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Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Roku Chronicles, also known as the Brotherhood Chronicles, is a fanfiction series by 444Divergent set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra. It follows Avatar Roku, Avatar Aang's immediate predecessor, and the story of his once-budding friendship with Fire Lord Sozin.



Roku: The previous Avatar to Aang and prior Avatar to Kyoshi, and the main protagonist of The Roku Chronicles. Hails from the Fire Nation. Best friend to Sozin.

Sozin: Roku's best friend, the Fire Lord, and the protagonist throughout the first three chapters of The Roku Chronicles. However, due to Sozin's plans for the Fire Nation to conquer the world, he becomes the antagonist through the last two chapters. Hails from the Fire Nation.

Gyatso: Roku's airbending mentor and good friend. Hails from the Air Nomads.

Kai: Roku's nemesis while at the Southern Air Temple, and the antagonist throughout chapter three. Hails from the Air Nomads.

Uko-Zay: The leader of the Irrogui Insurgents, and the antagonist throughout chapter four. He threatens to burn Kyoshi Island, which strikes Roku in a soft spot seeing as how Kyoshi was a fellow Avatar. This is a reference to Zuko's burning of Kyoshi Village. Uko-Zay is, in fact, Pig Latin for Zuko. Hails from the Earth Kingdom.

Marshal Mundo: Sozin's right-hand man through chapters four and five, and an antagonist. Hails from the Fire Nation.

Ozai: Sozin's son, and a minor antagonist. Hails from the Fire Nation.

Ta Min: Roku's wife, and a minor protagonist. Hails from the Fire Nation.

Jor-Yun: Roku's Water Tribe friend, and a fellow student. A minor protagonist. Hails from the Water Tribe.

Li: A Fire Nation bully and minor antagonist in chapter one. Hails from the Fire Nation.

Gozu: Roku's neighbor and good friend, a minor protagonist. Hails from the Fire Nation.


Chapter One: An Avatar in the Making

Roku and Sozin are best friends, playing kuai ball in the Royal City. Roku is hit on the head by the ball and teased by Li, who calls him a "Fumblefoot". A young Ta Min tells off Li, before both the boys and the girls are called back from recess. That night, Roku practices kuai ball secretly in his backyard. He is spotted by neighbor Gozu, who elects to help him with his aim. The next day, Roku and Sozin are playing again when he notices Ta Min noticing and becomes embarrassed. Li teases him as expected, and Roku, exasperated, makes a shot. Li stops and watches as Roku scores multiple times. However, Sozin hits a side shot to him, and he misses, ultimately losing. Li comes up and starts berating him. Roku grows angry and lights a bush on fire. Sozin stands up for him and sends Li away. The boys realize their friendship and head off.

Chapter Two: Adolescence

Roku is pulled from his sixteenth birthday party during a conversation with Ta Min by the Fire Sages. They inform him of his status as an Avatar. He bids goodbye to his friends and heads to the Southern Air Temple to 

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