The Road to Nowhere Special
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14 February 2016

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Korra was tired and almost desperate for a break. She'd been riding for three hours straight, and night had nearly fallen. Luck wasn't on her side either, as her thermosflask of coffee had become empty at her last pitstop, and there wasn't a motel in sight.

Fall had come over the Montana Rockies quicker than Korra had expected, but it was nothing she couldn't deal with. After all, growing up in Alaska teaches one a thing or two about dealing with cold weather, but this wasn't exactly the Indian Summer she'd been expecting.

It still counted as one of her best vacations, though. The one thing she really needed was time off after what happened to her in the Army, so she rode all the way from Anchorage to wherever she was when she was tired of it, all by herself. Well, that's if she didn't count Raava, her bike. In truth, it was a customized Harley-Davidson, but she'd done the paintwork herself. The fenders, tank, radiator, and headlight cover were matte white, but Korra had studiously painted them with a light blue tribal pattern to make it absolutely unique.

"Fuckin' finally," she muttered when she spotted lights a little way up the road. Korra still didn't know if it was what she was looking for, but it sure as hell looked like a place to catch her breath and stretch her legs.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a roadside diner. Nothing too fancy, but it would do, and it would at least provide a place for her to catch a cup of coffee and ask for directions to the nearest motel.

As the V-twin ticked itself cool, Korra lovingly patted the handlebars, feeling a sense of pride that Raava had made it this far without breaking down. Outside of the usual pick and mix of pick-up trucks, there was one other bike in the parking lot, though this was more of a racer than a cruiser.

Inside, she plonked herself down at the bar in her typical undignified manner, but it did the trick. She was soon approached by a cheerful woman with a very friendly face. "Good evening, what can I get you?"

Her cheerful demeanor made Korra smile. "I'll settle for some coffee for now, and do you have something light to eat?"

-"How about a hotdog with everything?"

"Sounds great..." Korra leaned to, trying to make sense of the nearly illegible handwritten nametag on the woman's chest. "Kya?"

-"The one and only, honey." With that, she set to work making Korra's coffee, which gave the biker a chance to look around. There were the loggers, someone who looked like a hunter, some douchebag who felt the need to open carry one hell of a big revolver, and the guy she suspected the bike belonged to. At that moment, a girl came walking out of the little hallway that led to the bathrooms.

Wow. That was the only thought running through Korra's mind, because she was stunning. Long, raven hair, perfectly smooth and fair skin, slender build, long legs, the whole nine yards. Put a body like that in leather, and boom, results are nothing if not convincing.

Unfortunately, that leather outfit also lead Korra to believe, correctly as it turned out, that she was with the guy on the racing bike. So much for a chance at those legs. She was obviously with the guy on the bike, and this was proven when she sat down across from him. There was a little bit of a wince there, which the biker couldn't really place.

-"Checking out our resident bad boy?" Kya's voice suddenly drew Korra's attention again.

"Not really, I was checking out the girl he's with."

Kya got a slightly worried frown on her face. "He gets pretty jealous, I wouldn't recommend that. Here's your coffee and hotdog." She placed the order in front of the biker and was on her way again to help her other patrons.

Korra decided to follow her better judgment and dropped it, but couldn't help herself from stealing the occasional glance of the girl in leather. She quickly finished both her coffee and hotdog, and she had to hand it to the woman behind the register: that was one good hotdog. When Korra was paying her bill, she suddenly remembered the reason she stopped here. "Say Kya, do you happen to know any motels close by?"

She thought for a while. "Well, there's an old lodge about ten miles down the road. It's not exactly the Hilton, but it'll do the trick for one night. It has a large wooden Indian outside, you can't miss it."

"All right, thanks." She threw down a little bit more tip and, on her way out, tried to catch one last glimpse of the girl, but she was gone. Strange, I'd imagine I would have heard a bike like that leave.

Turns out she was correct once again, because the scene that greeted Korra pissed her off considerably.

-"Come on, just take the picture!" the 'resident bad boy' yelled at the girl in leather, while he was sitting on Raava. "What are you, stupid?"

"Hey!" Korra yelled. "That's a 30.000 dollar bike, why don't you get off before I rearrange your teeth?"

The girl cautiously stepped back. "I told him he shouldn't have done it..."

-"Shut up, you stupid bitch," the guy spat at his girlfriend and turned to the biker girl. "Big talk for a little girl. What are you gonna do, wash my socks too hot?"

Korra said nothing and instead held the left side of her leather jacket open, revealing the Glock 19 and an Army knife in her shoulder holster, clearly taking him by surprise. "Get lost," she calmly ordered him, and he stepped back.

-"Come on, Asami, we're leaving."

As she walked by Korra, the biker girl noticed something. "Hold on there, honey," she said, stopping the girl by her shoulder. "How'd you get that?"

She suddenly got nervous. "Get what?" she replied with a shaking voice.

"The bruise on your cheek, the one you tried to cover up with a little bit of powder."

-"Asami, get on the bike!" he yelled, and this was starting to piss Korra off.

"Shut it, Sharkbrows," she said and turned back to Asami. "Hearing him talk like that, I'd be willing to bet my bike he's the one who gave it to you." The girl in leather didn't say anything, but she looked down and nodded. "How many ribs did he break?"

The guy stepped forward again. "Don't you dare answer that..." he threatened.

"Or what? You're gonna put her in the ER again?" Korra stepped closer to him, protecting Asami. "Because I promise you this: you're going to be in the room next to her."

He swung, but the biker girl had seen it coming, so it was an easy punch to block. She put his arm in a lock, giving her all the room in the world to land one of her own, square in the middle of his face. This knocked him down on the ground, and it took Asami by surprise. "Damn..." she said, staring at the whole thing in surprise.

-"Can it, you fucking whore!" the guy yelled, and Korra kicked him in the stomach again - hard.

"It's about time someone taught you to have a little respect for women," Korra said, and then turned to Asami. "You heading somewhere?"

A slight smile appeared on her face. "Nowhere special."

"I could give you a ride there," Korra offered.

Her smile grew. "I'd like that," Asami said and took her helmet from the back of her boyfriend's bike.

Korra was about to climb onto Raava, when the guy managed to will himself to his feet again. "You won't get away with this," he threatened, but the biker girl knew it was hollow. Instead of sitting down, she walked around and drew her knife, planting it firmly in his front tire. "Consider that a light punishment for domestic violence," Korra snarkily replied. "Have a nice walk home, asshole."

She holstered the knife again when she was back on Raava, and Asami sat behind her, wrapping her slender arms around Korra's waist. "Wait... Asami..." he chortled out.

Korra could feel the tall girl turning around. "Fuck you, Mako."

With a loud roar, they took off, riding into the night.

I wanted to give you all a new chapter of The Callgirl for Valentine's, but that isn't finished, and then I remembered I had this in the wings. I wrote it in the wake of watching Sons of Anarchy, which I highly recommend you do if you haven't already.

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