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The Seasons
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Qatil Jinorra




Neutral, Mercenary Companies


Hired and contracted for either combat and war, or bounty hunting, or assassination.


The Seasons are an elite mercenary company, famous for never betraying a contract. The Seasons claim to have a master of every skillset, bending and non-bending, recruiting from all over the world.


The origins of the Seasons stem from its founders. Vurmaq was a Triple Threat Triad before leaving when law got tough on the city. He met another powerful exile from Republic City. Given their experiences that combining benders lent strength, they formed a group of benders and non-benders that could handle many situations. This group would offer their services for profit.

The Seasons grew and continued recruiting anyone with unique skills and used their power to gain a reputation for getting the job done. To strengthen their status amongst the mercenary companies, the Seasons have determined to never break contract, no matter the offer.

In the outbreak of the Fifth Nation War. The Seasons were hired by the Fire Nation as a force to fight for them. They were especially useful on the Day of Black Sun, when the Fire Lord led an army against United Forces near their main Headquarters. While the United Forces struck at the opportunity of a powerless Fire Lord, they left their base vulnerable and the Seasons took the base unaware. This gave the Fire Nation a crushing victory over the United Forces. It is unknown where the Seasons have been sent to next as part of their contract.


  • The Seasons have over a thousand members, making them the largest mercenary company in the world.
  • The Seasons are named so because each nation and bending form is associated to a season. This company states they have all the seasons in their fold.

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