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October 25, 2010

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Fanon:Avatar:Otherworlder: Chapter Eight: The Search

Guesses and Answers

Jason's camp was unattended the next day. His thoughts occupied his mind like bees in a hive, and he needed at least some answers to soothe them. The first question that always appeared in his mind was why he was }}chosen to be saved. He was no one special; he wasn't a goody-goody. He thought he was a little bad; he ran away. Yet fate had chosen him as the survivor of his world.

Fate chose him as his world's last hope.

It blew his mind away, really. Fortunately, the steady song of water gushing from a small waterfall into the basin below it proved soothing, and cleared Jason's mind. He sat on the rim of the basin, letting water drift through his hand. But as he did this, someone far away was watching him, studying him, with a gloating smile on his face.

"Okay, explain to me how June can help us again? She's all the way in the Earth Kingdom!" Sokka questioned Zuko as the group flew on Appa the next day.

"I told you Sokka; ever since the war ended she's started to wander. Her reputation does as well. There have been reports of her hanging around the bars of Hydo. It's not that far from the capital. It's on the same island for God's sake!" Zuko said, exasperated after telling Sokka for the third time.

"Can you stop blabbering already? You're starting to give me a migraine, and I'm not even supposed to get those," Toph said loudly.

"We're here!" Aang said irritably, muttering, "Finally."

The town was small, and the only prominent features of it were the town square and a large building the gang was unable to recognize.

"That's where she is." Zuko said, pointing to the large building.

"That's a bar?" Ty Lee asked.

"One damn big bar." Sokka said in awe.

"One of the biggest bars in the Fire Nation, the Hydo Bar. A perfect place for June to hang," Mai mumbled, and with a gesture from her they headed toward the huge building.

Far away, the gloating man looked through the Observer at the thinking Jason. Near him, a woman was practicing her gunshots, each one finding it's mark.

"Eris, get Than and Airlia for me. I have some... interesting news for them." the man said.

"Someone's gonna die?" Eris asked, "Good, it's been boring doing nothing at this dumb Temple."

"Eris..." the man said in a threatening voice.

"Sorry," Eris said quickly, and walked away with a jump in her step. Soon, Airlia and Than walked in.

"You wanted us my Lord?" Airlia said, while Than simply grunted.

"Yes. I think I have found something of much interest." the man said. Airlia was unable to tell how her master felt about this, as his visor covered half of his face.

"A possible new General?" Airlia asked.

"No, a possible new Marshall." the man said with another gloating smile. Than gave the man a questioning look, while Airlia simply was confused.

"A new... Marshall?" Airlia questioned, "Daemon... I mean, my Lord, why would you need a new Marshall? Especially him?"

"And why not, Airlia? Are you so self-centered as to put yourself before our purpose, our life's mission?" Daemon asked harshly.

"Of course not Master, but be reasonable! He's a shadowbender, not an ounce of light within him! Besides, if even Aides has taken interest in him..." Airlia said, her voice slowing.

"Aides might be a king, but he is no god, Airlia!" Daemon said, making Airlia take a step back, "Aides' time is growing short. Soon, the time shall come for us to end him, when it's right, and when it will be the most useful."

"But Master..." Airlia started, but Daemon cut her off.

"As for no light in him, I have the opposite view. Shadow that powerful can only exist in Light."

"Excuse me Master, but how can Shadow be more powerful in light? It can't exist even in Light!" Airlia argued.

"Idiot!" Daemon yelled, "Think for once in your existence! Shadow fades if light dims! The stronger the Light, the stronger the Shadow. Even Chih can explain it to you! Sometimes I wonder who advises who."

Airlia dropped her head in shame "I'm sorry... Master."

"You might have a point though..." Daemon said, looking through the Observer at Jason, who had begun to explore, "He has much spirit. As much as he can't fight me if I made him a Marshall, he might... twist my orders. You two are excused."

"Thank you...Master." Airlia said as Than simply nodded, and both strode out the door. From the same door, Leonard came in.

"Hello, Daemon. I heard all the yelling and thought I should investigate."

"The Marshalls and I were... discussing a possible new addition to their order."

"Ahh... You mean that kid you've been watching?"

"Yes, but I have my doubts, " Daemon said.

Leonard put his arm around Daemon. "Don't worry. You can find any Marshall; you just have to look deep enough."

"I hope so Leonard. I hope so," Daemon agreed.

"Why am I not surprised to see you lovebirds here?" June asked, as Zuko had made himself known in the bar. It might not have mattered though, as everyone smart enough not to fight June had sat so far away they probably couldn't hear them anyway.

"We need your help." Aang said.

"Oh that's new." June said sarcastically, "who is it now?"

"No one you know. We just need you to find someone." Katara replied dryly.

"Well, you know the drill. Give me something Nyla can sniff and we'll be off."

"No money?" Zuko asked suspiciously.

"Nah, you guys did save the world. If you didn't, well, I be out of a job. So this time it's free. Only this time, got it?" June asked harshly.

"Yeah, yeah, we got it." Toph said.

"You got spunk kid. I like you. You ain't boring like the rest of your friends." June said approvingly at Toph.

"Thanks!" Toph exclaimed.

"Ugh, anyway, we have the scent; can you just find him already?" Sokka said.

"Where is it?" June asked, looking around.

"Right here" Ty Lee said, holding a piece of cloth.

"Where you get that?" Suki asked.

"I found it on his bed. I guess it ripped off when he took off." Ty Lee said.

June grabbed it from Ty Lee, and lead Ty Lee outside, with the rest of the group tagging behind them. They came to a courtyard outside, where Nyla was waiting patiently. Smelling the cloth from a long way, it got up.

"Nyla will start chasing the scent as soon as she finds where it goes, so you have to act fast and follow, okay?"

"Got it." Aang said, and he and the rest of the group got on Appa while June got on Nyla. June put the cloth to Nyla's nose, who started sniffing wildly. After a minute, the nose went in the air, and Nyla ran off.

"Let's go!" Aang said, and raising Appa in the air, followed the Shirshu.

The day was getting dark, and Jason was tired. The jungle had proved to be a worthy opponent, with twisted vines, dark pitfalls, and rocky coast that was hard to walk on. Fortunately, no dangerous animal appeared to live on the island, so all Jason had to really worry about was animals taking his food. Wit ha sigh, Jason collapsed onto his bed, a simple cot between two trees with a blanket for extra comfort. Within minutes Jason was fast asleep, not knowing he would have to make a choice....


"We have to stop here for the night," June said, as she climbed off Nyla.

"Is he really that far away?" Aang asked, landing Appa next to the hunter and her Shirshu.

"No. Actually, he's pretty close. Nyla's got that tick, which means he ain't far from where we are. But even Nyla needs her sleep. Last night she didn't have any when we went to the bar."

"So we're stopping because..." Sokka started.

"Because if anyone complains I'm gonna make Nyla lick them." June snapped annoyingly, shutting Sokka up while everyone else set up camp. Zuko started a fire in a few seconds.

"So, any meat on the menu tonight?" Sokka asked hungrily, looking around for a food pouch.

"Only got enough for me, kid. Go ask your little friends." June said as Sokka eyed her bag, which had some pieces within. Looking at their sack, the only thing he could see was lettuce and a few berries. A fish also was pulled out, but Sokka still groaned.

"Calm down Sokka, at least we got food to eat. Jason didn't bring any food with him. He's probably hungry by now and why are you still complaining?" Suki asked as Sokka didn't really pay attention to her.

"We can't help him if I'm hungry, now can't I?" Sokka said with a small grin, and Aang passed him and Suki both pieces of fish.

In fact, Jason was not hungry at all. He also had a very satisfying fish in his meal, hunting the coastal waters until he found a big one. But now he was asleep, lying on the makeshift cot he made out of one of the blankets he took. But tonight, his sleep was troubled...

Jason dream was placed in the void. Not the void of death, Jason knew that, but simply a void. Maybe it was darkness, as it was the only thing he saw, but he doubted it was only that. However, one more feeling was prominent as well. The feeling of loneliness Jason felt, a small pang in the crevices of his heart. As he sat down and stared at the swirling darkness, the feeling grew. It wasn't like Jason to feel this way, His heart was strong, hardy. It never felt quite like this before.

"Even you cannot hold the pain in your heart." a voice said, making Jason jump and swing around to where the sound originated. A dark figure had appeared on the outskirts of Jason's sight, and seemingly knowing Jason had saw him, glided over to him.

"Who are you?" Jason asked.

"A means, my boy. A means, of the one thing that can truly keep your heart at peace." the figure said in a groaning voice, as if he was holding an incredible weight.

"Who are you?" Jason repeated again.

"I am Abaddon, an angel some say, others a destroyer. But I have come to help you."

"Help me with what?" Jason asked.

"Vengeance," Abaddon put simply.

"Vengeance? But against who?" Jason asked.

"This world, young one. The world of your enemies."

"You mean shadowbenders?"

"Them and the Avatars," Abaddon said, while Jason looked at him with horror.

"But they haven't done anything to me! I ran away to protect them. It's the shadowbenders fault I'm where I'm at now!" Jason argued.

"Oh really?" Abaddon asked, "They were the ones that trapped the shadowbenders in the first place! They were so afraid of a fight, they sealed them away, and on top of it, forgetting them entirely, weakening their defenses! And who had to handle their fury? Your world, that's what! A world that was defenseless to them to begin with! The Avatar gave your world their fate."

Jason only sat in silence, stunned in the revelation.

"So what can I do?" Jason questioned sadly.

"I can make you powerful, very powerful, even in my... restrained form. And then, once I can get free, together; we could rule the cosmos!" Abaddon said with a harsh laugh. He put his hand out.

"All you have to do is trust me." Abaddon said, and with those words Jason reached for his hand.

But before they could shake, a sword appeared between them.

"He will not help you," Thoth said harshly, glaring at Abaddon.

"Thoth!" Jason cried, stepping a few feet between them.

"This... thing, whatever he is, is darkness, Jason. The only thing I can tell you is that he is a deceiver. Once both of you are on top, he'll pull you down, destroy you, so that his rule is unquestioned. Don't believe him." Thoth growled, pointing his sword at Abaddon the whole time.

"Vengeance, my dear boy, is only a step away." Abaddon said.

"Vengeance does not fulfill the heart, only empties it. Revenge is never the answer. Even the Avatar would agree with me." Thoth said bravely.

"Of course he would!" Abaddon cried, "He as much afraid of vengeance as you are, ignorant fools. You're afraid of vengeance when it's against you."

"It's wrong," Thoth stated simply.

"They betrayed him, fool. You can't stop that."

"They look for him at this very time we argue," Thoth countered.

"How do you know?" Jason asked.

"Because both you and I believe they are. That's what we should always count on."

"They only look for him out of urgency." Abaddon countered quickly, his voice panicky, "They only search for him as he can be a valuable use to his enemies..."

"At least they treat him as a human. You're the only one who acts like he's a weapon."

"I'm trying to help him!" Abaddon roared.

"No you're not. You're trying to use him."

Abaddon turned to Jason swiftly "Choose boy. Will you choose this moronic fellow with no knowledge on feelings, or me, who can give you the one thing that can truly give you peace?"

"It's your choice." Thoth said simply, making no comment to support him.

This was the hardest choice for Jason to figure. Abaddon could lead him to victory, he knew that, but could he really trust him? More importantly, could he betray the ones who had treated him nicely? Could he really betray Pan, Myo, Aang, Ty Lee, Suki, and the others who had believed him and felt his sympathy? Suddenly, a voice popped into his head:

"Kid, life is always gonna be trying to bite you in the ass. But running from the teeth only makes it want to bite harder. What you really want to do is turn around, forget about that pain in your keister, and kick right back by making something good out of your life." In that instant he knew what to do, and like that long time ago when he returned home, Jason walked over to Thoth's side.

"You made a bad choice." Abaddon said, claws appearing from his shadowed arms.

"This is my mind Abaddon. You have no power here. Be gone, before Thoth and I make soup out of you." Jason said, essentially challenging Abaddon to attack him.

His claws retracting back into his sleeves as he spoke, Abaddon replied "This isn't over, child. You just made a dangerous enemy."

"Well good for us. A bit of a challenge would be nice once in a while," Thoth replied as Abaddon simply sighed, and turned into pure darkness before melting away.

Thoth looked at Jason. "I'm proud of you. You chose the right side."

"Thanks, but don't thank me," Jason replied.

"Then thank who?" Thoth asked.

"Thank the baker," Jason said with a laugh.

The next day, Aang landed Appa next to June. The Shirshu's nose was pointing toward an island out in the distance.

"Your friend's on that island. Shouldn't be hard for you to fly there." June said, "And now that this freeload job is done, I can finally go back to that bar..." June said, and with those parting words she rode off.

"That's strange." Zuko said.

"What is?" Katara asked.

"He's on Black Springs Isle. That's...interesting."

"Why? Is it cursed or something?" Toph questioned with a giggle.

"It's said that strange thing s happen on the island." Mai said, "Legend said that if a person wanted a change of heart, that's where he had to go. A strange power flows from it."

"Change of heart? You mean like if someone wanted forgiveness or something like that?" Sokka said.

"Yes," Zuko continued, "or if you wanted to be the total opposite of what you were before, if they wanted it that extremely."

"Well, even with curses and nonsense like that, are we ready to see Jason again? Toph asked.

"Yeah, we are." Aang said confidently.

Jason already had the campfire going when he heard footsteps in the woods. He heard the lines of his traps snap and a few curses as the footsteps came up the hill. The rolling of rocks, and the slams marking where they where blocked also reached Jason's ears. Finally, Aang and his friends tiredly made it up the slope to where Jason was camped. Jason didn't even turn around.

"Hey guys. You came just in time. Dinner's almost done." Jason said with a smile on his face.

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