along with the new Avatar, worked with the Devoted for many years to repair the destruction and restore peace. Harmony was been brought back to the four nations and life moved on.

(continuing from part 3)

(Work In Progress)

Before the assault, Sokka sends the monk and dog to pick up Tora. Sokka is about to describe Tora when the other monk says that her brother was sent to protect Tora and escort her to Koh.

Sokka asks who sent them and she replies that they are disciples of the Spirit of the Wisdom and were sent to protect a fellow student, especially since the spirits in the Spirit World are restless after the fall of Galgasses and Koh.

Sokka assures them he can handle it, but the monk argues that anything could happen, unconvinced, Sokka argues that he is now a fully realized Avatar and can handle himself.

Sokka also hands over Aquised to the monk and says that if necessary, she can get them there faster.

The two leave to meet their brother at the meeting they had originally set up for Tora to meet Sokka.

Sokka begins the assault on the capitol.

Sokka wants to end this quickly now that he has the power to bend all the elements. Also, he wants to do this so that the spirit doesn't escape.

The assault goes well and is almost over.

Sokka attacks an illusion of Wuuluzu, causing him to accidentally collapse a building and divide the assaulting forces.

Assault ends badly and Sokka is captured.

Sokka is brought in front of the Fire Lord who orders all his guards to leave.

The Fire Lord confronts Sokka and then transforms into Sokka

Reveals himself to be Wuuluzu.

Transforms into Juko and tells him plan to use the Avatar's influence to put the entire world in a perpetual state of war.

Tells Sokka that he is angry Acquised failed to kill him and then back he transforms back into Sokka.

Furious, Sokka is about to go Avatar State but stops when he sees Wuuluzu saying he needs the final touch.

Wuuluzu picks up a knife to kill Sokka, but it is knocked out of his hand by a rock

Sokka hears Dakar.

Wuluzu calls his guards to protect him, but they do not respond.

Wuluuzu is amused and assaults Dakar, but is stopped by Dakar bending all four elements.

Wuluuzu is taken back, but then congratulates him.

Dakar tells him to cut the sarcasm and that it's over.

Wuluzuu and Dakar fight.

Wuluzu fights Dakar and Dakar finds himself unable to stop the spirit of battle. Sokka still stuck, tries to free himself.

Wuluzu mocks Dakar and his "perfect plan", until Dakar's fire bending turns black. Dakar starts to use larger rocks, contaminated water, and dangerous high speed windblasts. The techniques are more destructive and Dakar himself seems extremely different.

Wuluzu is impressed, until he starts to fade away.

Confused, Dakar tells Wuluzu that he cannot run, hide, beat, or deceive him. He tried to control to control two at the same time, but failed with both.

Wuluzzu looks down to find his soldiers and the assaulting soldiers destroying their weapons.

Wuluzzu vanishes and Dakar returns to a Sokka, free, but slumping in despair.

Unable to speak, Dakar offers Sokka to walk with him... Sokka agrees.

Dakar and Sokka walk together towards the North Pole.

Dakar tells Sokka that he also captured a spirit and that he found a way to seal away the spirits forever. After he had freed the Northern Water Tribe, Dakar found out about a mystical oasis. A powerful spirit anchor which acted more so like a portal than a single anchor, which could allow more than one spirit to access the real world. The spirits have been trying to find a way to use it, but he wants to destroy it.

Unable to destroy such a powerful relic by himself... Dakar wants the only person he can trust to help him. Someone brave and powerful, unafraid of what might happen.

Sokka thinks back on his adventures. About the spirits destroying peoples lives. How their petty squabbling is destroying the earth. About how Acquised killed his brother. About how the monks argued with the one and only Avatar. About how Acquised probably killed the monk and ran off to kill Tora and is now free. The world is crumbling and all he has done is travel around like a pilgrim. Sokka agrees and decides to join him.

Together, the two walk across the sea using water bending. Taking turns to sleep and paddle.

Dakar and Sokka tell each other their story.

They get to North Pole and Sokka find it completely empty.

Dakar says that he had it evacuated just in case the portal reacts badly to its destruction.

Acquised goes to Tora and picks up her up.

Acquised thinks about Tora and Sokka and struggles with the idea of being with her anymore.

She then remembers about what the previous Avatar said and comes to terms with the idea that Sokka never loved her... only Tora.

The monk brother meets the sister and they greet each other. Wan Shi Tong greets the dog and wonders where his brother ran off to. Wan Shi Tong understands the dog and is amazed at what he has done to help the good side.

Tora hears the commotion and reminds Wan Shi Tong that they need to get to Sokka as fast as possible. The monk asks why.

Tora explains how the Avatar is the bridge between worlds, a living spirit anchor that can both find and choose its spirit. With such amazing power, the Avatar has always been single child, the reason being that only one could become the Avatar.

Sokka is the first and only Avatar to ever have a brother... let alone a two. Like the first Avatar, its power would be split. Wan Shi Tong then tells them that if one were to die the others would gain the dead ones power. Sokka's twin brothers, Dakar and Juko. Together, they put the two pieces together and realized exactly who was leading the rebellion the spirits and why Sokka is in danger. The spirit which had made her violently her ill was Raschef, a dark spirit powerful enough that he could easily convince other spirits. Raschef is using one of Sokka's brother. Acquised corrects her that he had only one brother and that Juko was a friend of his.

Raschef is using Dakar as a host and is feeding off him, using him as a powerful spiritual anchor. He probably is trying to find Sokka and kill him, so that Raschef could use the complete power of the Avatar

They still don't know why they needed to capture Wan Shi Tong.

Acquised nervously tells them that its possible they captured Wan Shi Tong so that he couldn't find out what was going on and release the information to the world. Wan Shi Tong agrees and with a swift back from the dog, also agrees that they need to hurry.

Acquised says that she can only carry one person on her back. She suggests one of the monks, but Tora claims that she is incredibly light and can hold the dog at the same time, just in case.

So they agree. Acquised will take Tora and the spirit of understanding to the Fire Nation capitol, the monks will go back to the Earth Kingdom to question the newly freed city, while Wan Shi Tong will scour the library for any information that may useful, especially if they are wrong or if it's much worse.

Acquised starts to fly towards the Fire Nation capitol, until Tora notices that they are near icy waters. Tora asks where they are going and Acquised replies that they heading towards the North Pole, when Tora asks why. Acquised replies that it is where Sokka is. When Tora asks how she knew that... Acquised panics and tries to knock her off.

Tora grabs onto Aquised screaming at her. Tora drops the totem and Acquised makes a dive for it. Acquised's dive makes the Tora lose control of the dog and the dog plummets into the snow. The two crash into the snow. Tora is panicking about the dog, while Acquised is panicking about the totem.

The two exchange angry insults and fight. Tora demands to know why they came to South Pole. Acquised remains silent The dog appears along with the totem. Acquised goes for the dog, but is stopped when the dog hands the totem to Tora. Tora thanks the dog and demands answers, Acquised explains to Tora why she tried to shake her off. Tora asks why. Acquised tells Tora that she loves Sokka. Tora tells her that she saw how Sokka cared about her and how he relied on her, and she would rather have this stupid war over and them happy, rather than face a man who never truly loved her to being with. Acquised doesn't think its true, but Tora tells her that she knows its true. They may both be mortals, but that doesn't mean he likes her. All Sokka talks about is Acquised and when Tora left, not once did he try to prevent her from leaving or show any care about her safety. He trusted her, but he doesn't care about her like someone in love would.

The two apologize until Acquised sees a large light bursting into the sky. The two hurry across the frigid wasteland until they are directly above the spirit oasis in the North Pole. There, they see Sokka lying face first in the grass with the trees on fire and rocks scattered everywhere and Dakar standing over him.

Dakar looks up and says they are too late. Dakar is about to stab Sokka when he falls to the ground moaning in paining and screaming in pain. Why can't I feel my arms and legs! And why does my chest feels like its on fire! Tora and Acquised stop in their tracks. Dakar gurgles and then falls flat into the grass. Dead. Raschef appears out of Dakar's spine and jumps into Sokka's ear. Acquised panics and jumps in after Raschef.

Tora holds onto an unconscious Sokka, but Sokka awakens and gets up. Sokka airblasts Tora into a wall and then proceeds towards the pool.

Inside Rachef fights Sokka and Acquised inside Sokka's mind.

Raschef reveals everything and Acquised tells Sokka the truth.

Dakar died when Raschef taught him to access his Avatar State powers without needing the other elements. Overextending his bending for extended periods of time would destroy anybody's body, even the Avatar's. Explained that a bender's power is never infinite... it derives from a person's Chakra and inner energy, which replenishes slowly during periods of rest. Manipulating the Avatar State unnaturally would use up his Chakra to the point of death, which Dakar did to fight Sokka on even ground.

Sokka thinks his plan has no point, but Raschef thinks he is foolish.

What do you think was the point of the Spirit War? Did you really think a world run by spirits would actually function? Raschef knew the Avatar was created by the Great Spirit and that he was the key. By sacrificing Sokka to the most powerful spirit anchor in the world, Raschef could absorb the great spirit and take over the universe.

Acquised and Raschef fight inside Sokka. Tora awakens to the sound of a Dog barking loudly as it attacks.

Tora tries to prevent Sokka from entering the pool.

Sokka then realizes... the spirit of jealousy... was being controlled by the very thing he was made to control. Everyone, including the spirits he was fighting... were being controlled by jealousy. Especially Acquised, but why...  Tora. Acquised loved him. Sokka tells Acquised that he accepts her love and that he was jealous of everyone, which allowed Raschef to control him. He was jealous of Tora and her willpower, jealous of the spirits for their need of change, jealous of his brothers since they didn't have to live with so much pressure, and especially jealous of Acquised who made the decision to made him live. Since he had first met Acquised he had been trying to get rid of her, he had thought of hundreds of plans to get rid of her without putting the world at risk, he even had a couple of plans that could work. What prevented him? After the island event he didn't even have to threaten her to come out and soon they just worked together. When they fought Galgasses, he knew that she had changed. Sokka tells Acquised that he also loves her.

Tora is holding to Sokka's arm as it is the only thing left not submerged in the water which has now turned into a glowing swirling vortex. Tora could see the Spirit World deep within the vortex. Tora thinks a little bit more. She looks to see the dog near her, starring directly at her. She thinks about how she could make everything right. Sokka starts to open his eyes. Tora looks at Sokka and Sokka says that he is sorry. Tora looks at him and says the she knows. Sokka also tells her that he has one last plan. Sokka tells her to trust him and drop him. Tora looked into Sokka's eyes and saw Acquised... smiling. Tora lets go and Sokka bit falls into the vortex.

Between the Spirit World and physical world, Sokka kills himself, destroying Raschef inside his own spirit anchor and trapping him between worlds forever.

The Spirit War was over.

In not time, the world returned to normal and the world knew of Sokka and Acquised.

Only when the next Avatar was born did the world discover that Avatar Sokka was finally together with Aquiseid. Today, sailors still pray to Sokka that he may calm his wife and her fury. As for Tora, she kept to her word of never bending again and trained under the twin monks. She would eventually give birth to the great great great great great grandfather to the very same guru which would convince Patik to become a guru.

Sokka became a legend, but soon his name faded into myth. Now, Sokka is but a name that water elders suggest to newlyweds. So that he will never fade into history.

Also, if you were ask the monkey about Sokka. He will say that not once has ever beaten him in Pai Sho and that to this day... he meditates on how to beat him.

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