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The Search For Ursa Chapter 1
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The Search For Ursa


Based on The Search (a comic in progress)


Chapter 1

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Katorra12, AvatarKorraWaterbender

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Chapter 1 Peace

"Mhhhhmmm!" growled Appa as he landed in front of Team Avatar's house in the upper ring of Ba Sing Se. Aang flew off of Appa with his air bending.

"Good job flying buddy." Aang patted his fuzzy Bison. Aang, now 13, had many Avatar duties to appoint to and had just came back from one of them. Sokka who was still attempting to draw a better painting to remember the good times they've had together overheard the commotion outside. He turned and faced the others as they were having tea.

"Guys, I think Aang is back." The gang looked up.

"Aang!" Katara yelled. She dropped her tray of tea and ran outside along with Suki. Toph and Sokka were left alone in the house.

"So......are you going to see Aang?" Sokka asked shielding his body from any kind of blow you could expect from Toph. Toph sighed, "Let Twinkle Toes find his way in here. I got a surprise for him anyway." Uh oh. Sokka thought.

Outside Katara gave Aang a big hug.

"Aang I missed you so much!" Katara was now 15 and after the war she and Aang became a couple. Katara couldn't stand being away from Aang for a month.

"I missed you too." Aang replied. After their warm embrace, Sokka came out and gave Aang a hug that lifted him off of the ground.

"Hey! Nice to see you again Aang. It's about time you've and Katara seen each other. I swear, if you stayed with Earth King Kuei any longer, Katara would have died!" Katara while blushing a dark red punched her brother.

"Ow!" Sokka shouted. Suki stepped in, "Don't worry Aang, we all missed you!" The four went inside the house. Aang opened his eyes like something was missing.

"Hey? Where's Toph?" With that the ground started to shake. Out popped Toph, "You're back Aang!" Toph hit his arm. "I got a surprise!" The gang had strange expressions on their faces, "You just got yourself a free ticket in metal bending." Katara breathed a sigh of relief; she was assuming Toph would do something more... physical.

"Well that's great, but I'm exhausted. Can we do it tomorrow?" Aang offered.

"Sure, Twinkle Toes!" Toph said.

When the sun grew bright and was at the point in the east the air felt warm and the grass grew soft you could tell it was the next day. The cows at the market were led down the mountains, the shops started to open, and the streets of Ba Sing Se grew full. Was definitely the start of tomorrow. The day after, Zuko visited the gang in Ba Sing Se.

"Sooo Zuko, how's it going back in the Fire Nation? Or should I say Fire Lord Zuko?" Sokka questioned. Zuko smiled, "You don't have to call me Fire Lord, Zuko would be fine. Well...... all things considered everything is going great. Mai and Uncle didn't come because they decided to take my position while I was gone. You know, just in case anything goes wrong."

"That's great Zuko. Why don't you spend the night with us?" Katara begged.

"Unfortunately, I can't stay long. I have to leave at noon." Zuko replied, "Is Aang here?" Suki was pouring everyone a cup of tea, "Yeah, he's here. He might be outside feeding Appa." Zuko said 'thank you' for the tea and excused himself from the table. He walked outside and found Aang. Aang was in the far back of the house near the garden. Aang was feeding Appa hay.

"Hi Zuko!" Aang smiled.

"Hey. I need to ask you something. Is that all right?" Zuko asked. Aang looked confused," Of course you can!" Zuko began, "The war is over and now we live in a time of peace, but I still don't feel completely okay. There's something I need your help with..." Aang stared his friend in the eye, "Of course I'll help! I'm here for you buddy." Zuko swallowed, "Well then, I need you to accompany me on a journey."

"For what?" Aang questioned eager to know.

"To find my mother......."

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