Azula fires lightning


A year before Aang was found in the iceberg, and two years after Zuko's banishment, Azula was having a very good time in school. She had many friends, her teachers were scared to fail her, but she needed love. One day, a new kid came to school, a boy, who in Azula's eyes was sexy. His name was Sekushi. She needed him, so she went and asked him out with not hello or greeting. He looked at the other boys, hoping to see if they knew anything about her. They nodded, enviously. And so as simple as that, Sekushi and Azula were dating. "You can call me Kowaku, all my friends did at my other school." Sekushi said.

"How about Nai?" Azula suggested.

"That's fine!" he chuckled.

"Hey Azula!" said a passing by girl in a shaky voice.

"Oh, Nai. This is my best friend Kowai. Kowai this is my boyfriend Sekushi," said Azula.

"Call me Kowaku!" said Nai.

"Such an ho-honer to be a friend of the Princess. Nice to m-meet you Kowaku," said Kowai.

"Hey, Azula! I'm having a party this Saturday, wanna come?" said a passing by boy.

"Sure, Sin Ki. Can Nai and Kowai come?" Azula said.

"Sure. No problem. Bye!" said Sin Ki.

That Saturday, at Sin Ki's party:

"Hey, Azula! Come in!" said Sin Ki.

Azula, Nai, and Kowai walked into his house. The party went on, when Nai and Azula snuck into the backyard to make out. The backyard opened to a wide forest. "So, let's make out!" said Azula.

"Oh, um, I don't think I'm ready yet," said Nai.

"DO IT!!" screamed Azula.

"No! I said I'm not ready!!!" he screamed.

"DO IT BEFORE I HURT YOU!!!" she screamed.

"I'm not afraid of you! I love you more than I fear you!!!" he hollered.

"You shouldn't say that," she whispered.

Then in a jolt of anger she blasted blue flames on his face, and he fell to the floor, dead. "HUH!!!" gasped a voice, coming from a close tree.

Azula walked to peek behind it and saw Kowai, spying on her, probably trying to watch them make out. Azula flashed lightning against her neck and Kowai's neck split, and then she was dead. Azula left the bodies and they were discovered a month later by Sin Ki, after the Fire Nation Police looked for them a lot. Azula went into shock and forgot everything. Everyone thought this was because her best friend and her girlfriend were gone.


Sekushi--Japanese for "Sexy"

Kowaku Nai--Japanese for "I'm not afraid"

Kowai--Japanese for "I'm afraid"

Sin Ki--Japanese for "Popular"

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