Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Secrets of the Beast in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The Secrets of the Beast
He will come for you Avatar , The Savior will come
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The Greatest Show Unearthed


The Shades of the four nations arc

Ba Sing Se has fallen and as the Fire Nation revels in victory. The Avatar and his allies try to recover from their losses when a mysterious group calling themselves The Sediao attacks. As the smoke clears from the battlefield, a mysterious former Fire Nation soldier by the name of Tora claims to be a ranked member of the Sediao. Together with his ally, they ask for the Avatar to help them in their task of eliminating the other ten members in hopes to stop the top ranked one from unleashing an unspeakable monster from the past.


The shades of the four nations arc

Main Characters

Aang- Current Avatar helping Tora in stopping The Sediao, and is currently trying to find a captured Katara.

Tora- Eleventh ranked member of the Sediao, but he truly does not serve them and wishes to help the Avatar before the releasing of the beast.

This One- Partner to Tora and hopes that Tora will help him find "The man in black", a person that killed his family.

Side Characters

Katara- Currently captured by the Sediao and forced by the higher ranks to live on the Island Guāng dǎo until the Avatar gets to it as part of Mori's plan.

Azula- Escorted by member Zhengyi to Guāng dǎo to retrieve her own allies and increasingly learns Zhengyi's insanity.

Members of the Sediao

Zhengyi- A person that was driven to madness by something in his past, he helps with the capture of Mai in order to force Azula and Ty Lee to travel with him in hopes of driving both as insane as he is.

Maque-A mysterious woman referred to as the Goddess of Death and attempts to hunt down and kill any that she believes is a sinner but is currently partnered with Zhengyi to curb his attempts at destruction


1.The Greatest Show Unearthed- The sudden and damaging attack by certain members of the Sediao against Fire Nation royalty and the Avatar's allies. Azula, Katara, Toph, Ty Lee, and Mai fight off three ranking members. What is the cause of this attack, and why are they interested in Azula? Iroh at his tea shop gets a strange invitation to a peculiar event know as Kūlóu wǔ, what will this present show?

2.The Darkest Show Around - The Sediao ponders about its next move. The soldier known as Tora is finishing a mission and meets an old friend. The Kulou Wu starts as the mad clown Zhengyi invites a particular person to his show. Katara gets captured by a member of the Sediao named The Merciless Poet.

3.Reaching The Deepest Depths Of Evil-As Tora fights against the Kulou Wu,Aang returns to fight with This One to take there part against it. Azula has been introduced to The Demented Jester and now questions his plans.Tora then leanrs of an event know as the ShinoMitori.

4.It's a Mad Mad World-Aang and the others are Taku in order to be apart of a deadly game known as The ShinoMitori. Azula attempts to interrogate Zhengyi and finds some very interesting things about The Sediao.Tora attempts to prepare for the Deathwatch as This One reveals a secret to Prince Zuko.

5.Get It Up- Tora enters Ryuji's DeathWatch and fights for his life as he finds that this is one of the strangest tournaments he has ever discovered. He then has to fight someone named Little Mei Tong and he isn't that little(Which maybe ironic)

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