The Rise of Avatar Kioku
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Rise of Avatar Kioku is a story about Avatar Kioku, who was born 3,670 BG. He was preceded by fire Avatar Sankasuru, who built a town where people of the Fire Nation and Water Tribes could live together. Kioku was stolen from his home, days after it was discovered it was the Avatar. He was taken care of by the crime boss Chu, who knew but never told him he was the Avatar. Therefore, Kioku grew up and mastered air and waterbending. Around 3658 BG, Chu's gang came to the town of Sankasuru. When earthbenders came and threatened to collapse the town, Kioku went into the Avatar State and saved the town. When he did so, he discovered that Chu had brainwashed him. He knew that he had a home, a family. Kioku knew he was the Avatar

Team Avatar

  • Kioku – The Avatar
  • Keya – The Waterbender
  • Sao – The Eathbender
  • Zhane – The Firebender
  • Rhi Li – The Chi-blocker
  • Nimmi – Ronan's Sky Bison
  • Kue – Sao's Turtle Duck

Book One: Earth

After coming to a small town on a plateau, the peace there is threatened by vengeful earthbenders. When Kioku's new friends lives are in danger, he goes into the Avatar State for the first time. This causes him to regain all the memories his guardian Chu has stolen from him. Becoming serious about his duties as the Avatar, Kioku sets of with Sao, Keya, and Zhane. Already having mastered air and water, Sao must teach him earthbending... one way or another. But, the more they travel the world... the more enemies come out of the shadows.


101. The Trembling-Sao has had to keep his earthbending a secret his entire life, from his firebending mother and waterbending aunt. His waterbending twin sister and firebending cousin are privileged, and spend almost all day training. Sao secretly trains with an earthbending master. On the day he becomes a master, a mysterious boy nearly blows his cover.

102. The Return- Kioku was lived his whole life with a band of thieves and pickpockets, led by Chu. He can airbend and waterbend, and has always been told that this is normal. One fateful day, when their hiding place in Yunait is attacked, he tries to help fight back... and discovers the shocking truth of his identity.

103. Avatar Sankasuru- Kioku meets the Avatar before him, Sankasuru. Sankasuru tells Kioku the truth about his life- he was born an airbender, and was stolen from his home by Chu days after it was discovered he was the Avatar. Kioku goes on a rampage to kill Chu. Keya tried to stop him, while her brother Sao and cousin Zhane try to stop her.

104. The Chi Blockers- Kioku and his newfound friends find a lush valley north of Yunait, where Sao begins training with Kioku. For some reason, Kioku can't seem to earthbend. While they practice Keya and Zhane go into town... not realizing that bending is forbidden.


  • Kioku means "memory" in Japanese.

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