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The Search For Ursa Chapter 2
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The Search For Ursa


Based on The Search (a comic in progress)


Chapter 2

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Katorra12, AvatarKorraWaterbender

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Chapter 2 Setting Off

"Zuko......" Aang said. Zuko stopped him.

"No, save your breath. I know what you're going to say, I haven't seen my mother in so long and there's no point of looking for her because she might be gone." Aang put his hand on his friend's shoulder.

"One day I had to face dangers to save someone," Aang began. "Not because the person was a King, but because he was my friend." He paused. "Now, I'm going to help you find the person you care about." The two shared a friendly embrace.

"Thank you......Aang." Zuko replied.

"You're what!" Katara yelled at Aang as he was packing his stuff. She did not like the idea of Aang leaving again. Aang gave her a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry! Zuko and I are just going on a little adventure."

"Little adventure?!" Katara shouted. "You're going out to try and find Zuko's mother! It's dangerous! I'm coming with you!"

"No, you're not. You'll be safe here and anyways if we do get into any trouble......well, here's the Avatar and the Fire Lord!" Aang laughed.

"So you think that you can just use your powerful Avatar powers whenever you're in trouble?" Katara asked.

"Actually I-" Aang began angering Katara.

"Ugh! My point is, you've been away for so long and I've missed you so much. I don't want you to leave so soon," Katara spilled out.

"Yeah, Aang, we want to go with you!" Sokka agreed with Suki and Toph while standing in the doorway of the room. Aang sighed.

"Look, guys, it won't be for long. Trust me. We'll be back before you know it! Plus, I need someone to watch the house."

"Fine," Katara accepted. "But be careful!" Aang smiled.

"Don't worry, I will."

Zuko and Aang mounted Appa. The sun was setting and they needed to get some distance before camping.

"Katara and Suki, you guys watch over home. Sokka...." Aang hesitated. Sokka looked at Aang, waiting for him to finish.

"Take care of the two!" He didn't mention Toph because she didn't really need any treatment.

"Hey!" Sokka squeaked furiously. "Do I have to be around girls all the time?"

"Don't worry!" Toph said. "You can come with me to find some earth benders, so I can train them in metal bending."

"But what exactly are you going to use their power for?" question Sokka.

"I'll figure something out," Toph replied. Suki cleared her throat and stared at Sokka.

"What's wrong with being with girls?" Suki asked. Sokka blushed.

"I didn't mean you...I......I..." Suki teased.

"It's okay. I bet there are plenty of other girls for you!" The gang laughed and Sokka blushed even more. They waved good bye to Aang and Zuko as Appa disappeared into the horizon.

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