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The Rise of the Peacekeepers
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The Rise of the Peacekeepers is the tenth chapter of The Lost Scrolls. The chapter was released on December 27th, 2012. Team Avatar continue trying to recover their stolen scroll while a new team dedicated to restoring peace finally reveal themselves.

The Story so Far

Team Avatar, after barely stopping an attack on the South Pole, are ambushed and separated by a well-thought out plan by Azula. Aang, Katara, and Sokka followed Dai Nero and Mago deeper into Whaletail Island while Toph and Suki desperately try to reunite with their friends by following Arena and Shou. Meanwhile, the fate of Zuko is left alone after being crushed by a building.

The Rise of the Peacekeepers

~~Kyoshi Island: Bay~~

Under the cover of darkness itself, two figures moved silently in the night. They jumped over a small hill before sliding into the sand, carefully dodging the shells of hermit crabs and tangled seaweed. The two jumped into the air, flipping onto a small rowboat already docked by the bay.

"We should follow them." Toph whispered, hiding in the bushes ringing the sand.

"There's sand down there Toph. We'll be practically running into Arena's arms saying here we are." Suki noted.

"What are we supposed to do then?" Toph asked. "They'll be long gone even if Oyaji manages to come through and let us borrow a boat."

"The ship is too small to sneak aboard." Suki noted. Her eyes lit up. "Toph, cause a distraction, I'll be right back."

Toph grinned widely. "My pleasure." The earthbender slammed her foot on the ground levitating a small chunk of earth into the air. She thrust her fists outward and the earth obeyed, slamming into the rowboat. Crunch. Crack. "Did I hit it?" Suki slapped her forehead. "I said cause a distraction, not turn us into bait." She grabbed Toph's shirt and rolled out of the bushes, landing in the forest. An arrow whisked into the bushes and exploded.

"It is them Arena." Shou announced with disgust in her voice.

"Go, go, go!" Suki shouted as she scrambled up and ran toward the village.

"We can take them." Toph said, spreading her legs into a stance. She jumped and slammed her arms and legs onto the ground. The earth spread upward like a mole burrowing under it and slammed into the sand. The sand exploded, knocking Arena and Shou into the water. "See."

Toph turned and whistled as she followed Suki back to the village. Arena and Shou crawled out of the water, their hair stringy and splat onto their faces. They coughed sand out before standing up with murder in their eyes. "So far so good right Shou?' Arena asked.

"Azula told us to distract them. I'd say we're doing a pretty good job." Shou smirked. She started to twist her hair to try and get the water out. "Why does Azula need us to distract them again?"

"We're you not paying attention?!" Arena snapped.

"No, you just never told me remember!" Shou shouted.

Realization dawned on Arena but she refused to say she was wrong or sorry. "She just needed time."

~~Outskirts of Omashu: Soto Gawa Road~~

Azula, dressed in a blue cloak with a hood covering her face, walked alongside Camu down a rocky road in the middle of a forest. The cry of ostrich horses filled their ears. No sooner had the cry faded when the turning of wheels took its place. Camu whispered in Azula's ear. "What are we supposed to do m'lady?"

Azula smirked. "Leave that to me."

A carriage loomed into view. Two ostrich horses were pulling the vehicle with an Earth Kingdom soldier in the front. The carriage pulled to a stop right in front of the two, stopping them from walking. The soldier jumped from his spot and walked up to them.

"Hello, officer, is anything wrong?" Camu asked in his sincerest voice.

"Yes, we recently received news from Dragon Health in the Fire Nation. Apparently, one of their prisoners, I mean, patients escaped. King Bumi passed a law and I am required to check and see if you are her. So, ma'am, if you would so kindly remove your hood." The soldier explained.

"Officer, there is no need. I am a simple traveler from Whaletail Island." Azula said.

"Still, I am required to check." The soldier said.

Azula smirked. "Very well then."

Azula raised her arms but instead of removing her hood she touched her fingertips together and a spark exploded and struck the man in the chest, killing him instantly.

"Camu, dispose of him." The princess walked toward the carriage and opened the door. She smiled at the passengers inside. "Oh, Camu, there's a few more for you." Azula turned as Camu came and entered the carriage. The door slammed shut as shrieks and cries of horror filled the night sky.

~~Whaletail Island: Docks~~

Aang, Sokka, and Katara ran across the pier, chasing Mago and Dai Nero. Mago spun as he turned a corner while Dai Nero slid on the ground, dropping small black balls along the way. The two turned another corner as the balls exploded releasing a thick black fog, obscuring the trio's views.

"Ugh, what is this?" Sokka asked, clenching his nose and coughing.

"It smells like rotten fish." Aang noted.

Katara nodded. "That's because it is."

"Can't you bend some of this smog away Aang?" Sokka asked.

Aang nodded and sucked in his breath. He blew out and cleared the fog away, revealing an empty street and no tracks.

"Where did they go now?" Aang asked. Momo purred and sniffed the ear. His nose sniffed the air and the lemur took off.

"Momo must have caught onto his scent!" Katara shouted gleefully. "That means he can lead us to the Lost Scroll! Let's go!" The waterbender ran off, following the animal.

"I've never seen Momo do that before." Aang said, scratching his chin.

"Well, he does act like a cat," Sokka reminded his friend, throwing his arm around the Avatar's neck, and leading him after Katara. "Although never a dog."

"Hurry up slowpokes!" Katara demanded.

The boys instantly started running. "Coming Katara."

~~Outskirts of Omashu: Soto Gawa~~

The ostrich horses ran into a town, taking the carriage along. The town was a simple rectangle with the street as a cross. Each square had five rows of houses but at the end of the street was a giant building with a domed roof. The carriage parked in front of that building. Camu opened the door and Azula walked out, smiling as a plan formed in her brain. Azula walked up the cobblestone stairs and made her way to the entrance. She pressed a button, and jumped backwards. A battering ram swung in front of her. Azula smiled and walked inside the building. She kept on walking when a hole opened up in front of her. The princess stepped in and smirked as she fell through the hole and slid down the path until she reached an underground lair.

The lair was filled with machines and workers wearing a black cloak with a rope tied around their waist. On their arms was a p with bright light around it. Plastered on their chest was a bigger version of the symbol.

"What is this place princess?" Camu asked, appearing next to her.

"Just watch Camu." Azula smirked.

Azula walked forward. The workers cleared her way, sensing the power she held. The princess walked forward and smirked when she reached a metal door. She spun her two hands and placed her fingertips together. Lightening struck the hinges, blasting the door into pieces.

"Who there goes there?!" A woman with neck short red hair shouted. She was wearing a black trench coat with brown boots. Her amber eyes studied her opponent as her thin lashes furrowed.

"It's me Fu Ren, Azula."

The lady, Fu Ren, sighed in relief. Her thick heavy accent was her most distinguishing feature. "Azula, I'd never thought you escape from Dragon Health. You must tell me how my bounty hunters are serving you."

"They're a wondrous help Fu Ren." Azula said. "But, I'm here on important matters. You run the Black Market for the Earth Kingdom don't you? Spreading stolen items along the land. It'll be a shame if you were to say, be discovered."

"You wouldn't!" Fu Ren snapped.

"Oh, but I would." Azula smirked. "Unless you help me."

Fu Ren smiled as she sat back down. "This is unique, no? You usually play the card of surprise before threatening."

"That's because I know you and what you are capable of. But, I am sure you wouldn't know what I'm capable of." Azula said.

"Oh, but I do Azula." Fu Ren said, sighing. "You were capable of lying to your uncle and your brother. In fact, you almost killed him twice, once today."

"Your informers are doing a great job of keeping you informed Fu Ren. But so have I. You see, I know of your true intentions thanks to my loyal followers stationed in the colonies and of my Bounty Hunters." Azula smiled at seeing Fu Ren's shocked expression. "Yes, they switched allegiance but what are you going to do."

Fu Ren snarled but smiled. "Azula, you truly are a wonder."

"Now, Fu Ren, flattery is respected but won't get you anywhere." Azula smiled.

"What is that you want from me Azula?" Fu Ren asked.

"I want you and your workers." Azula smirked. "You see, I know of your true motive. You not only rule the largest black market but also an entire force. With the right training you will be able to create a massive team and help me conquer the world. You know it too. You thirst for power and hunger for death."

"How do you know?" Fu Ren asked.

Like before, Azula was ready for this question. Her lips formed a thin smile. "Because I'm a people person."

"My Peacekeepers have been waiting for a chance like this. I will gladly accept your offer Azula, but how do we rise up against the Avatar?" Fu Ren asked.

"They are searching for these ridiculous Lost Scrolls. If the story my uncle told me is correct, then we wouldn't need to worry about them. They're playing into their own destruction." Azula smiled.

"Besides the Bounty Hunters and I will take care of them soon." Camu smiled.

"Who are you?" Fu Ren asked.

Azula interrupted. "Don't worry about it Fu Ren. Now, for your first assignment, I need you to discover the whereabouts of an old group of mine."

"I'll need a description and a starting location." Fu Ren said, taking out a pad of paper and a pencil.

"They're an elite force dedicated to protecting their city's location. They use stealth and rock gloves to reach their ends. Their earthbending power rivals that of the Earth King's own personal soldiers themselves. They single-handedly took down the Council of Five and aided in the death of the Avatar. Their last location was in Ba Sing Se." Azula smiled reminiscing of the powerful group.

Fu Ren nodded. "Yes, thank you Azula."

Azula smirked. "Come Camu, it is time to go."

Camu smiled. "With pleasure."

"Oh, and Fu Ren, I'll need one last thing of you."

"Yes, what is it?" Fu Ren asked.

Azula smirked.

~~Kyoshi Island: Bay~~

The cool water drifted underneath the blinding sun. The sunlight barely touched the land as it was contained behind the fluffy white clouds. A rowboat containing Arena and Shou moved swiftly through the crystal clear water, smiling at their fortune.

"We lost them." Arena announced. "Now, they'll never find their friends."

"I still say they're following us." Shou said, staring at the water.

Behind them, Suki and Toph rode on the back of an eel hound. They smirked at each other before putting straws in their mouth and descending underwater. The two also smiled at their good fortune.

A very long silhouette swam behind the four.

~~Whaletail Island: Docks~~

Dai Nero and Mago walked on the sand before stopping to a stand. "Where are they? We are supposed to rendezvous here when the sun rises in the morning."

Mago clutched the Lost Scroll and turned, barely dodging a swipe from Momo. Aang, Katara, and Sokka readied a battle stance as they glared at the hunters.

"Looks like they caught up with us." Dai Nero glowed.

"Where is the Lost Scroll?!" Katara roared, bending the water into a humongous wave. "Tell me!"

"Um, Katara, remember what Grampakku said?" Sokka asked.

"One should always listen to the wise." A voice said.

Two women and a man wearing a p with light around it walked up behind them. The trio formed a circle, not taking their eyes from either side.

"Who are you?" Aang asked.

"We are the Peacekeepers." The first man said.

"Those out to keep the peace." The first woman said.

"And extinguish those who threaten it." The second woman said.

"Then you must be here to help us!" Aang shouted happily, relieved to hear some good news.

"Wrong, right Heping?" The first man said.

"Right Tiao." Heping said. "We received some information that you are looking for the Lost Scrolls, Avatar. Am I wrong Hexie?"

"Not at all." Hexie said smiling. "The Lost Scrolls threaten our way of harmony and peace. As for that, you must be destroyed."

"We are neither friends nor foes to the Avatar." Tiao said.

"We are here to keep the peace!" Heping shouted.

"And so, it shall be kept!" Hexie yelled.

Dai Nero and Mago smiled as they faded into the hidden comfort of the forest. Tiao, Heping, and Hexie stood together and ran toward Aang, Katara, and Sokka. Aang shot a blast of air, but the trio flipped into the sky and rolled on the ground until they ran again. Sokka threw his boomerang, but the trio slid on their knees and threw their heads back as the weapon barely touched the tip of their noses. Katara shot a wave of water at them, but the three flipped backwards and crashed through the water, coming face to face with the trio.

"Um, maybe we should run!" Sokka shouted.

"Not until we get that scroll!" Katara screamed.

Tiao launched his right foot into the air, but Sokka dodged and sliced at him with his space sword. The peacekeeper rolled on the ground and raised his right fist, slamming Sokka in the jaw and knocking him down.

Heping unsheathed a small dagger and sliced many times at Katara, but the waterbender defended with a block of ice. The peacekeeper struck her dagger against it, shattering the ice into shards. Katara turned the shards back into water and slammed it onto Heping, knocking her down. Heping sliced at Katara's foot. Trying to dodge, Katara slipped and fell, hitting her head on the sand and immediately passing out.

Hexie slammed her staff against Aang's but twirled his out of his hands. She sliced at his legs, but the Airbender jumped and spun, creating a small cyclone. The cyclone pushed outwards, forcing the trio back. The Avatar rolled toward his friends while picking up his staff. The trio ran toward Aang, but he stretched his hands and brought them closer to his chest while slamming his foot on the ground. Dust filled the air and when it cleared, the trio were gone.


  1. The Peacekeepers were never supposed to be introduced. They were intended to appear in another fanon but were replaced so they could appear in this one.
  2. This chapter heavily focused on Azula, Camu, and the Peacekeepers because it will be the last time they have a major role in this book except for Camu.
  3. This was, so far, the hardest chapter to find an image for.
  4. The Peacekeepers were originally supposed to appear in Book 2 but the author thought this was the perfect time to introduce them. If the original idea was kept, this chapter would have had Haru's village attacked by Hog Monkeys as the main plot to ease Katara's growing ambition for the Lost Scroll.
  5. The second time Zuko and Appa are absent.
  6. This chapter foreshadowed the Dai Li's return.

Series Continuity

  1. Piandao's Eel hound was once again used as a dues ex machina to get Suki and Toph from Kyoshi Island to the southern edge of the Earth Kingdom. The first time was in Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters.

Author's Note

This chapter is the catalyst for the next four chapters. Although this chapter was mainly focusing the villains, this was necessary as the remainder of this book will be about Team Avatar's and the Bounty Hunters character development. Enjoy and I hope you like it. RuleroftheBisons97(Fanon)RuleroftheBisons97

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