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"Always bend the Energy.
Don't let the Energy bend you."

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Search: Where Did Ursa Go? in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The Search Fanfiction Comic
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The Promise Part Three


The Legend of Korra


Avatar/comics/Legend of Korra


Aang and Zuko set out to find his mom. Toph and Sokka start a metal bending academy while Katara and Suki become heroes of a spa. Join Team Avatar and set out in this fanfic based on the comic, The Search.


  • Toph
  • Katara
  • Suki
  • Sokka
  • Zuko
  • Aang


Chapter 1 (Preview)

It was a nice spring day in the huge city of Ba Sing Se. Katara, Toph, Zuko, Aang, Suki, and Sokka were living in a nice inn next to the Jasmine Dragon tea shop. Their room was much like the one they had stayed in while they were looking for Appa a few years back. They lived in the upper ring of the city. Everyday seemed lucky in the city. The air smelled warm and the grass grew soft around the house. The rings stayed secured and no one was blocked off in any part of the ring anymore. Inside the teashop were nice brown tables and the room was comfy. Tea was boiling in the stove and this bright in the morning before it opened there was only Katara, Toph, Aang, Suki, and Sokka on the tables for Uncle was still sleeping. Zuko was still sitting in his room that he's been using since he's been visiting when Katara came to check what's wrong.

"Are you okay?" Katara asked Zuko.

"Sure. Why wouldn't I be? I mean the war is over and everyone's happy."

"It's your family isn't it? You're upset about it." Katara insisted with an optimistic smile. "It's your mom." ___________________________________________________________________

Back at the table in the teashop, Aang left to help Zuko. Katara turned out a plan to help them find Ursa. They had series of maps lent by Sokka and they were ready to travel.

"You should stay here, Katara." Aang declared before they left. "Someone needs to handle the city and take watch while were gone."

Katara smiled and waved as they left. Appa flied away.

Chapter 2

In the eastern side of the city led a wide open space in the outdoors surrounded by houses. A long archway of agricultural land led nearest. You could feel closest to the ground. The grass grew long and the ground grew stable. That was where you could feel the ground most. That was where Toph taught her metal bending academy. There were many steps in her teaching methods. Today specifically she was teaching the basic earthbending before she gets to the metal bending. Sokka was coming to this class today to help. He had a way to persuade kids with speeches he said.

"GOOD MORNING EARTH BENDING STUDENTSSSSS" Toph began, "So, I seem to be the only metal bender alive so in order to keep this art from extinction I am going to teach you all I know."

In a row stood the TERRIFIED metal benders of the future. There was Kokan a plumb student who seemed to only have food in his mind. Jane Lei was a harsh, fierce, and pointy student. And Kai Leu didn't seem to know earth bending at all. All the other students were the average earth benders. Teaching metal bending didn't seem possible at all.

"Toph I know these are your students and all, but I think maybe it's time for my talents to come into work." Sokka suggested.

"It's all yours, Oh wise one." Toph said nudging Sokka.

"So as all of you know you are here to learn one thing and one thing only." Sokka spoke aloud. "And that on thing is......."

The crowd stared blankly.

"Is it over ponytail?" asked Jane Lei. Sokka scratched his ponytail and began again.

"As you already know earth benders these classes will bring you to the next level. So show what you know!" he finished.

Kai Leu stood up first. She lifted up her hands in horse stance. She closed her eyes and breathed heavenly. She moved up her hands and... Nothing.

Jane Lei made a quick smirk. The rest of the class laughed. Kokan sighed, "I'm hungry!"

"As a matter of fact. I am too!" Sokka added with a result of a quick punch from Toph.

Chapter 3

Back in the nice inn laid Suki and Katara. Momo was hanging on Katara's shoulder and both girls looked bored. Suki laid upside-down on the edge of the guest bed and Katara just laid down on the front.

"You know were always on missions. It seems like it's never vacation. Yet when we are it seems to pass by." Suki said to Katara.

"You're right. I know exactly what we need. Back a couple years ago..." Katara began as they left the inn and began to walk along the streets of Ba Sing Se. "I brought Toph to this magnificent relaxation spa."

The streets were filled with crowded people selling goods, some talked and laughed. It made the street feel green.

"No, kidding. That seems like Toph's kinda thing," Suki laughed sarcastically.

"Oh no, it was great. She seemed to enjoy it," Katara said smiling and leading them to the way.

Finally they reached near the bridge and past that a few ways east. It was a tall gray building made of Earth. Only now on the top roof a large banner read: Closed Till Further Notice.

"I can't believe..." Katara stated. "But why would they close it?" Katara walked in to the building. Knocking down the door with a series of water whip lashes. Suki followed quickly behind.

Behind the brown table desk was the manager. He was a plumb old man plumb and old enough to be Kokan's grandfather.

He spoke softly, "People stopped coming so we had to close this place down. Our reputation got lowered down. We all had so many memories here together. For 17 years now. But things got to change and end. You'd understand Water Tribe girl. Your people mastered change. Everything changes and changes things itself. Why, the only thing that doesn't change is change."

"Well I think it's time change starts to change because we're opening this spa back in business!" Katara replied. "Suki we got work to do!"

Chapter 4

In the air far above from where the Earth Kingdom laid was very breezy and chilly as they went father south. It wasn't going to take that long. Aang and Zuko simply needed to go back to the Fire Nation palace to grab clues. From there they could easily find a way to connect them or get help. They started to land at the yard of the palace.

"Well this is it," Aang said brightly. "Now let's try to look for clues."

"Not like that. We need to investigate all rooms. But first we should follow our instincts. I've been living in this palace for a while, but sometimes I wonder how much I really know about it." Zuko declared. He got of Appa and set foot in the yard. They both walked slowly in. Zuko left for the right of the palace and Aang left for the back.

Zuko walked alongside. Only the servants, the generals, and other political speakers were at the palace. Zuko walked along looking carefully. Zuko remembered when he was a kid how things were so different. He sighed. Day dreaming he bumped into on of the guards. The guard accidentally fell into the wall with a loud thump.

"Sorry," Zuko apologized.

"My mistake," announced the guards calmly, "Have a nice day Firelord Zuko!"

Zuko taught for a second. "That didn't sound like normal wall..." Zuko fire bended the wall with a fist. Nothing happened to it. The fire extinguished by itself. "And it isn't either."

Zuko kicked down the wall and inside led a whole corridor filled with many different stairs. The room was lit bright red. The stairs were soft. There was an inscription on the wall. One step at a time it read. ________________________________________________________________________

Aang was in the back garden of the palace. The flowers grew long and beautiful. The grass was still green and soft. Aang continued forward. Nothing but daisies he thought. On the farthest right he saw a gardener. He had to be in his 60s. He was hunched with his back faced to the plants. "You the new gardener?" the man asked.

"No. I'm supposed to be finding clues, but I don't know where here to start." Aang said to the older man.

"The garden is the most mysterious place you'll get here. I like this job and most say because I garden for royalty. But that ain't it. It's the garden itself. I'd take this job even if I had to pay for it."

Aang laughed. The man crouched down again. "So what's so mysterious about it?" Aang asked leaning towards the flowers.

"Everything though yesterday saw the biggest tunnel I every seen down by the edge. Now that's something to check out."

Aang walked near the tunnel. It was at the far end past all the red roses and blue violets. It doesn't look like an animal carved it seems more like it was just made. For it to be found. Aang entered into the tunnel. With his earthbending he could feel the tunnel. Where it was going to lead to. A small metal door that he easily pushed down. When he entered in he saw the dim red light of a ruby candle. He heard footsteps and a saw a black shadow within.

"Ahhhhh!" Aang screamed. He found Zuko next to him.

"Relax it's just me." Zuko said and walked to the view of where they were.

"How did you get here," Zuko wondered.

"Through a tunnel. And you?"


"What is this place?" Aang asked.

"I don't know but I think we're supposed to be here."

"This search is going to be harder than we thought," said Aang

Chapter 5

Into the heart of the city where the warm air blew and the grass grew green led Sokka and Toph. After a quick snack break thanks to Sokka, the students were back on track.

"So," Toph said before the class started. "I think we should try a different approach this time. Instead of teaching metal bending I'll first see how much they know in earth bending. I mean this has to work they're paying lots for these classes."

"Okay, I'll just be there if you need any help," Sokka said looking around the students.

"Welcome back students! Today we are going to try something different." Toph said to the students this time with a more enthusiastic way. "First we are going to do the basic horse stance and breathing exercises. We already know that you'll have to have full concentration and think of this head on."

All the students arose in there horse stance they slowly lifted their arms forward and dealt with the rock. "See as you guys know you bended by..." Toph explained to her students.

"Using the earth and rock..." Sokka finished.

"This is exactly...."

"How you will learn..."

At the same time Sokka and Toph both said, "Metal bending!"

Jane Lei stared at Kai Leu. "Was that weird?"

The rest of the students stared in awe. Kokan looked most confused. "Master Toph?" he asked nervously.

"Yes Kokan?"

"I was just wondering when our next lunch break is?"

"Yeah," added Sokka. "I'm starving!"

Chapter 6

Back onto the busy streets Suki and Katara walked very fast into the All Things Banner market.

"The plan is simple, Suki all we have to do is set flyers everywhere and have free test tryouts people will love it so much they'll tell other people and there you got it." Katara said with great confidence announcing her plan.

"Wow usually things go wrong right about here." Suki said surprised.

"Sometimes you just got to hope for the unexpected," Katara lectured Suki. As they walked into the market.

They entered a small shack with banners and posters of any kind. Big ones littles ones. Katara and Suki looked around.

"Which ones," Suki asked though Katara didn't hesitate at all."

"I'll take one of those three of these and five of those." She took all the signs and banners in her hands.

"That will be 30 yuans, ma'am." the manager implied snapping his fingers. "And perhaps even little something else, young pretty one."

Katara handed the man his money. "Here you go sir. And a nice thank you as a little extra."

Both girls walked back to the spa. There was a crowd of people pushing and shoving. Each wearing the most expensive of green emerald Earth Kingdom get ups yet.

"What's going on?" Suki asked peering towards the crowd.

"Are you kidding me!" a fancy girl in pure green emeralds laughed. "Like you could afford to go! The newest Emerald green spa just moved in town and Rich get in for free! Based on your getup I doubt they'd let you go into the old run down spa next door to it! Hahahah"

They walked up into the spa.

"How we going to get in?" Katara wondered puzzled.

Suki had a curious smile that lit up her face. "I think I know!" Suki got up onto the wooden bench on the outside. "Listen up everybody! I heard anyone who comes in from the back gets free spas anyways!"

The girl in the rarest green emeralds appeared again, "In your dreams!"

"They won't believe us!" Katara complained. Everyone started pushing again, and the girl in green opened the door.

"Hello here for my Rich spa!"

The assistants in there were wearing plain white short robes, "I'm sorry we are not ready for you yet. We open for others later. Now only the political and important speakers are welcome."

"You mean I'm not important?"

"I am very sorry but we are not open come back please in two days," the lady with the white dress left with no further ado. She spoke calm and clear then shut the door.

Laughing came from the crowd. Then Suki smiled again. She had a new plan. "Listen up you heard her! The spa will be open tomorrow so come tomorrow!"

"What are you doing? She said in two days?" Katara asked.

"Ya and tomorrow emerald spa will be closed, but our spa won't. There reputation will fail it'll have to work!

Katara gave Suki a hug, "Thanks Suki! Now if we could just get a closer look at the spa..." Katara said while she peeked in the doors ellipse oval windows.

"Out I said out! Away. You're no better than the girl in green you pesky spa stockers!" the sweeper plus cleaner of the spa came out. She was wearing an old maid suit. She was in her older ages then the rest of the assistants and was definitely not calm. Suki and Katara backed away.

"Ya, you little spa stockers!" laughed the girl in green as she walked across the bridge.

Suki and Katara shrugged and smiled. Katara bended water from the bridge onto that girl and she left the bridge soaked in green.

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