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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Weatherbenders.

The Second Weatherbending Conflict


The Hundred Year War, also the First Weatherbending Conflict



Eventually the Anti-bending Revolution




19 August - 15 September 102 AG


All active of the Four Nations


Global victory against Zorro, Weatherbending again removed from the world



Forces involved



First appearance

TWB Chapter 5

Last appearance

TWB Chapter 16


The Second Weatherbending conflict took place in 102 AG. It became the more severe of the two Weatherbending conflicts, much moreso than its predecessor. It was led by the Meteorologists, mostly targeting Team Avatar, but also intending to take over the entire world.


Following the War, a period of peace set in. However, some dissatisfaction was occurring, mostly within the Fire Nation, though certain individuals were also dissatisfied with how things had worked out.

Former Fire Army General Zorro decided to take things into his own hands. He read up on past history to discover rebellion strategies when he came up on the history of Weatherbending. With that, he decided he would begin an expedition. He recruited Kianna and Baktan, Waterbenders from the Northern Water Tribe. He then snagged Reeaki from the real world. This group was designated as the Meteorologists.

Together, these four discovered the art from Wan Shi Tong's Library, and learned it. Zorro and Kianna then plotted their strategy to take out Team Avatar, greatly disturbing Reeaki, and causing him to leave the group. Ezan took his place.


The four plotted out their moves to draw out Team Avatar. First came a rapid cool down within the Fire Nation, instigated by Zorro. The second move was a blizzard crafted in the Southern Water Tribe by Kianna and Baktan. The last was a heat wave in Ba Sing Se formed by Ezan.

Their plans succeeded, and Team Avatar merged in the Fire Nation Capital. While present, Aang received a vision from Roku, sending him to the Spirit World, where he learned about Weatherbending from Zentai, Pokai, and Algaion, the original Weatherbenders. The next day, he returned with Katara and Fire Lord Zuko, where they learned of their possible teacher and the threat of the Meteorologists. After this, all of Team Avatar set out, and the Meteorologists followed them.

Team Avatar/Meteorologist conflict

The first conflict occurred on 19 August, 102 AG, definitively kicking off the conflict. This conflict occurred in chapter five. The fight broke out after an attempted ambush of Team Avatar by the Meteorologists.

The fight was initially a 2 to 1 advantage for Team Avatar, but they lost Zuko and Toph Bei Fong early on due to injuries. The fight carried on with several shifts between members to other fights. It was at a draw for some time, but the tide turned when Kianna shot a series of ice spikes at Katara, who at the time had her back turned when trying to help Aang and Mai against Zorro and Ezan. Katara had no time to prepare a defense, but her best friend, Ty Lee, jumped in front of the attack. The ice spikes penetrated Ty Lee, killing her instantly. Katara and Suki were left too devastated to fight, and Team Avatar was essentially defeated.

Zorro and Ezan ended the fight by sharply increasing the heat. While the Meteorologists found ways to keep themselves cool, the rest of Team Avatar succumbed to heat exhaustion. The Meteorologists left the scene of the fight, marching to the Fire Nation Capital.


With Team Avatar defeated, the Meteorologists launched their most devastating operation yet: The Capture of the Fire Nation. This took place over two days, its primary operation being a siege via Weatherbending, specifically colder air and a blizzard.

On the second day, 21 August, the Meteorologists took the Capital, forcing General Tizou, the acting Fire Lord, to surrender. Thus, Zorro became Fire Lord.

All the meanwhile, Team Avatar was transported to the Southern Water Tribe by Reeaki, whom had just deserted the Meteorologists weeks earlier. There, the team got healing, and fell into tough times as they learned about Ty Lee's death and also the Fire Nation's fall. Meanwhile, Reeaki kept tabs on Team Avatar's trail after the guardians of Weatherbending informed him he would need to teach them the art.


The defeated sides re-gathered themselves. Later on, Reeaki did meet up with Team Avatar and taught them in Weatherbending. After a Ba Sing Se meeting with the Council of Five early in September, they learned of the developing situation and journeyed west to General Fong's base to prepare a defense against Zorro's Fire Nation.

Three generals under Zuko took matters into their own hands. Tizou, Bujing, and Azai established the Fire Nation Rebel Army and launched the Rebellion Against the New Reign. After failing initially, they re-wrote their strategy and had greater success, though time ran short.

All the meanwhile, Zorro launched his plan to take over the world, along with his Meteorologists. They began with the Siege of the South on 5 September, an operation which aimed to bring down the Southern Water Tribe. He also plotted out the Attack on the Earth Kingdom.

However, resistance came from all sides, as the Fire Nation Rebel Army, the members of Team Avatar, along with the Military of the Earth Kingdom and Military of the Water Tribe formed their counter-attack against them.

The Showdown

Main article: Fanon:The Tri-National Showdown

On 14 September, Team Avatar split. Aang and Zuko went to the Fire Nation, Katara and Sokka went to the Southern Water Tribe, with the rest staying in the Earth Kingdom.

The first day was a de facto draw in the Fire Nation, with Aang and Zuko, along with the commanding generals of the Rebel Army staying on the sidelines. Also absent from the fight were Fire Lord Zorro and Ezan.

The first day of fighting at the South Pole was technically won by the Fire Nation against combined Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe forces, but became a draw for most of the day after an early surge by the Fire Nation.

In the Earth Kingdom, a combined effort from Toph and Reeaki with the Earth Kingdom forces helped Senlin Village be held. However, things did not progress as well at the Mining village, as the whole fight transferred there. The village fell to the Fire Nation during the night.

Results and Consequences

A global victory occurred over time against the forces of Zorro on 15 September. In addition to his military being crushed, his group also fell as well. He himself was killed in a duel against Aang and Zuko, while Baktan lost his life to Sokka. Ezan was captured by the Fire Nation Rebel Army, while Kianna was defeated by Katara and was then captured by Water Tribe forces.

After this, the world re-gained normalcy, namely with Zuko becoming Fire Lord again. Ezan and Kianna were later executed by the Fire Nation and Water Tribes respectively, primarily for treasonous acts. Weatherbending's knowledge was pulled from the world, this time with acts put in place to ensure it would not return.

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