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The Rogues are a rebel bender colony in the fanon story Alone. They are widely branded as terrorists by the rest of the bending community, along with the general public.


Avatar Leah and her friend, Sierra, visited the colony in February of 2001 to seek training on waterbending. Bronson Fife, third in command at the time, was presiding over the colony when they arrived. At the time, The Mistress and the Second in Command were away on an undisclosed mission. Bronson welcomed them into the colony and showed them around, although he denied teaching Leah waterbending until the Mistress returned.

After nine weeks with no progress and much mistrust, Leah and Sierra were sent away from the colony by Bronson. The Mistress returned the same night and executed Bronson for treason. Following the 9/11 attacks, the Mistress led an attack on the Leader and Elite as they returned home, though it ended in failure.

A few weeks later, the Mistress led an attack on the White House Press Room, where the head of the CIA had just finished explaining the police purge on New York. Once the airwaves were secured, the Mistress gave a speech to the public about how the BDA were the real terrorists, and finished by declaring war on the United States.

They later managed to gain control of an aircraft carrier. Under the cover of a hurricane, they attacked New Orleans. The Leader and Elite arrived with two destroyers and a transport ship. After their arrival, the Rogues turned their attention to the BDA, taking out the destroyers and attacking the Leader's transport.


Bronson, as third in command, dressed in a yellow robe with a tall hat. Natalie, his successor, wears green robes with a brown hair ornament The Second in Command and the Silence wear black robes. The Mistress wears a red robe with gold trim at the sleeves.

Notable Members

Azula upset

The Mistress in her throne room

The Mistress

Katrina is the Mistress of the Rogues. She took command of the Rogues following the failed attack on Uluru in 1984. Under her rule, she has caused the Rogues to be branded as terrorists, launched multiple attacks against the BDA, and has declared open war against the United States.

Logo and Colors

The Rogues' colors are deep purple and blue. The Rogues' Logo consists of three wavy lines on top of one another. The top and bottom lines are purple while the middle is blue. The logo is prominent on the dais of the Mistress' throne and the Rogue's attack helicopters. Their colors are displayed on the sails of their cutter ships, their captured aircraft carrier, and their attack helicopters.

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