By Jacob13Kyle Part of the The Gunfighter continuity.
"You are the descended from some of the greatest warriors of all time."
— John Rider to his son Jack.
The Rider Family
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Notable members

Liam Rider, John Rider






Promote peace

The Rider Family was a long and unique family line that dedicated itself to the issues of bending. It is one of, if not the only family lines to have all members be benders.


Yuyan Archers in the trees

Two brothers of the renowned family.

The origins of the Rider line can be traced back to ancient Ireland, Japan, and Greece. Serving as the finest archers, swordsman, and scholars, the forefathers of the modern day Riders were some of the most renowned warriors in the ancient world.

A notable forefather of the family was Hector, Prince of Troy. After his death in the Trojan War, Hector's sword would be passed down from generation to generation. Eventually, the weapon would be melted down and turned into a revolver.

At some point around the year 33 B.C., a Rider family member stumbled across an artifact left behind by an unknown race. Contact with this artifact would cement the family's place in history as having every member be a bender. Because of this, the family came to be at the forefront of some of the most gruesome sights in history.

By the time of The Great War in the mid 21st century, much of the Rider Family had been diminished, having only one child per generation. This put the family in great danger of being wiped out. By the time of the events of The Gunfighter, only one sole family member remained alive. The family was completely relocated to the Sixth Universe during this time. It was here that its genetic bottleneck ended with John Rider and Avatar Korra having five children.

For a short time, the family retreated from the eyes of the population. Occupations included smuggling, sand shark hunting, and soldiers in the United Forces. A name for themselves was made during the South Sea War in which several family members were considered heroes.

Notable members

  • Liam Rider
  • Isabella Rider(via marriage)
  • John Rider
  • Avatar Korra (via marriage)
  • Jack Rider
  • Lee Rider
  • Lin Rider
  • Kya Rider

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