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The Second Castle
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 2: First Impressions



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January 16, 2012

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Where's Noeseong?

The Second Castle is the twenty-fifth chapter of Darksome Knights and the fifth chapter of Book 3: Rallying the Troops.


Aang and Toph stepped out of the portal onto a grassy valley. Sloping lawns led to a small bridge into a small courtyard. Huge oaken doors stood ajar as kids in dark clothes walked through them.

"Well, there's where we need to be." Aang said. "Now how to get inside without anyone noticing us?"

"Simple." Toph said. "We blend in."

The Sorting Ceremony

Toph and Aang were now entering the Entrance Hall of the castle, dressed in the same outfits all the others were wearing.

"I feel sorry for those two kids we knocked out to get these outfits." Aang whispered to Toph.

"Just remember." She whispered back. "We're 'first years' here. Your name is John Smith and I'm Catie Hall. Keep your cool, then we'll do some investigating."

"All right."

The ornate doors opened and the group was led into a grand hall. Hundreds of candles floated in midair. They passed between tables filled to the brims with older students. The new students all lined up in front of the tables. Aang was aware of their eyes looking at him. It was obvious he didn't belong.

Some lady in a weird hat had finished lecturing them about something and was now calling out names. The kids came up and sat on a stool with an odd hat on their head. After a few moments, someone called out a name and the child would run to one of the tables and sit down.

"Catie Hall!" She called. Toph ran up and sat on the stool with the hat on her head. Aang suddenly realized that the names being called out were being called out by the hat.

Anyway, the hat screamed, "Gryffindor!" Everyone cheered and Toph ran off to join a table where a bunch of people in red and gold ties. Aang wore the hat later and was also placed in Gryffindor.

After that there was a grand feast. The students ate heartily from magically filling plates. During this, Aang and Toph began socializing with three friends; one boy with dark black hair, another with fiery orange hair, and a girl with long brown locks. Aang gave Toph a small nod and Toph nodded back.

After the feast, the two of them approached the three friends.

"Hey, would you guys mind showing us first-years around the castle?" Toph asked in her most innocent voice.

The boy with black hair said, "Sure." Toph and Aang were led up a confusing passage of shifting staircases. Toph held onto Aang's arm to steady herself. Eventually, the five "students" disappeared behind a large portrait.

The Gryffindor Common Room

"So," the girl began to explain, "this is the com-"

"Look." Toph and Aang took of the robes and revealed their native clothes. "We didn't come here for class, if you know what I mean."

"We are members of an organization known as the Five Pillars." Aang continued. "Currently, we are going through a massive conglomerate of worlds, looking for allies to fight a powerful enemy called the Darksome Knights."

"And we need your help. You in?"

The three friends looked at each other in a state of massive shock. As the dark-haired boy was about to answer, Aang's earpiece began ringing. Sigan began yelling incoherently into Aang's ear while Aang's face slowly became more and more worried.

"You guys need to make up your minds right now." Aang said, dragging Toph out of the from toward the door.

"Why?" the girl stood up and asked.

Aang looked back at them with an incredibly serious face. "If you don't, you might not have any time to."

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