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It was a normal day in Hu Xin City. The streets were filled with carriages that transported all kinds of people, while the sidewalks were filled with people walking on their daily commutes. In the midst of this, Suki and her warriors were practically unseen. It helped that they had all removed their Kyoshi Warrior uniforms after their fight with Lin Hui. "So, where is the nearest manufacturing plant?" asked Ning.

"According to this map, it's on the other side of the city," Suki replied.

"In other words, we have to walk all the way across town," said Miki, half annoyed by this.

"Yep, now let's go," Suki said.

It was quiet in Qingdae Square, silent as anything most Team Avatar members had ever heard. Aang, of course, had known some silence during his days at the Southern Air Temple. As Team Avatar stood in the square, nothing moved. It was as if there was no sound. Newspapers blew in the wind and park benches were empty all around them.

"It looks like they're not coming," said Ai.

"We have to wait a little longer," said Katara. "We can't risk having them show up after we leave."

"Yeah, but-" Bo interjected.

"We will stay as long as we need," Aang interrupted.

Everyone waited for several minutes more, but still, nothing happened. Finally, Toph spoke up.

"Well, I'm out of here," she announced. "See you guys later." The blind Earthbender turned around to walk away and came face to face with a man with black hair, a beard, and goggles on his head. Startled, she swung her fist at the man who dodged her attack with stunning speed. "Who are you guys?!" she demanded.

"My name is Chong, my colleagues and I represent the Light Clan," the man replied, motioning to the three men and three women who were with him. "And I was under the assumption that you did not want to be violent, Avatar," he added, addressing Aang.

Aang stepped forward. "I'm sorry my friend got rough with you," he apologized.

"Well, if he hadn't snuck up on me-" Toph started. A glare from Katara and the shaking of her head told her to stop. Toph blew her hair out of her face in response.

"Chong, please hear me out," Aang requested. "Whatever problems you have with us, please talk them out with us now before resorting to violence."

There was a brief silence before anyone else spoke. Then, Chong broke the silence. "Our problems are not simply with you, Avatar. They are with the world. You and your friends are the greatest threat to our plans. Surely, you must realize that this is the only logical conclusion you can come to? I would have thought that you would be used to this by now."

"Surely we can sit down and talk about this?" Aang suggested.

"No, I'm afraid the time for talking is over, Avatar." The six other Lightbenders immediately took their attack stances. "Kill 'em."

The Lightbenders all simultaneously lashed out with blasts of light. Toph bent a slab of earth out of the ground to defend everyone, and then punched a hole in the middle of the slab, sending a boulder right at the Lightbenders. The Lightbenders all leapt out of the way, avoiding the blow.

Aang immediately located Chong. "Wait, so you agreed to meet us here just so you could ambush us?!"

"Honestly, Avatar, I always assumed you were smarter than that. It appears I have given you too much credit," Chong responded.

Katara sent a stream of water into Chong's face, knocking the man backwards. Meanwhile, Sokka had drawn his sword and swung it at one of the Lightbenders' heads. The latter ducked and fired another beam of light at the Water Tribe warrior. Sokka ducked and the two continued to grapple.

Bo got ahold of one of the Lightbenders with a water whip. He wrapped it around her leg and proceeded to do the same with another water whip. He yanked the woman off of the ground and moved in on her.

The quiet scene in Qingdae Square had transformed into a street brawl. The two teams continued fighting until Chong decided that he had had enough. "Lightbenders, it is time to make a tactical retreat!" he shouted. The Lightbenders all began to flee the scene, but Toph and Ai were not about to let that happen.

"Oh, no you don't!" Toph shouted. She raised a small stub of earth out of the ground to trip the man, while Ai waterbent her way over to him on a small wave. She grabbed him and brought him over to the Chief of Police. "Now, are we going to have to make you squeal the easy way or the hard way?" she asked him.

"Do what you want with me, but Bai Lung shall still reign supreme!" the man answered.

"Wow, this isn't going to be easy, is it?" asked Bo.

"Let's take him back to Police HQ," Toph suggested. "We'll make him spill the beans."

"That's a great idea," Katara agreed. "Let's go."

Zuko's airship had just landed. The Fire Lord and Jin exited the giant, flying mechanism and the two proceeded into the royal palace. Zuko went on, contemplating the event that had occurred just a little while ago between Suki and her warriors and that Waterbending girl. Zuko had never caught her name. The Fire Lord's thoughts were interrupted as he and Jin entered the throne room to find someone else in there as well. "Fire Lord Zuko, I am aware you know of the Lightbenders?" asked the man.

"Yes, General Mak. And I assure you that Avatar Aang and I have the situation under control," Zuko replied.

"Yes, sir, but I advise you to hold a war meeting this afternoon regarding the issue," said Mak.

"Your concern is appreciated, but I just want some time today to relax," Zuko replied. "A meeting will be held later this week."

"Sir, I insist that you-" Mak began to protest.

"Hey, back off!" Jin shouted, suddenly. Mak was taken aback by this outburst. "When exactly did you become his advisor? Last time I checked, that was his uncle's job! Now, why don't you just go take care of some other business?!"

Noticeably stunned, Mak bowed to Zuko and then Jin. "Yes, Ma'am," he responded. He then hastily made for the exit.

Zuko looked over at his friend. "Thank you," he said, putting his hand on her shoulder. Jin smiled as Zuko walked off to get some shuteye. Zuko walked down to his bedchamber, this time thinking about something else. He was happy to have the friends he had. He was so happy that Suki had agreed to talk to him, and even though he did not have Mai anymore, he still had his friends and a long time to find a wife. As he finally reached his bedchamber, Zuko opened the door, went inside, discarded all of his armor, and laid down on his bed.

It had taken them around four hours, but the Kyoshi Warriors had finally made it to the other side of Hu Xin City. Suki and her warriors spotted the manufacturing plant instantly. It was on the docks on the eastern side of the city. The water stretched out for miles beyond the plant. "This looks like the biggest manufacturing plant in the city. If anyone here is making anything for the Light Clan, they are doing it here," said Suki. "So, let's go in." The group moved in stealthily. They were sure to avoid all of the workers who were spread out all over the plant. The group hid behind a crate and waited. Suki poked her head out from behind one of them and waited to make a dash for another crate. She raised her hand and held up two fingers. Then, she signaled for everyone to move. The warriors moved as swiftly as they could, each of them slipping behind the next crate, undetected. They repeated this same process on several more crates, being sure not to get caught. At last, they spied the entrance. The warriors entered the building and hid behind a row of crates on the left side of the building. They saw people walking everywhere inside. There were two rows of crates, one on the right and one on the left where they were. There were also trucks that were loading up with crates. In the back of the building, there was a catwalk with a railing. Suki turned around to look at her warriors. "Alright, we don't know what or who is up there, but until I give the signal, we are not going to do anything, got it?" The other warriors nodded.

Suki slowly poked her head out from behind the crate she was hiding behind and looked up in awe at the two people she saw on the catwalk. One was a man with brown hair and a duster-type jacket. The other was a man Suki had not seen in nine years. Someone whom she knew she would meet again, but hoped she never would. Suki's eyes widened and her mouth dropped as she gazed upon the man she hated and despised more than anyone else: Hong Shu.

Author's Notes

  • This is Agent Slash's Christmas present to everyone! Merry Christmas! (Or whatever the heck you celebrate)

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