By Krazykid51 Part of the The Road that Never Ends continuity.

The Road that Never Ends is a drama/action fanon series created by Krazykid51. The year is 0 AG, and the story tells of Lee, a seventeen-year-old boy from the Fire Nation mainland and his eleven-year-old brother, Mako, as they travel across the Earth Kingdom to find a land they can call home after they were "left behind" by their father's ship on a cargo trip to the Colonies. The truth, however, is that Lee kidnapped his brother to teach him of the Fire Nation's tyranny, destruction and, soon, war. The fanon is currently ongoing and twelve chapters have yet to be released.

Book One

# Chapter Title Summary Airdate
01 Tea on the Hillside In this pilot chapter that acts as a prelude, we learn that a boy named Mako and his brother, Lee, are "stranded" in the Earth Kingdom during the summer of 0 AG. August 29, 2011
02 Downhill Trudge to Pohan Village Lee has second thoughts about kidnapping Mako, who believes that the Fire Nation is doing good. September 3, 2011
03 A Day On the Town Mako and Lee finally arrive at Pohan Village, where they both meet strange, new people. September 8, 2011
04 Mako Meets Yin Lee is being chased by Fire Nation soldiers and Yin finds a pleasant surprise. September 14, 2011
05 Together in Death, Part 1 Lee gets an answer as to why Yin left the people of Pohan Village to die. September 24, 2011
06 Weapon Shopping We Go The group wanders into Saimyo Village in search of a weapon for Lee, but Yin finds that her plan isn't as foolproof as she thought. October 1, 2011
07 Shared Thoughts While Yin is out getting supplies, the two brothers think about their lost life. October 8, 2011
08 Yin's Homecoming Yin leaves Mako and Lee to have a lone visit at the Western Air Temple. October 15, 2011
09 The Night that Finally Ended This chapter focuses on Kato as he tries to survive the night with his tribal instincts. October 23, 2011
10 Nighttime Stay, Part 1 While Mako ventures into a surrounding forest to hone his Firebending skills, Yin delves into Lee's secret past. November 5, 2011
11 Nighttime Stay, Part 2 Lee and Yin make their way around a forest while searching for Mako. Mako learns certain things that he doesn't yet understand. November 26, 2011
12 Eavesdropping A little girl from the Fire Nation learns the true terrors of her country's secret plans. January 8, 2012

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