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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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"One choice can change the World"

The Saga of Kento is an Avatar Fanon. It depicts the life of Kento, the younger brother of Sokka and Katara. Unlike in the TV Series, the story depicts an alternate storyline with many major events and facts being changed.


In 100 AG, Avatar Aang and much of Team Avatar confronted the Fire Lord's air fleet over the Western Earth Kingdom. During his duel with Ozai, Aang was forced to kill the Firelord, as he never learned Energybending. In the Fire Nation Capital, Zuko and Katara arrived to late to stop Azula's crowning as Fire Lady. The new and mentally unstable ruler then severely wounded her brother in an Agni Kai.

Fleeing on Appa from the Capital, the two reunited with the rest of Team Avatar and took shelter in the Eastern Air Temple. Over the next six months, the damage done to the Western Earth Kingdom by the air fleet began to take full effect, creating a wasteland of sorts.

Team Avatar raided many Fire Nation prisons, freeing several of their allies that were captured in the failed Invasion of the Fire Nation. Sokka and the newly freed Mechanist began to study cannons taken from the fallen airships. Over the course of another two months, they developed the first firearms.

By Early 101 AG, the first muskets had been sent to the remaining Earth Kingdom forces. The initial deployments of these new weapons had proven invaluable, effectively driving back the Fire Nation Army in all areas. Around this time, Zuko fully recovered from his injuries and became an adviser to the Earth Kingdom on how to better combat the Fire Nation.

In the Summer of 101 AG, Earth Kingdom forces equipped with the new weapons joined the Order of the White Lotus in fighting for Ba Sing Se. The fighting, which had ragged since the previous summer, had left a large portion of the city in ruins. However the introduction of fresh troops and new weapons quickly caused the Fire Nation to route, finally liberating the city. 

Over the course of the remainder of the summer and fall, the Fire Nation was continually forced back across the whole of the continent. By winter, the Fire Nation Military had its back to the wasteland that the air fleet had created, cutting them off from the western coast. In the dead of winter, the Fire Nation finally took a stand, refusing to retreat any further. A stalemate quickly insured as neither side could gain an upperhand in frigid conditions.

However, things got worse for the Fire Nation that winter. Fire Lady Azula's unstable mental condition had brought a large amount of unhappiness to the homeland. This led to a small amount of riots, which quickly morphed into all out rebellion as many of the remaining forces left to defend the homeland had been sent to the front.

By early spring of 102 AG, the top Fire Nation Generals had a choice: continue to maintain a front line with the Earth Kingdom and risk the loss of the homeland, or forsake the battle all together and withdraw to the homeland. Realising that the front lines were running low on the supplies needed to maintain a fight with the Earth Kingdom, they ordered an immediate withdraw. 

Now, five years since the Fire Nation withdraw, an uneasy sense of peace has fallen on the world. The Earth Kingdom has used much of this time to rebuild its war ravaged countryside and bolster its army should the Fire Nation return. Surviving towns and villages, mainly former Fire Nation Colonies, have banded together and formed a loose confederacy known as The Unified Independent Territories. Team Avatar has settled in various corners of the world, trying to return to their normal lives. Yet they are always alert, should the war reignite once again.


Kento spends a lot of his time riding around the Independent Territories, mapping out the ground as a part of his job. However he cannot help but notice as the landscape turns into a Wild West of sorts, people become increasingly desperate.




  • Aang
  • Katara
  • Sokka
  • Zuko
  • Toph


Book 1: Peace

Chapter 1: The Cartographer

Chapter 2: The Wasteland

Chapter 3: The Independents

Chapter 4: A War Hero

Chapter 5: Yue City

Chapter 6: Shifting Sands

Chapter 7: The Future's Bright

Chapter 8: Lawman's Dream

Chapter 9: An Ever Changing World

Chapter 10: New Guns, New Days

Chapter 11: TBA

Chapter 12 TBA


90 AG: Kento, youngest son of Hakoda and Kya is born.

98 AG: Hakoda leaves with most of the tribe's men to fight in The War.

99 AG: Kento discovers his ability to waterbend, Sokka and Katara stumble across Avatar Aang. Prince Zuko raids the Southern Watertribe hunting for the Avatar. Sokka and Katara leave with Aang.

100 AG: Northern Water Tribe relief fleet arrives in the South, Kento begins training under Master Pakku. Invasion of the Fire Nation fails. Fire Lord Ozai's Master Plan goes into effect, burning down much of the Former Fire Nation colonies. The Battle of Ba Sing Se begins. Team Avatar conducts raids on various Fire Nation prisons, freeing allies that were captured during the Invasion of the Fire Nation. Fire Lady Azula assumes the throne after Fire Lord Ozai is killed by Avatar Aang.

101 AG: Kento joins his siblings and Team Avatar at their base of operations at the Eastern Air Temple. The Mechanist and Sokka create the first firearms and distribute them to the struggling Earth Kingdom forces. General How conducts a breakout and arrives in Ba Sing Se. Kento journeys to the Earth Kingdom Capital and helps in the fighting. Ba Sing Se is liberated. The Earth Kingdom Blitz begins, driving the Fire Nation back all across the occupied country. The Winter Deadlock begins when Fire Nation forces refuse to retreat any farther.

102 AG: Rebellions begin in The Fire Nation. The Winter Deadlock ends when Fire Nation forces withdraw from the mainland with the help of Dai Li. The Unified Independent Territories are formed from the former Fire Nation colonies. A cease fire is declared.

103 AG: Kento and Katara travel the Earth Kingdom, healing the various wounded Earth Kingdom troops. Kento leaves his sister's side and becomes a guide to The Independents.

104 AG: Kento and Spree meet just outside of Yue City and begin to travel together.

105 AG: Kento takes a job with the Earth Kingdom as a cartographer.

107 AG: Kento and Spree meet Dutch and arrive in Yue City.

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