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The location of Mongke if finally revealed; but, there's a twist!

Fire Fountain City
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The Legend of Tintsu




The Search Continues

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Thu. Nov. 18, 2010

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At Last We Meet

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The Eclipse


Fire Fountain City

After a day and a half of walking, Tintsu finally reached fire fountain city. Tintsu strolled calmly into the city through the gate. It was a larger town, definitely worthy of its title of 'city', but it was no Ba Sing Se. The entire city seemed to surround a giant statue of the Fire Lord, firebending. Tintsu looked at the statue, well, I guess that solves the mystery of the name of the town he thought. Tintsu stood there, thinking about his next move. Ugh, the Fire Nation is so big, and I don't have time to search the whole thing. Maybe I should just go back to Temujin and...

As Tintsu was standing there thinking, two large men walked up behind him. One of them placed his hand on Tintsu's shoulder. Tintsu spun around, and looked at the two men. They were both very tall, and muscular. They were both very well dressed in ebony Fire Nation suits.

"Come with us." The one on the left said, "We have important business to discuss."

Tintsu considered protesting, but the look of seriousness in there eyes told him otherwise. With a slight nod of his head he agreed, and they led him to a windowless carriage. Tintsu sat in the back alone, while his escorts sat up front and drove.

A warehouse, somewhere in Fire Fountain City

After about twenty or thirty minutes, the carriage stopped, and one of the men let him out. They were in a large warehouse. The warehouse was empty and very dark . There was a bright light shining from one of the walls, and a shadowy figure standing in the light. The two men led Tintsu over to the man and stopped. The light was too bright to make out any real facial detail, but Tintsu could tell the man was much older.

"Ah, Tintsu." He spoke in an eerily familiar voice. "We have much to discus."

"Just who are you?" Tintsu boldly asked.

The man laughed. "that matters not, what matters is who you are, Tintsu the Seer."

Tintsu chuckled slightly, "So you know am." Tintsu said boldly

The man smirked. "Yes. And I know why you have come to the Fire Nation as well."

"And why would that be?"

"You are looking for the Colonel, Mongke."

In truth, Tintsu was a little shaken by this. He had not anticipated word of his search to have traveled this far ahead of him, but he managed to keep his cool. "Yeah, what's it to you?" Tintsu asked dismissively

"I happen to know where he is."

"Tell me!" Tintsu demanded.

The man chuckled. "I will, but in exchange, you owe must a favor."

"Why would you want me to owe you a favor?"

"Normally I would ask a task of you, but I have none, or at least none that wouldn't be a waste of your abilities. So when something comes up, I will call that favor in." "What if I don't want to owe you a favor?" Tintsu said looking at the man with narrow eyes

"Then I won't tell you what you want"

"So we're at a stalemate then?"


Tintsu thought about it for a while. It doesn't look like I have much choice. he thought, I need to find Mongke as soon as I can! And if this guy knows where he is, then I guess I have no choice.

"Fine, do me the favor of telling me where to find Colonel Mongke."

The man smiled. "Splendid. Mongke is hiding in a bunker, about half a day's walk east from here. I would have my men show you there, but it is heavily guarded by firebenders." "I understand. And thank you for this much. You have greatly helped me."

With that, the to guards escorted Tintsu back to the carriage, to take him back to the fire fountain. As they were doing this, Tintsu could of sworn the man whispered, "No Tintsu, thank you."

The Fire Fountain

When the carriage arrived at the fire fountain, Tintsu immediately started off heading out of the city, with his back to the now oranging sun. As he walked, he couldn't help but think about the man's words. "Heavily guarded by firebenders, hmm? That could be problematic." he thought. "How heavy are we talking? I mean, I can take a few, but not a lot." He continued with his thoughts about the new information for a while. He then remembered what Sokka had told him two days earlier, after asking what they were doing in the Fire Nation.

"We are going to invade the Fire Nation capital on the day of a solar eclipse!" he remembered Sokka saying.

Sokka then went on to ask Tintsu if he wanted to join the invasion, but Tintsu declined, saying he had other matters to attend to. "Ugh". Tintsu thought "If only I could remember when he said the eclipse would be..."

Tintsu noticed the shadows getting longer. He turned around and saw that the sun was getting low. Hmm Tintsu thought perhaps there's another way to find out. Tintsu then got off the road a ways, and watched the sun go down before meditating for the night, like he always did. However, he did not relax and let the cosmic energy flow like usual, instead, he concentrated, and cast his spirit out into the universe.


Tintsu looked down on the earth from above. He could see the advanced network of stars and planets orbiting the earth, controlling and affecting events on the earth. "The cosmic spirits do good work" Tintsu thought. Channeling the cosmic power surrounding him, he begin to move the planets and stars in his mind's eye forward in time, until the eclipse happened. "Wow", he thought "the eclipse will happen at the next new moon. That's in two weeks!" But as he looked, he realized, that the eclipse only lasted 8 minutes. "There's always a catch," he thought. "Always a catch."

Somewhere Outside Fire Fountain City

When Tintsu returned to his body, he begin to asses the situation. During the eclipse, the fire benders will be completely helpless, I should then be able to break into the bunker with ease. However, I will only have 8 minutes to do so, before their bending is back on and I get burnt to a crisp. But I have two weeks to plan, two weeks to insure I get it right. But for know, I guess I'll sleep.

Author's Note

I know, its short, but the next one will be longer; I guess I should mention that, by 'sleep' Tintsu is referring to his meditation thing he dose, its become sleep to him. also, when I say 'oranging sun', I mean that the sun is just starting to turn orange, but is still too high in the sky to be considered 'setting'.

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