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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Rise of Lirin in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Rise of Lirin
The Rise of Lirin
Everything is Shattered
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Storms of the Future Cycle

The Rise of Lirin is an upcoming fanon. The adventure saga of the Avatar following Journey of Tala. Lirin will have to deal with tragic losses that break him and face an ancient force that has awakened for revenge. Rise of Lirin is the second part of the overall Storms of the Future Cycle.

Plot Edit

The world is at peace after the Fifth Nation War as Tala spent her life keeping the earth in balance. The Avatar has been reborn into the Fire Nation, with Prince Lirin of the Royal Family.

But things seem too good for those around the carefree Avatar who needs to only master earthbending before becoming a fully realized Avatar. Lirin will have to change his very character to become responsible when the world collapses into chaos.

Even while Lirin is facing a situation he is no way ready for, an old force comes to get its revenge on the Avatar. Can Lirin rise to the challenge?

The Rise of Lirin is set in a more modern era as technology has expanded greatly throughout the reaches of the world. Old power versus new power will clash here for what may be the last time. The timeline is at 398 AG at the start.

Characters Edit

  • Lirin: The Avatar born into the Fire Nation is a carefree, go-with-flow kind of man. Having finally mastered waterbending, he only has one element to learn before he is a fully realized Avatar. Lirin is easygoing and figures that the world is at peace and things are fine. Lirin is a ladies' man.
  • Zorin: Firelord Zorin is the serious and mindful father of Lirin. A determined and powerful man, Zorin will do anything to protect his homeland. Zorin has plans for his children.
  • Ursa:  The no-nonsense sister of Lirin and Crown-Princess of the Fire Nation. Lirin's older sister is Grand Marshal of the Army and a powerful woman, willing to sacrifice everything.
  • Luei: The Earth King has a very different view of what should have happened years ago under Avatar Tala's watch. He is determined to make things right.
  • Qon: Crown-Prince of the Earth Kingdom, a fierce and great man of his nation. He is the loyal lieutenant any father could ask for.
  • The Faceless: An ancient enemy that has been seeking a chance to kill the Avatars once and for all, he sees the status of Lirin as the right to justify his actions.
  • Koram: A dangerous enemy who has joined the Faceless in his quest for killing the Avatar.
  • Shi: A general and advisor to the Fire Lord. His title is the Dragon of Death. His less fabulous nickname is the "Pale Lord of Death" among the men.

Locations Edit

  • Dol Mordath: The ancient and haunted land of the north will be the battlefield of the Avatar and an ancient enemy.

Events Edit

Organizations Edit

  • The Faceless (organization): The followers of the Faceless. These fanatical people seek the overthrow of the Avatar and his position in the world. They are willing to use radical methods to reach their goal, including removing the current regimes and governments of the world to do it.

Chapters Edit

The Rise of Lirin will be one book of twenty one chapters, a prologue and an epilogue.

Here is a little music to kind of inspire the theme from Imagine Dragons, with Radioactive.

The Great Fall Edit

Prologue: A Special Day- Lirin celebrates his birthday.

1. In the Morrow- Lirin must flee back home. (In progress, about 80% complete)

2. The White Dragon- A tragic loss puts Lirin in a hard spot. (5%)

3. Faith in Blood- Lirin goes to family for help.

4. The Great Gates- A great battle makes the Avatar rethink necessity.

5. Lord Avatar- A new change upsets Lirin.

6. A Red Sun- Lirin holds the line, but loses his will.

7. Faceless- An ancient enemy comes for the Avatar.

8. Faction- The old enemy has new followers, but Lirin must find out where.

9. Tempest- Lirin seeks answers from an odd ally. A powerful lieutenant of the Faceless rises.

10. Rally of Crows- A bloody war within the streets of the capital is happening.

11. Rally of Eagles- Lirin successfully breaks the followers of the Faceless, but is horrified at how.

12. Dragons and Serpents- Lirin wants to find an ancient master tied to his family's legacy.

13. Kings and Men- Zorin leads his men into battle.

14. Storms of a Spirit- Enemies work together. With his followers diminished, the Faceless seeks aid in a parallel journey to that of Lirin.

15. Princes- Qon and Lirin discuss the nature of their hostilities.

16. A Battered Land- Lirin sees a shattered home left after months of war.

17. Seas of Ichor- The blockade has been broken.

18. Arbiter- Lirin takes the charge in the war.

19. Return to a Grave- Lirin must face the past to survive.

20. Declination- A grave choice must soon be made.

21. Disaffection- The boy Lirin is gone, left only is the Fire Lord.

Epilogue- Lirin chooses to do what no Avatar has ever done.

Subscribers Edit

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2. TechFilmer

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5. ByBray

6. CrimsonShogun

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Notes Edit

  • Lirin is a mix of Kuruk and Aang as he started in the first season; however, like those two, he will grow up when serious matters hit him flat in the face.
  • Lirin's womanizing will be prevalent in the beginning of the story but will decline as the war intensifies.
  • This story is a tragedy and will not have a happy ending. Lirin will change drastically from all Avatars in his decisions towards the end.
  • Lirin will have a similar situation to Avatar Korra in some respects.
  • Rise of Lirin will be followed by Myths of the Empire, a short series of one-shots, detailing the events before continuing to Reclamation of Arein.
  • Lirin's eyes will be used to much effect.
  • The author will be very sad when this story is finished.
  • Some of the events here largely mirror the Dune saga.

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