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The Setting Sun
All things must pass.
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Setting Sun is an Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfiction. It is set in the turbulent years following The War during Fire Lord Zuko's reign and follows the decline of a minor aristocratic family in the Fire Nation.


After The War


Tao Xianzu, 18, is the son of Ozai and one of his concubines, Miaoyi Xianxu. He and his mother were exiled to Ba Sing Se after his father ascended to the throne, where they assumed the identities of migrant workers. Tao is left unable to firebend after a childhood case of tuberculosis damaged his respiratory system and severely impaired his breath control. Detached, though not without a conscience, he is the series' primary protagonist.

Shu Pei Yi, 17, is a chronically ill peasant girl from the Earth Kingdom. Her family provided boarding and food for Tao and his mother during their exile. Shu Pei is extremely intelligent, despite her having been bed ridden for most of her adolescence.

Hei Cho, 18, is a Fire Nation noble and one of Tao's former classmates. His family, which counted many generals among its members, has lost a great deal of influence after the War's end. He is therefore preoccupied with maintaining his family's status by marrying into a wealthier and more prestigious family.

Lin Yongyan, 18, is a Fire Nation noble and Tao's childhood crush. She is unhappily married to a much older Duke and has a fear of pregnancy.

Miaoyi Xianzu is Tao's mother and a former concubine of Ozai's. She is heiress to the House of Aixin, whose members claim descendence from the first Fire Lord, Yama.



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