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Ty Lee sat in front of the pond in the garden of the royal palace. She looked around. No Azula or Mai. Good. She pulled her long, brown hair back behind her ears and carefully and slowly twisted her hand around. A small tornado slowly formed under her hand.

She didn't know how she got the ability, but it came to her when she was younger, in the very same garden. Suddenly it all flooded back to her.

"You can't do it, you can't do it" taunted Azula, sorrow and frustration bubbled up inside Ty Lee as she looked at Azula's triumphant and taunting face, and Mai's bored and depressed one.

"I can, I can, I CAN" She yelled, tears dribbling down her face. Kicking her leg forward she thought: I'll prove Azula, I will. But what came out of her foot was not what she expected. It was not fire. The powerful blast of air knocked Azula backwards, and she fell into the pond.

Ty Lee closed her eyes and remembered how perplexing that had been, but it had been worth it, to discover this. Nobody knew of course, Azula and Mai had not given how Azula had fallen into the pond a thought, and it was lucky, knowing Azula, the word would have spread quicker than it takes for a messenger hawk to fly over the palace.

Just then, Azula burst in, and Ty Lee dropped her tornado.

"What are you doing?" Azula asked sharply in that snide voice of hers. Ty Lee closed her eyes, waiting for what she knew was coming.

But it didn't come, instead she heard: "I told you not to play with the turtle-ducks, they'll peck you, and you should be preparing to leave for the Earth Kingdom in five minutes."

She walked off without another word, her long, black red and gold robe flapping in the wind. Ty Lee sighed with relief and got up and headed outside to the war balloon, still shaking because she was nearly caught.


Ty Lee stood on the deck of the war balloon, looking down on the barren land below. It was just plain grass, grass, grass and the occasional tree. Just then the war balloon began do descend very sharply, and the force knocked Ty Lee off the deck.

She was just falling, and falling and falling. The next thing she knew, she was waking up on the saddle of Appa, with Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph crowding around her.

Sokka began to shriek "She's awake! she's awake" as her eyes slowly opened and pointed his boomerang at her nose, Katara on the other hand, pushed it away.

"Stop it Sokka" She said.

"She's an enemy!" He yelled back.

Ty Lee sat up, and whispered: "Thank you for saving me. Aang I have something to show you." And with all the strength she could muster, made a small tornado and flopped back against the side of the saddle. Aang's eyes widened.

"You're an airbender!" He exclaimed.

"An airbender?" Said Sokka, sounding shocked. "I thought she was one of those Fire Nation allies of that crazy princess, Azulan or something."

"I was, we were flying over the Earth Kingdom in the war balloon and I fell out! The next thing I knew, I was waking up here with you lot crowded around me and that boomerang-thing pointed at my nose," replied Ty Lee.


Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Ty Lee stood next to a big waterfall surrounded by forest, Aang was teaching Ty Lee airbending, Katara was practicing waterbending, Toph was making sculptures and Sokka was sharpening his boomerang.

"This move is slightly harder, so don't be disappointed if you don't get it first time." Aang explained to Ty Lee, and created an airball. "Okay, now it's your turn" He said. Ty Lee took a deep breath and tried the same moves Aang had, but all she did was create an air blast that knocked her off her balance and she fell over.

"The important thing is to keep trying," Aang kept reminding her. Over and over again, she tried but she still couldn't master the airball. Finally she threw herself onto Appa in frustration.

"I can't do it," she sobbed, "I'm useless."

"No, you're not," said Aang. "You can do everything else really well."

Ty Lee turned to him, tears rolling down her cheeks, "You really think so?" She asked, voice trembling.

"Yes." He replied, "and you've only just started learning proper airbending, so don't expect so much of yourself so soon." Ty Lee nodded, sniffing.

"I'm hungry," moaned Toph. "Isn't there anything to eat?"


It was hard to think that Azula or Mai would ever shed a tear, but over Ty Lee, whom they believed dead, they did. When she had fallen overboard they instantly received the news, and rushed to the deck. But they were too late and Ty Lee was nowhere to be seen, so they thought she was either still falling, or she was dead.

"Mai, the mission to find the Avatar has to continue, Ty Lee or no Ty Lee," said Azula firmly.

"Is all you can ever think about the Avatar and yourself? Ty Lee is dead and you don't even think about her." Stormed Mai, and marched back inside, tears slipping out of her eyes.


Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Ty Lee had just finished supper when Azula and Mai burst out of the trees.

"Well well. I thought I'd find you here, Avatar," said Azula snidely, and Aang took a stance. The others followed suit, just then Ty Lee ran forward and a mixture of shock and relief crossed Azula and Mai's faces.

"Ty Lee, what are you doing here, with the enemy, plus, you're supposed to be dead." Asked Azula, shocked at Ty Lee's presence.

"I fell out of the war ballon, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up with the others around me, and I made friends with them and could trust them with my bending abilities," replied Ty Lee.

"Bending ab-?" Mai was cut short, "Watch," said Ty Lee simply, and made a perfect airball.

"Ty Lee, you did it!" Said Aang joyfully, and gasped as a searing ball of blue fire caught Toph off guard and she screamed and fell over. When Aang saw what Azula had done to his friend, his eyes and tattoos began to glow, and he entered the Avatar State.

Mai was terrified and ran to Katara who pushed her away roughly.

"No, I've come to help, I don't want to hurt you or Toph." Mai pleaded, and Katara, who was desperate, let her stay. Ty Lee darted forward and knocked Azula over with airbending, she then chi blocked Azula so she couldn't move.

"I can't heal her fast enough, Toph's going to die" Wailed Katara, tears pouring down her cheeks.

Then a thousand voices said: "No, she isn't." and Aang rose up, into the moon's rays, and Yue floated down, and pulled some water out of the river and it glowed as blue as Koizilla around her hands. She pressed her hands onto Toph's burn, and

Toph moaned, and mumbled: "What happened? where am I?"

Yue rose back up into the moon and vanished, Aang's tattoos dulled to blue and he collapsed, moaning to the ground, Katara ran worriedly over to Aang and picked him up. His eyes flickered open.

"Katara, Sokka, Toph, Ty Lee, Mai, good. You're all safe." He whispered.


  • Ty Lee's airbending abilities are a reference to her looking like an Air Nomad.

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