Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Separation of the Water Tribes in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Northern Water Tribe
The Separation of the Water Tribes
Northern Water Tribe capital city after the separation
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This is the story of how the Water Tribes separated. Remember, FANON ARTICLE only.


Years after Wan, the first Avatar, the world was at peace. Villages united in all nations to create massive cities and temples like Omashu and Ba Sing Se in the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation Capital and the Four Air Temples. Before, all Water Tribes were scattered in the North Pole. Through the help of the Avatars from the Water Tribe, they united as one capital city in the Northern coast. Back then, the Avatar was chief of the tribe but soon, protests came and the Avatar was denied the right to rule the Water Tribe, but was still an honorary and well-respected member of it. A waterbender named Khan was chosen by the people to become the first ever non-Avatar chieftain. In his reign, the Water Tribe became more spiritual as it is now, but Khan left the economic problems alone. This led to the Council of Chieftains. 

As the tribe grew spiritually, it grew more strict. As it is, female waterbenders must only use their abilities to heal. This rule led to massive criticism from both male and female waterbenders. A civil war then broke up. With most of the city destroyed, the critics left and journeyed to the South Pole

When the North recovered, at first, it did not help the South, but soon, the relationship between the two deepened and eventually leading to the New Moon Festival and the Glacier Spirits Festival.

Soon, some waterbenders from the Southern Tribe left for the Earth Kingdom and found the Foggy Swamp. They stayed there and became a third  Water Tribe, the Foggy Swamp Tribe.

When the Hundred Year War broke up, communication was severely damaged in the Water Tribes, thus resulting to the destruction of the Southern Capital City. After the war, the North laid out hands to help the South in restoring its glory.

Many Southerners and Northerners moved to Republic City, thus, gaining 2 seats for the Water Tribes in the United Republic Council. 

Now, they begin another civil war with Chief Unalaq with his attempt to unite the tribes. Will the tribes ever unite with each other?

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