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Oni symbol by Johncleric

Symbol of the Sediao

Headquarters Guāng dǎo (Luminous Island)
Affiliation Mòrì Shāshǒu
Purpose Various

An ancient organization of prominent assassins that's former purpose was to eliminate any threat to any of the four nations' royalty, a new leader has taken the highest ranking possible in the group and has shifted it into a new direction; unleashing a dark and powerful beast intent on destroying all life.


Most of the history is known to the Sediao alone but what is known is that they have always been around hidden in the shadows waiting to strike those that get in their way fast and deadly but the threat they present is now more dangerous then ever as they threaten to assassinate or capture people of royalty and possibly going after the Avatar himself


Any rank under third has to help the Sediao in a certain way (fulfilling contracts, organizing hits, and paying a monthly membership fee) but the positions aren't fixed. The rules of the Sediao are not clearly defined or demonstrated, and the nature of the organization is somewhat questionable. It is known that killing higher-ranked members allows one to climb higher in the association, though the exact benefits of doing so, aside from challenge and prestige, are not made clear. Presumably, higher ranked assassins receive better assassination contracts and pay (either through the Association itself or outside parties). A ranking fight is organized at the request of the challenger, The location is picked by the challenged assassin.


Rank Name Reason Guardians Title
Dì líng (0th) Mòrì Shāshǒu Unleashing The Beast Four Lords of the Elements The Demon Emperor
Di (1st) Yīn Huánghòu Serving Mori Hotaru The Heartless Viper
Dì èr gè(2nd) Méiyǒu To cleanse the world of sin Karu, Qùnián The Fallen Hero
Dì sān(3rd) Piànzi wanting to die in battle None The Good Man
Dì sì(4th) Xuè Húdié Love of killing Sasori The Venomous Butterfly
Dì wu (5th) Jiàn Shèng Never ending Battles Lu Bu The War Mongering Demon
Dì liù jiè (6th) Wasure It is a job None The Merciless Poet
Dì qī(7th) Máquè Killing Sinners none The Goddess of Death
Dì bā(8th) Zhèngyì Causing Destruction Shaxiao, Hārēkuin, Shuā The Demented Jester
Dì jiǔ jiè (9th) Arashi Enjoys the art of fighting Bǎohù zhě The Blood Red Pirate
Dì shí jiè(10th) Ryuji Money & women Unmei, Lún, Reiko, Xīnzàng The True King
Dì shí yi(11th) Tora Unknown This One(Real Name:n/a) The Skeletal Tiger


Based on the UAA of No more heroes, The Espada of Bleach, and Organization 13 from Kingdom Hearts

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