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The Recruiters

Genesis walked through the streets of The Sanctuary, admiring the crystals that grew throughout the "town". Genesis had lived here with his family and some other energybenders for as long as he could remember. From what he'd been told his family as well as everyone else who lived here had run away from their homes in order to escape the war going on between the Air/Water Alliance and the Fire/Earth Alliance that started about seventeen years ago. Apparently before the war started the Air/Water Alliance had come to the energybenders in hopes of convincing them to join their alliance. When they refused the people who'd come to recruit them urged them to reconsider, but left peacefully. When the Fire/Earth Alliance came the energybenders refused to join them as well. However they weren't so understanding, the fire and earthbenders raided countless villages, kidnapping every engerybender they could find. Frightened by these turn of events most energybenders immediately signed up with the Air/Water Alliance for protection, but some didn't want to get involved so they went in hiding. Genesis's family was one of them. He was barely a week old when the war began.

As Genesis neared the edge of the edge of the sanctuary he heard someone trying to sneak up behind him. Genesis turned around and saw a pair of legs dive behind a crystal formation. Genesis smiled as he continued walking, when he turned he heard the person following him try to approach him stealthily.

"You know you're not good at that, Rev." Genesis said as his little brother tried to surprise him.

"Man how do you always do that?" Rev groaned as he ran up to Genesis' side.

"The way you sneak, you'd wake up a hibernating skunk bear." Genesis teased as he gave his fifteen-year-old brother a noogie. "Anyway what do you want?"

"I wanted you to help me with that move you showed me." Rev answered eagerly.


Rev "convinces" Genesis to teach him a move

"You know we're not supposed to energybend like that." Genesis reminded his little brother. "Draws too much attention."

"Yeah, cause that's stopped you in the past." Rev countered crossing his arms, "Or do I need to tell Father about your little trips to the surface?"

Genesis stared at Rev with his jaw hanging open. "How did you get to be such a manipulative brat?" Genesis asked rubbing his temples.

"I learned from the best, you." Rev answered with a wide grin.

Genesis took Rev to small hollow on the surface where he went to practice his energybending. The hollow was secluded and surrounded by rock walls on all sides. The only way in was a cave that connected to the Sanctuary. Genesis discovered the hollow one day while he was exploring with his friends. They often came here to play games, when they got older however they converted it to a "training hollow". Many of the children at the Sanctuary wanted to join the Water/Air Alliance when they came of age, some even wanted to join the Fire/Earth Alliance. Either way the elders of the Sanctuary made everyone who chose to leave swear on pain of death that they must never reveal their location to anyone. Genesis however had no desire to get involved with the war. The way he saw it, his parents went through the trouble of moving to a place safe from the war, and it seemed downright disrespectful to abandon them for a conflict they wanted no part of.

"Alright Gen, show me the move." Rev demanded, rousing Genesis up from his thoughts.

Lightning backfire

Rev's energy blows up in his face.

"Okay, first you cup your hands together." Genesis began while cupping his own hands to demonstrate. "Then you gather energy between your hands. Once you feel you've gathered enough you thrust your hands foreword while separating them, leaving only your wrists connected." As Genesis demonstrated the last move a small glowing white beam of energy shot from his hands and crashed into the rock wall, leaving a small scorch mark. Genesis could've made a much larger beam but he didn't want to blast a giant hole in the wall. Genesis watched as Rev cupped his hands together. He smiled as he saw Rev gather a bit too much energy. It's going to explode in your face. Genesis thought as Rev shoved his hands forward. Sure enough the beam of energy blew up in Rev's face, sending him flying back. "You wanna try again?" Genesis asked standing over his brother.

"Shut up." Rev said laying there. Rev tried the move again and again for several hours. Each time he got closer to the proper amount of energy. When Rev finally got it a small beam of yellow energy shot from his hands. "I did it! I did it!" Rev cheered turning to Genesis, who'd fallen asleep. Rev walked over to Genesis and screamed in his ear. "WAKE UP!"

Genesis jerked awake and practically jumped five feet in the air. "What happened?" he asked checking to see if he was in trouble.

"I did it." Rev declared proudly.

"Prove it." Genesis said crossing his arms. Rev performed again this time producing a slightly larger beam. Genesis clapped his hands and looked up in the sky. The sun was beginning to set. "Crap we better get home before Father kills both of us." Genesis said breaking into a run with Rev behind him. Neither of them noticed the person standing on top of the rock wall, watching them the whole time.

Phoenix King Ozai

Lao looks over his new troops

Dragon King Lao stood on the balcony over looking the palace courtyard where dozens of raw recruits stood at the ready. Lao smiled as he watched his army grow with more men and women ready to serve him. While he looked over the recruits he had no doubt most of them wanted to apply for the Recruitment Officer Corps. In fact Lao recognized one of the recruits. Choy stood wearing his yellow clothes that he'd worn since Lao sent him to train with Master Wen. Lao was a bit confused why he would want to apply for the Recruitment Officer Corps when he was already a successful frontline soldier. Lao had heard stories of how Choy would single handedly defeat an entire platoon of enemies in a matter of moments.

"He's the spitting image of his father." Lao said to himself while running his finger down the scar that Ken gave him when he took the throne. "Maybe he will make a good Recruitment Officer." he mused as he headed back inside the palace. Before he could turn however a messenger hawk landed on the railing. Lao removed it's message and looked it over. When he finished a wicked grin crept across his face, he summoned one of his best Recruitment Officers to his throne room.

"What is your will Dragon King?" the Officer asked as he bowed.

"Gather your team Quin, one of Terra's scouts have found the last enclave of the energybenders." Lao announced happily.

"It will be done my King." Quin said raising to leave.

"Take one of the new recruits with you." Lao added.

"Did you have anyone in mind?" Quin asked bowing once again.

Lao smiled when he told Quin who to take. Let's see how Choy likes being a Recruitment Officer.


  • The energy beam was based on the Kamehameha Wave from the Dragon Ball Series

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