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The Unknown



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Jack Cross

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September 7, 2012

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Sokka knelt on the large branch of the massive tree. All around him, green buds of leaves were just starting to appear. He pulled the spyglass from his pack and looked out across the forest. A small platoon of Fire Nation soldiers moved down a small road. Using the skills he had acquired during his sword training, Sokka made his way back down to the ground.

"Okay, we've got a Fire Nation patrol just across the creek," he whispered. Toph punched him in the arm, knocking him to the ground.

"If you had listened to me, you wouldn't have had to climb that stupid tree," she said. Aang, Katara, and Suki smothered a laugh as Sokka picked himself up out of the dirt. Zuko climbed onto the back of Appa and looked out across the small canyon to the road.

"We should leave anyway," he said. Everyone else reluctantly began to pack up the camp. Unnoticed by them, a young man watched them though a pair of field glasses. He was kneeling on a ridge roughly a half-mile uphill behind them. As the flying bison lifted off and flew away, the young man turned and mounted his ostrich horse. Putting the field glasses into a saddlebag, he spurred the gangly creature after the flying beast.

For three weeks, he had followed this group all over occupied Earth Kingdom territory. Mainly, he sought the Avatar, this world's physical embodiment. There were others like him in other worlds, but he sought this one for a unique reason. His world's version of the Avatar had been killed permanently, and his world had fallen into both man made and natural chaos as a result.

Personally, he believed that this world's Avatar held the secret to save his world.

But his studies of this group and the world around them had made him cautious. The oldest member of the group, the one with a red scar on his face, was cautious and could react violently to anyone suspicious who approached the group. Next in the line of age were the two non-benders of the group, although they could possess a since of arrogance and silliness, they where both very agile fighters when it came down to a situation.

Next was the teen female who, although possessing motherly traits, could have times of non-mercy and cruelty. Following this young woman were the two youngest members, both of them at the age of twelve. The girl, although blind, was like the group's radar. She used vibrations in the earth around them to sense the area around the group for a certain distance. The other was the one he sought: The Avatar. He was bald and had blue arrow tattoos going over his limbs and on top of his head, and he was by far the most powerful out of the whole group.

All of this ran though his mind as he bounced down the wooded hillside and arrived at a road. Turning west and following the massive white beast, he spurred his mount to almost full speed. Rounding a corner, he found himself face to face with a Fire Nation patrol. The beast reared slightly as he pulled back on the reigns, the claw like feet sliding in the dirt of the road.

Both the rider and the patrol looked at each other shocked that the other was in front of them. But the shock didn't last long as the rider drew his sword, issued a blood-curling scream, and charged the patrol. All but the commanding officer where non benders and reacting slowly to the charging horseman, with in less than a minute, several of the regular soldiers lay dead and the rider was riding at a high speed away from the patrol.

A single bolt of fire rushed past his head and ignited the road and trees before him. He yanked on the reigns again, this time reaching into one of his saddlebags. A small pistol like crossbow appeared in his hand. Launching the bolt, the rider watched as a small explosion occurred, blinding the commander with a wall of dirt. When the dirt cleared, the commander realized that the rider had disappeared.

Pulling out the field glasses again, the rider scanned the sky for the Avatar's bison. Finally, he spotted the bison as a white dot on the horizon. Putting the field glasses away, he spurred his mount after them. Arriving at a small river, the rider hunched over the saddle horn as cold water splashed up over him.

Reaching the opposite bank, the rider watched as the sky bison touched down in a clearing a few miles ahead. With a sigh, he spurred his mount forward.

Tonight would be a good time as any to confront them.

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