The Seventy-Fourth Avatar: Sokka Part 1
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October 26, 2012

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Nobody exactly knows how the start the spirit rebellion began, but one thing is for certain. The spirit of fear, Rashef, started it.

Before Avatar Sokka, the world was peaceful under the watch of Avatar Zulana. Born as an Air Nomad, Zulana was a free spirit, stubborn in her beliefs, but peaceful by nature. Famous for her spiritual teachings, Zulana was respected across the world. On several councils, her words were valued by the Sun Emperor, the Earth King, and the Head Monk.

Unfortunately, her life ended before it truly began. On a cold night while Zulana was mediating, she was killed by Rashef as he emerged from the ground like a giant bat spider pulling itself out of the ground. She never stood a chance.

When Zulana died, the cycle continued, and Avatar Sokka was born.

A member of the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka was born into a family of triplets as the youngest. His older brother, Dakar, was born a non-bender, while the other brother, Juko, was born a waterbender.

Fearful of the natural disasters strangely appearing across the globe, Sokka's mother and father kept Sokka in the Southern Water Tribe, even after they discovered him to be the Avatar. Sheltered, Sokka grew up rebellious and independent. A powerful bender who could create move the water, earth, wind, and fire without even trying, Sokka's brothers were jealous of his abilities and constant praise. Constantly living in Sokka's shadow, they grew resentful of him and could not wait for the day he would have to leave.

Trained by his father and the elders of the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka became a master archer, rider, and waterbender. However, by the time Sokka turned 20, the world was now fully aware that the natural disasters plaguing the globe, were not natural. The spiritual world was spilling into the real world and humanity was getting caught in the worst war it would ever see, a war of the spirits.

Fed up with the rule of the grand spirit, a large number of spirits had rebelled against the grand spirit and had decided to fight his rule. A war between the faithful and the rebellious, the rebel spirits wanted to control other aspects of the world beside their own. Every spirit had one aspect assigned to them, but the rebels wanted more. Taking matters into their own hands, the evil spirits invaded the land and took what they desired.

The armies of the world could do nothing as village after village was destroyed in their wake. Ba Sing Se was first to fall, its walls useless against Galgassas the Hollower, the spirit of flight. Second was the city of Omashu, its warriors helpless against the mysterious abilities of Koh, the spirit of the sand, also known as Koh the Face Stealer. Third to fall was the Northern Water Tribe, who fell to the taint of Zen and Zon, the spirits of light and darkness. Fueled by the Fire Nations pride and rage, the Fire Nation capital was the first to be attacked, but last to fall under the might Wuulzu the Ever Gorger, the Spirit of Battle.

The world might have been able to repel the spirits, if not for the corruption they brought with them. In no time, the nations turned on one another. Village began to fight village and brother began to fight brother. Those were joined the rebel spirits became known as the Mutinous, while those who stay loyal became the Devoted, led by the Order of the White Lotus.

Fearful that the fires of war might come to the South Pole, the elders chose to lock down all villages and prevent anyone from leaving, even Sokka. Fed up with the elders, Sokka and his two brothers decided to escape the village and fight the Mutinous. Escaping on a boat, the three traveled across the sea until they encountered Acquised, the spirit of envy. Fighting with all their might, the battle was going well... until Juko fell into one of Acquised's many mouths.

Blaming Sokka for Juko's death, Dakar jumped into their boat and paddled away. Jealous, angry, and full of hatred towards his brother's undeserving power, Dakar paddled to a nearby island leaving Sokka to fight Acquised alone.

Unable to fight the spirit alone, Sokka lured the spirit between two glaciers. Standing on top of small floating piece of ice, Sokka used his bending to collapse the two glaciers, trapping the spirit under tons of ice and snow. He had slowed it down, but not completely stopped it.

Fearful for his life, Sokka closed his eyes and sat down, attempting to contact the Spirit World for help.

Wandering around the Spirit World, Sokka eventually found a strange monkey dressed like a monk.

Asking for help, the monkey agreed to help him, but only if he could promise him one thing. Agreeing almost immediately, the monkey told Sokka that once the war was over, he must never bend again. Afraid, but determined, Sokka agreed. True to his word, the monkey taught Sokka the secrets of the Avatar State. How to turn it on at will, how to turn it off, and most importantly... how to increase its bending powers.

It was during this teaching that Sokka realized the purpose of the promise. Overextending his bending for extended periods of time would destroy anyone's body, even the Avatar's. The monkey then explained that a bender's power is never infinite... it derives from a person's Chakra and inner energy, which replenishes slowly during periods of rest. Manipulating the Avatar State unnaturally would use up his Chakra to the point of death.

Eager to get back, Sokka closed his eyes, but found he could not return. Fearing that Acquised would break free and kill him, Sokka asked the monkey for help, but he was gone. Wandering around, Sokka soon found himself in front of large forest. Carefully walking through it, Sokka suddenly heard a voice that sounded like nails on a chalk board. Climbing a tree to get a better look, Sokka saw to his amazement an enormous and terrifying spirit, which looked like a rhino bear with fire coming out its skin talking to boy about his size. Terrified, Sokka watched in horror as the spirit twisted its body into the boy's mouth. After the disgusting the event, Sokka looked closely at the boy...

Only to realize that the boy was his brother, Dakar, now corrupted with the power of an unknown spirit.

Caught off guard, Sokka fell out the tree he was in and hit the ground, blacking out. However, when he woke up, he found himself back on his little block of ice... right in front of a very angry spirit capable of devouring entire villages.

To be continued...

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