By CromeXW Part of the The Runaway continuity.

This is a chapter list for the Fanon The Runaway.

Chapter List

Chapter One Rude Awakenings Two years after the beginning of the great war and the Air Nomad genocide, Air Nomads have become target for bounty hunters and Fire Nation soldiers, many people believe them to be extinct, others claim that some of them are still alive, among them- the Avatar. This story begins in a dark cave...
Chapter Two The Cave And The Wildfire The two prisoners continue their search for an exit when they realize what exactly happened to the Sandbenders. They also come in contact with an apparently mutual enemy, the Fire Nation.
Chapter Three Crash Course Of Gliding After making their way out of the flaming cave, the two rogues attempt to cross the mountain regions of the desert to reach sanctuary in a nearby city. Their attempts are however foiled by a Fire Nation colonel
Chapter Four The Ride Finally getting a chance to rest, the two men make their way towards one of the biggest cities in the Earth Kingdom- Omashu
Chapter Five Safety Of Omashu Finally arriving at Omashu, the two travelers face a welcoming party they didn't expect.
Chapter Six Boy From Omashu After arriving in Omashu, the two travelers decide to finally relax and go look around, with many wrong turns along the road, the two encounter a young boy, unknown to them however, Colonel Lang has made his way into the city
Chapter Seven Stand Off Making it just in the nick of time, Bumi and Myaku clash with Colonel Lang to save Taizo, however, Lang seems to know him far better than the monk does.
Chapter Eight King Of Omashu The trio are taken to their court with the king, during which previously unknown facts are revealed to them, forcing Taizo and Myaku to embark on a quest to help Omashu restore it's power.
Chapter Nine Journey to the West Myaku and Taizo get to a falling out and learn a difficult lesson.
Chapter Ten Village Of War The two companions run into some trouble finding a way to stitch up their wounds and Myaku has a heart to heart talk with a man who has seen the bitter side of war.
Chapter Twelve The Circus TBA
Chapter Thirteen TBA TBA
Chapter Fourteen TBA TBA
Chapter Fifteen TBA TBA
Chapter Sixteen TBA TBA
Chapter Seventeen TBA TBA
Chapter Eighteen TBA TBA
Chapter Nineteen TBA TBA
Chapter Twenty TBA TBA
Chapter Twenty-One TBA TBA

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