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Spirit wolves
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Wan Shi Tong


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The Scroll Wolves are a group of canines that inhabit bending scrolls. They are teachers to whomever is lucky enough to find a scroll that is inhabited by a scroll wolf. There styles of bending vary among scrolls. An earth-bending scroll wolf looks more like a brown fox. A water-bending scroll wolf are white with a black back. An air-bending scroll wolf is pure white, white as the snow. And fire-bending scroll wolves are pitch black. They are not only teachers to whom takes a scroll but are also eyes to Wan Shi Tong. These canine can disappear at will so they won't be spotted by "scroll-snatchers".

There are also "special bending wolves" as well. Ice bending wolves for instance are pure blue, while grey wolves can metal-bend.

These wolves are also collectors to scroll left by careless benders and travelers, taking them back to the spirit library. One of these wolves accidentally took Katara's air-bending scroll when she was little, and brought it to Wan Shi Tong himself.

Book 2: Earth

One of these scroll wolves, an earth-bending wolf, was seen by Weed's keen eyes before the team went to the library. While they were there the wolves were busy organizing scrolls and books as the team were looking around to find an answer to end the war for good. The scroll given to Katara was home to an Air-bending wolf and he went and told Wan Shi Tong the danger.

Book 3: Fire

Knowledge Seeker

An earth-bending scroll wolf spotted by Weed.

The scroll wolves can easily travel miles away from their scrolls, but their bending isn't as strong. A group of 5 was seen on the fire navy ship after Aang woke up from his state. One of them told Aang that Katara wanted to talk, but was politely denied since Aang was too depressed to talk.

After Zuko had his Fortune dream the first time, an metal-bending wolf tells him about the fortune-dreams, saying that they foretold future events and mainly happens during the nights of the full moon. He was then asked by Hope on how long was he up. He saids that scroll wolves don't need sleep and he was up the whole night.

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