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The Rise of Avatar Singi
General information

Adventure, action, drama, romance






Three Books, 12-14 chapters each






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The Rise of Avatar Singi is a fanon trilogy set in the Avatar universe, spanning 13 to 25 years after the death of Avatar Wan.


Thirteen years after the death of Avatar Wan, in 9,750 BG, an innocent and quiet teenage Air Nomad named Singi, discovers that she is the next Avatar. Upon this revelation, she sets out on a journey to master the other elements, and along the way, prevent the annihilation of the spirit-friendly Air Nomads, proto-Water Tribe, and the spirit-lenient proto-Earth Kingdom, by two vicious, spirit-hating warlords of the Fire Islands. With the weight of both the physical world and Spirit World on her shoulders, and a legendary legacy left behind by her predecessor, can Singi perform her duty as the Avatar without buckling down under the pressure?


Protagonists (Team Avatar)

  • Avatar Singi: The titular and main protagonist of the trilogy, Singi is a female Air Nomad, and the Avatar immediately succeeding Wan. Her name is written 申志 in Chinese, and is pronounced "SIN-gee".
  • Monk Jamyang: Singi's mentor, airbending instructor, and close friend. One of the few to have forged a friendship with Singi's previous incarnation, he accompanies Singi on her journey. His name is written 嘉木样 in Chinese, meaning "gentle voice", and is pronounced "Jom-YAN".
  • Jiefeng: A female cranefish and Singi's animal companion. Hand-raised by Singi as a chick after being found abandoned by the Avatar while waterbending training along what will be known as the Mo Ce Sea, the two forge a close bond. Her name is written 婕风 in Chinese, meaning "graceful wind" or "beautiful wind", and is pronounced "Zhee-eh-FAWN".
  • Guilin: An earthbender and the son of General Dao, Guilin aids Singi in her earthbending training alongside his father in Book 2 as a secondary character. In Book 3, he returns as a main character, and is one of the earthbenders to be seen retaliating against the Fire Islands warlords. His tactic however, is espionage, resulting in his capture before being freed by Singi and accompanying her on the rest of her journey. He also establishes a romantic relationship with Singi, resulting in one of, if not the first inter-cultural relationship in the Avatar world. His name is written 桂林 in Chinese, and is also the name of a prefecture-level city in the northeast Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, which translates to "Forest of Sweet Osmanthus", and is pronounced "Gway-lin".
  • Qiú: A male armadillo hare and Guilin's childhood pet. His name is written 球 in Chinese, is the Chinese word for "ball", and is pronounced "Chee-OH".


  • Maku: A Fire Islands warlord who forges an unlikely partnership with fellow warlord Gaza. Believing the Avatar has failed humanity as a result of the spirits' ability to transcend to the physical world during and the days prior to the solstices, even after Wan ordered the spirits back to the Spirit World and subsequently closed the spirit portals, he and Gaza set out on the warpath to enslave or kill those of the other nations, who are more accepting of the spirits. He is considered the "brawn" to Gaza's "brains". His name is written 马库 in Chinese, and is pronounced "Muh-KU".
  • Gaza: A Fire Islands warlord who sets aside his typical hostility towards fellow warlord Maku, and partners with him to wreak havoc upon the other nations as per their shared disdain of the spirits, hostility towards the other nations for their leniency towards the spirits, and belief that the Avatar is a failure to human-kind. He is considered the "brains" to Maku's "brawn", and harbors a particular hatred towards Guilin after the latter's failed espionage and subsequent escape from his encampment's prison in the southeastern Fire Islands, which resulted in Gaza being incapacitated for several months.

Secondary Characters

  • Gekkō: A waterbending master and Singi's waterbending instructor. His name is written 月光 in Chinese, and is the Japanese word for "moonlight".
  • Dao: A proto-Earth Kingdom general and Singi's earthbending instructor. He has one child, a son named Guilin. His name is written 道 in Chinese.
  • Ra Sho: A young adult Sun Warrior and Singi's firebending instructor. Unlike his student, Ra Sho understands the concept of fire being a source of life and not just an element of destructive power, and fervently conditions Singi on this philosophy so that she can learn to accept the art of firebending, and ultimately, master it.
  • Wan: The first Avatar, and the Avatar immediately preceding Singi. A good friend of Jamyang, Singi often consults with Wan when faced with difficult decisions or questions while on her journey.
  • Raava: The spirit of peace and light, and, after fusing with Wan, the Avatar Spirit. She consults with Singi on occasion with regard to the latter's primary conflict.

Minor Characters

  • Dema: Singi's mother and an airbender. Her name is an Arabic name meaning "the cloud that brings rain to the crops after a drought",[1] and is pronounced "DEE-ma".
  • Rabten: Singi's father and an airbender. His name is Tibetan for "steadfast" or "faithful"[2], and is pronounced "ROB-ten".
  • The Pirates: A band of six pirates from the Fire Islands who serve one or more warlords in their home village by pillaging from other communities. On one occasion, they steal multiple items from Gekkō's settlement, including Jiefeng, only to be found by Singi on an island south of the settlement, defeated, and the stolen goods returned. The only named members of the group are Haja, the de facto leader, and Kaji, one of his subordinates. Despite their occupation, they are not necessarily evil--they simply serve the warlords who took over their village in order to protect their lives and those of the others back home.
  • Nenana: The warm, wise, and sometimes sassy elderly shaman-woman of one of many independent tribes in the North Pole, who specializes in the waterbending sub-skill of healing. She teaches Singi the female-exclusive sub-skill, much to Gekkō's jealousy. Her name is also the name of a river and a nearby city in Alaska, the latter of the two best known for being the starting point for the 1925 serum run to Nome to combat an incipient diphtheria epidemic.
  • Aye-aye spirit: One of many spirits Singi encounters and befriends in the trilogy and a good friend of Avatar Wan. The aye-aye spirit continues to care for the now-relocated spirit oasis within the Spirit World, and upon first meeting Singi, is hostile, not immediately knowing Singi is the Avatar until Wan calms him down and he is able to sense Raava from within her.
  • Gaogui: The well-revered leader of Gai Chan City and a non-bender. His name is written 高贵 in Chinese, is the Chinese word for "noble", and is pronounced "GOW-gway".
  • Sun Warrior chief: The head of the Sun Warrior tribe. Wanting to protect his tribe and Ran and Shaw from the Fire Islands warlords, he instructs Singi, Jamyang, and Guilin to maintain the secrecy of the tribe and not speak of them outside the ancient city. Wanting to boost Ra Sho's confidence as a Sun Warrior to the point of firebending mastery, and to teach Singi their philosophy of fire being a pure and uncorrupted element, he instructs the young adult to train Singi in their philosophy and the art of firebending so that in due time, they may confront Ran and Shaw to prove their worth.
  • Ran and Shaw: Two dragons revered by the Sun Warriors as the original masters of firebending. Originally teaching the Sun Warriors firebending within the Spirit Wilds during the era of Raava, upon the onset of the era of the Avatar, the Sun Warriors found themselves caught in the middle of conflicts between rivaling Fire Islands warlords. Wanting to seek refuge from the constant battles, the Sun Warriors established a settlement of their own in the northern Fire Islands, where they would protect Ran and Shaw from harm. In 9,738 BG, Ra Sho and Singi confront the two dragons to prove their worth as firebending masters, similar to Avatar Aang and Zuko's encounter with the duo millennia later.


Book 1: Tension (应力)

# Chapter Title Summary Publication Date
101 Dreams On an otherwise normal day, Singi experiences a few dreams involving a mysterious figure riding an unknown creature. Singi and her parents also touch upon the legend of Avatar Wan (without mention of his name).     September 16, 2016
102 Revelation After a bewildering experience at the communal water well, Singi visits Monk Jamyang, where she learns of the person in her dreams, and a discovery is made that will change her life as she knows it. September 23, 2016
103 New Additions Traveling west, Singi and Jamyang find a waterbender settlement home to Gekkō, a gruff yet skilled waterbender, who agrees to train Singi in mastering the element. While training, Singi finds an abandoned and injured cranefish chick and vehemently nurses it back to health before adopting it as her animal companion. September 30, 2016
104 The Night Session After a couple of weeks of training, Gekkō instructs Singi to train with him at night. During their first session, Gekkō opens up about his personality, and the two bond. October 21, 2016
105 Piracy Late one evening, Jiefeng is stolen by a band of pirates, leading to a search-and-rescue mission by Singi, Jamyang, and Gekkō. October 28, 2016
106 Typhoon One week after rescuing Jiefeng from the pirates, a powerful storm strikes the bay. Wanting to prove herself as a skilled waterbender, Singi is determined to continue training in the midst of the typhoon, with dire consequences. November 4, 2016
107 Spiritual Workings Despite her intense spiritual training prior to becoming the Avatar, Singi encounters difficulty connecting with Avatar Wan's spirit. Jamyang teaches Singi what he knows about the deeper spiritual connections relating to the Avatar, as well as the Avatar State. After integrating Jamyang's knowledge into deep meditation, Singi finally manages to connect with Wan. November 11, 2016
108 The Full Moon Festival With the arrival of the full moon, the residents of Gekkō's settlement celebrate the Ocean and Moon Spirits with a lavish festival, where Singi and Jamyang witness first-hand the waterbenders' admiration of the spirits. November 18, 2016
109 The Northern Fringes Wanting to teach her how to bend and manipulate ice, Gekkō takes Singi to the North Pole for a few days. There, they train, witness the northern lights, and visit the now closed northern spirit portal. December 9, 2016
110 The Art of Mending On the morning of their scheduled departure from the North Pole, a sudden and powerful blizzard overwhelms Singi and Gekkō. After being rescued by the hunting party of a local tribe, the duo meet Nenana, the tribe's elderly shaman-woman, and a specialist in the waterbending sub-skill of healing. Much to the envy of Gekkō, Nenana teaches Singi the sub-skill, which can only be taught to females, before the storm calms and the visitors can return south. December 16, 2016
111 Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirits Arrive With the winter solstice approaching, the spirits are able to transcend into the physical world, much to the delight of Singi, Jamyang, and the other waterbenders, but to the discontent of one proto-Earth Kingdom settlement. The question is: how can the spirits transcend between worlds with the spirit portals closed? December 2016
112 Winter Solstice, Part 2: Taming the Skirmish Tensions reach a boiling point between the spirits and one earthbender settlement on the day of the winter solstice, and it's up to Singi to resolve the issue. As a master airbender and only proficient in waterbending, however, will she be able to remedy her first skirmish as the Avatar? December 2016

Book 2: Conflict (冲突)

# Chapter Title Summary Publication Date
201 Introduction Three years after the events of Book 1, Singi passes her waterbending mastery exam, after which she meets an intimidating person. Traveling southeast to find an earthbending instructor, the trio come upon a battlefield where Singi confronts a grim chapter of her past.    January 2017
202 Title Summary January 2017
203 The Declaration On a day off from training, the trio and Guilin visit Gekkō's settlement, only to have Maku, a fellow warlord named Gaza, and a faction of their troops also drop by. Ranting on about the spirits ability to cross into the physical world around the time of the solstices, their admiration by the Air Nomads and proto-Water Tribe as "pointless", and the Avatar being a "failure" for not keeping them in the Spirit World despite the spirit portals being closed, Maku and Gaza declare war on the spirit-friendly cultures. January 2017
204 Title Summary Date
205 Title Summary Date
206 Title Summary Date
207 Title Summary Date
208 Title Summary Date
209 Title Summary Date
210 Title Summary Date
211 Title Summary Date
212 The Catalyst After years of rigorous training, Singi masters earthbending. Meanwhile, Maku, Gaza, and their troops storm the City of Gai Chan and set off a horrific spark that provokes the proto-Earth Kingdom to declare war on the warlords. Date

Book 3: Resolution (决议)

# Chapter Title Summary Publication Date
301 The Lore and the Quest With the Siege of Gai Chan underway, Dao urges Singi to escape the carnage and master firebending so that she can bring the now global war to an end. Singi learns of the lore of the dragons and their worshippers, the Sun Warriors, and sets off to find them.    Date
302 The Sun Warriors After stumbling upon the Sun Warriors' city, Singi is assigned a firebending instructor in a young adult named Ra Sho, a Warrior in-training, but enlightened in his peoples' philosophy of fire. Singi grows more reluctant at having to learn the element of those against her and the rest of the world, seeing it only as an element of rage and destruction, but nonetheless, begins training. Date
303 The Recruitment Effort After receiving permission to take a day off from training, Singi visits multiple commoner settlements in the Fire Islands, urging them to join in the war effort, but with little success. Despite this, Singi learns that not everyone from the Fire Islands is as uncaring towards the spirits, nor as cold-hearted as the warlords. Date
304 The Warlords One night in the wilderness of the proto-Earth Kingdom, Maku and Gaza open up and share their respective pasts and what led them to becoming warlords. Date
305 Pressure and Obligation While continuing her firebending training, Singi still grapples with the difficulty and strain of having to master the element used by those against her and the other cultures, as well as of the War of Spirituality as a whole. Stressed and doubtful, she consults with not only Wan, but Raava on her mounting concerns with her duty as the Avatar. Date
306 Liberation Two years have passed, and while camping out one night on the Islands, Singi, Jamyang, and Jiefeng recognize a figure who leads them to a warlord encampment. There, they find a familiar friend being held prisoner by an even more familiar, and dangerous enemy, and Singi conducts a prison break. Date
307 Title Summary Date
308 Title Summary Date
309 The Summary Date
310 Title Summary Date
311 Title Summary Date
312 Title Summary Date
313 Title Summary Date
314 Title Summary Date



Being an imaginative person, many of the scenes and/or dialogue I come up with are based not only on the storyline, but also any music I listen to that simply seems to "enhance" the experience. Below is a tracklist containing not only certain pieces of music that helped me shape a particular moment, but also the corresponding scene to which each track was used to create. I own NONE of the tracks used, and all rights go to their respected owners.

Book 1: Tension (应力)

  • Chapter 1 - The Girl in the Trees / The West Lake (Track: "Main Titles" from Warner Bros. Pictures Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, composed by James Newton Howard; 1:42 - 2:50)
  • Chapter 1 - The Plains Crossing / The Figures (Track: "Longing For You" from Jeffery Lau's A Chinese Tall Story, composed by Joe Hisaishi)
  • Chapter 1 - The Blizzard / The Figures Return (Track: "Farewell..." from Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands, composed by Danny Elfman; 35:41 - 37:14)
  • Chapter 2 - Wan and Jamyang (Track: "Trail of the Angels", performed by Chen Yue; evening segment: 0:00 - 1:51, morning segment: 2:43 - 4:42)
  • Chapter 3 - Tending to Jiefeng (Track: "First Love", composed by Joe Hisaishi)
  • Chapter 4 - The Night Session (Track: "Inside the Case" from Warner Bros. Pictures Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, composed by James Newton Howard; 1:42 - 4:21)
  • Chapter 6 - Breaking the Tidal Wave (Track: "Aang and Korra - The Avatar State State Themes (Remixed Together)", remix by YouTube user "aviation142", both tracks originally composed by Jeremy Zuckerman; 0:11 - 0:56)
  • Chapter 7 - Connecting with Wan (Track: "The Burning Bush" from DreamWorks' The Prince of Egypt, composed by Hans Zimmer; 0:00 - 4:32 or 6:03; pause at 3:16 for Singi's excited tangent before starting at 3:17 once her composure is maintained)
  • Chapter 9 - The Northern Lights (Track: "Solitude", composed by Thomas Bergersen; 0:35 - 1:20)

Book 2: Conflict (冲突)

  • Chapter 1 - Enter Maku (Track: "Dark Ages", composed by Thomas Bergersen; 0:17 - 1:17)
  • Chapter 1 - The Battlefield and the Skeleton (Track: "The Tiger" from Porchlight Films' The Hunter, composed by Matteo Zingales, Michael Lira, and Andrew Lancaster)
  • Chapter 1 - Paying Respects / Identity Revealed (Track: "The Way" (instrumental), composed by Zack Hemsey; walking around the battlefield: 0:00 - 2:23 and 3:11 - 3:22; encountering the skeleton: 3:23 - 3:28 and 4:52 - 5:01; the vision: 5:49 - 6:04; Singi composing herself/everyone leaving: 6:05 - 7:04)
  • Chapter 12 - Gaogui's Execution (Track: "The End of Our Island" from Disney's Dinosaur, composed by James Newton Howard; 0:28 - 1:31)

Book 3: Resolution (决议)

  • Chapter 1 - The Siege of Gai Chan (Track: continuation of "The End of Our Island" from Disney's Dinosaur, composed by James Newton Howard; 1:32 - 3:59)
  • Chapter 6 - Unmasked / Capturing Guilin (Track: "Three Brothers" from Disney's Brother Bear, composed by Mark Mancina and Phil Collins; 4:16 - 5:25)
  • Chapter 6 - Freeing Guilin / Escape! (Track: "Clash of Empires", composed by Thomas Bergersen)
  • Chapter 14 - The Death of Jamyang (Track: "Frozen Clearing", composed by Jeremiah Pena)
  • Chapter 14 - The End (Track: "Homecoming", composed by Thomas Bergersen)

Other Tracks:

  • Singi's Theme (Track: "Oogway Ascends" from DreamWorks' Kung Fu Panda, composed by Hans Zimmer; 1:58 - 3:57)

Opening Sequence

Were this trilogy to be made into an animated series, this sequence, narrated by Jamyang, would be shown:


The trilogy opens at sunset to a view of a forest canopy, rushing forward to reveal an 18-year-old Wan leaving a fire lion turtle city, a flame dancing in his left hand. The scene shifts to a 20-year-old Wan separating Raava and Vaatu, followed by Vaatu rising into the air, laughing as he does an aerial backflip towards the ground and rushes towards the camera, joined by various dark spirits, before Vaatu obscures the camera into black. The next scene shows Wan, Mula, and Raava traversing the world in the background, while still images of Wan bending each element individually (in the order of the Avatar Cycle) are revealed in the foreground. The camera quickly pans up to the sky and descends down to the Spirit World, with a frontal shot of Wan in the Avatar State, as he traps Vaatu in an elemental sphere and seals him in the Tree of Time. The scene then shifts to stills of Wan at multiple ages (20, 39, and 87, respectively) intervening in conflicts between rivaling armies before going black. The scene then changes to a daytime view of the mountain range leading to the Northern Air Temple, as the camera once again races towards the temple in construction, maneuvering down and into the small building where the wooden statue of Wan and Raava stands, 13-year-old Singi's back to the camera, sitting in front of the statue in meditation. A frontal shot of Singi pans upward, stopping when a small gust of wind blows from within the building and out the entrance, upon which Singi opens her eyes. She steps out as the camera pans outward slightly, Jiefeng standing beside the entrance, before she turns her head towards Singi and as the wind continues to blow, takes flight as the camera continues to pan out. Singi enters the Avatar State and ascends on a column of air, before the camera suddenly zooms in to Singi's face before panning up to the sky to reveal the title card.


"Long ago in the era of Raava, when spirits roamed the wilderness and humans first appeared, there was a young man named Wan, who was banished from his lion turtle city and ended up defying the odds. Living in the Spirit Wilds alongside the spirits, wielding the element of fire, he eventually made the grave error of separating Raava, the spirit of peace and light, from her counterpart, Vaatu, the spirit of chaos and darkness, unleashing chaos upon the world. With aid from Raava, Wan gained the once unthinkable ability to bend the additional elements of air, water, and earth, and on the onset of Harmonic Convergence, defeated Vaatu for the fate of the world, ushering in a new era—the era of the Avatar. With Vaatu and the spirits locked away in the Spirit World, and the lion turtles relinquishing their roles as protectors and element-granters of mankind, Avatar Wan spent the remainder of his life trying to maintain peace and balance between the many human cultures of our world, but eventually his time came to an end. Upon his demise, Raava sought out a successor to the one who would guide the world toward peace, and found one in an airbender named, Singi. With a legendary legacy left behind by Avatar Wan, Singi has much ahead of her, but like the currents of the air, I know Singi will rise to the occasion and be a worthy Avatar."

Theatrical Trailer

Were this trilogy to be made into a feature film, this would be the following sequence for the first trailer (music used: "Reborn", composed by James Minas and Lydia Davies):

0:00 - 0:06: Reveal of the Nickelodeon Movies logo, followed by any supporting companies (e.g. Paramount Pictures)

0:07 - 0:16: Singi emerges from the forest by the West Lake and contented, lies down and drifts to sleep; cut to black

0:17 - 0:24: Cut to reveal Singi's first dream with Avatar Wan, as Wan, riding Mula and his head cloaked underneath his scarf, moves off, with Singi reaching a hand out and exclaiming “W-Wait! Come back! Who are you!?"

0:25 - 0:36: Cut to black before transitioning to Singi entering Jamyang's enclave within the Northern Air Temple, stating “I’m sorry for visiting you so early, Monk Jamyang. I came to you this morning because—” before cutting herself off upon seeing the wooden statue of Wan and Raava (0:30). Singi exclaims, nervous and shocked "Th—that person! He’s been appearing in my dreams recently!" as the scene momentarily transitions to Singi seeing Wan and Mula in the distance before her in the first dream, as well as Wan entering the Avatar State in the second dream, the quote becoming a voiceover.

0:37: Fade back to present day, where Jamyang asks "You've been having dreams about Avatar Wan?", to which Singi responds, dazed, "Who?" Jamyang states (using various cut-and-meshed lines of dialogue from Book 1 Chapter 1): "Wan, the first Avatar. He was a young man who hailed from a lion turtle city that granted the element of fire, and was banished to live in the Spirit Wilds. The Wilds were dangerous during his time, as the spirits inhabited them. Luckily, Wan managed to befriend and live with the spirits for two years. Eventually, he was deceived into freeing Vaatu—the spirit of chaos and darkness—from his counterpart, Raava—the spirit of peace and light—and spent the next year learning the elements of air, water, and earth, with aid from Raava. Together, Wan and Raava defeated Vaatu.... and while Wan has passed on, Raava lives on, I’m sure in another person… Wan’s successor to maintain peace between the people of this world by yielding the ability to manipulate the other elements."

0:50 - 1:06: Show Singi with a nervous expression, quietly exclaiming "Monk Jamyang...?" before fading to black to then reveal the fountain at the Northern Air Temple, where Singi demonstrates her waterbending to Jamyang's amazement. Jamyang briefly lowers his head, processing what happened, before turning his head to Singi and exclaiming "My pupil... I believe Raava has chosen you as Wan's successor." The camera focuses on Singi's face, her eyes widening and the camera ever-so-slowly zooms in to her shocked face as Jamyang states the final sentences of Book 1 Chapter 1: "We must inform your parents immediately. You have an incredible journey ahead of you, as you, are the new Avatar.”

1:07 (beat #1): Cut to text reading "From an adaptation of Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino's Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra..."

1:09: Cut to Singi using her enhanced agility to dodge multiple attacking spirits (Book 1 Chapter 11), followed by scenes including:

  • Singi rocketing into the air before using two water whips to knock three pirates off their feet (the whips hitting at beat #2 at 1:11; Book 1 Chapter 5)
  • Posterior shot of Singi, Jamyang, Guilin, Dao, and some of the latter's men standing before some of the large earth coins in the battlefield where Wan passed away (Book 2 Chapter 1)

1:15 (beat #3): Cut to text reading "Witness the journey of the second Avatar...", followed by scenes including:

  • Side view wide-shot of the mass prayer during the Full Moon Festival, the full moon in view (Book 1 Chapter 8)
  • Faraway shot of Dao and Guilin's village as Jiefengcarrying a note addressed to Gekkōquickly flies into the camera's view, the camera swerving to show her flying off into the horizon (Book 2 Chapter 3)
  • Wide shot of Singi and Ra Sho ascending the stairs towards Ran and Shaw's caves on each side of the bridge (Book 3 Chapter 8 or 9)

1:23 (beat #4): Cut to text reading "And her quest to bring peace between two worlds...", followed by scenes including:

  • Singi and Gekkō witnessing the northern lights (Book 1 Chapter 9)
  • Singi and Wan standing atop a hill overlooking a vast meadow and forested area teaming with spirits in the Spirit World, the camera behind the duo zooming out and above them at a leisurely pace to reveal the landscape (Book 1 Chapter 11)

1:28 (beat #5): Cut to Singi in the Avatar State using firebending to break down a tidal wave (Book 1 Chapter 6), followed by other scenes, including:



  • People refer to one another as "benders" in the trilogy, as upon Wan's establishment as the Avatar, there have been interactions between different tribes of people.[3]
  • "Book 1: Tension" spans four months, "Book 2: Conflict" spans five years (picking up three years after the events of Book 1), and "Book 3: Resolution" spans four years (picking up immediately after the last chapter of Book 2).



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