Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Rise and Fall of Republic City in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Republic City
The Rise and Fall of Republic City
Takes place 5 years after the hundred years war, with a new evil Anti-Avatar threatening the peace of the world
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18 in Book 1 (Without filler chapters), 2 Released

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April 12, 2012








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A Spiritual Beginning


It is has been five years since the end of the Hundred Year War, the Fire Nation colonies have become the United Republic of Nations. The world is in a period of peace, but to some with connections to the Spirit World, they know a new power is brewing, one more powerful than the Fire Nation. It will take Avatar Aang and all of his friends to take on their greatest challenge yet. Great cities will fall but can Aang protect Republic City from this new evil. Enjoy the new fanon by youngster9, The Rise and Fall of Republic City.


Team Avatar

  • Aang: The Avatar and the last Airbender. He now is dating Katara. He has proven himself a peacemaker by solving the issue of the Fire Nation colonies. Many people see him as the greatest Avatar ever.
  • Katara: A ver powerful waterbender. She is very happy as Aang's girlfriend. She has been living peacefully ever since the War ended.
  • Sokka: The all-rounded warrior. Sokka has improved his warrior skills and, thanks to Master Piandao, built a new sword with some new space rock. He and Suki are still in love.
  • Toph: The greatest Earthbender ever, unless Bumi has anything to say about it. When the War ended, she created a school to teach Metalbending to young Earthbenders.
  • Zuko: The new Fire Lord and one of the most powerful firebenders. He has been living a peaceful life with his friends since he became Fire Lord and the United Republic of Nations were formed. He still has a strong relationship with Mai.
  • Appa: Aang's intelligent sky bison. He is living with the rest of Team Avatar and is still used as their means of transportation.
  • Momo: Aang's pet winged-lemur. He has been living with Team Avatar peacefully as well since the War ended and has always annoyed Sokka.
  • Mai: The deadly knife-throwing expert. She is the newest member of Team Avatar. She and Zuko still have a very close relationship. She has become less gloomy now that she isn't abused by Azula and has friends that truly care about her.


  • Aku (The Cloaked Man): An extremely powerful firebender that wants to take over the world. He has an unusually strong hatred for the Avatar and the cyle of Avatars. He hopes to end the Avatar for good.
  • Amon: The leader to Aku's army. He is a very powerful earthbender but according to Aku, something in his future will cause him to become very weak and make him wear a "mask" of shame. :)


  • Avatar Yoseng: The last Avatar that faced an Anti-Avatar, he was an airbender. More information on his battles with the Anti-Avatar coming in Chapter 2
  • Boflin the Terror: He was the last Anti-Avatar from a mellenium ago. Died from a poisonous berry.


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A Spiritual Beginning - Boflin the Terror - Energybending - More Coming Soon

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