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The Revolution
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The Revolution is the fifty fourth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Zhentu, bored of the constant barrage of questions, decides to ask Jiang Rha some questions of his own. Jiang on the other hand, has some unfinished business to settle.



After the two officers walk back onto the ship, Jiang believes congratulations are in order. "Congratulations Colonel," Jiang repeats for the umpteenth time.

"Thank you, sir," Zhian replies again, nodding his head in respect.

"You deserve a personal commendation from Phoenix King Ozai," the Admiral responds. "Come."

Zhian, too tired to fight back, accepts. Jiang leads him through the ship's halls, stopping at Ozai's room and knocking on the door. "My king, I have someone for you to see."

The two hear a scoff from behind the door, but Ozai finally responds. "Enter," the cold voice replies. Zhian enters the room and sees Ozai, an imposing figure with a certain weakness he could not pinpoint. "Who is this?" Ozai says to Jiang, as if he doesn't care.

"My king, this is Colonel Zhian. He fulfilled your desire and ended your daughter. He has done a remarkable job for this organization, capturing Princess Ursa, and also setting your brother's ship up to sink. I believe-" The Admiral's salutary rant was cut off by Ozai's harsh judgment.

"Yes, congratulations. Thank you for putting that miserable child out of her misery. Admiral, bring me the new prisoner. I have some questions. Both of you are dismissed," Ozai adds, turning and sitting on his custom throne.

The two officers bow and file out of the room, going their separate ways. Jiang heads towards the lower levels of the ship while Zhian walks to his room. Opening the door, he slowly walks to his bed and collapses from pure fatigue. The Warrior breathes deeply for a long time, hoping to catch his breath. After half an hour of barely having the energy to inhale, Zhian's breathing pattern stabilized. He lays his head on his bed and passes out, more than spent from his Agni Kai.

The Courier

Jiang walked briskly towards the ship's brig. He had begun to grow tired of Ozai's constant demands, rewarded with nothing more than more pointless quests. He opened the metal door to the ship's highest security prison, slamming the door closed after he passed through. It seemed ironic that the highest security prison was used to house someone who was as little of a threat as the cell's occupant.

"What do you want?" the prisoner called. Jiang stared upon the face of Ursa, the object of Ozai's request.

"You have a visitor. The only difference is that you go to him," Jiang explains, reaching to the wall and taking off a set of handcuffs from the shelf. "Put these on," Jiang orders, pacing over and throwing the cuffs into Ursa's cell.

"I can't get them to stay on my own," Ursa replies, picking up the metal cuffs and staring at her captor.

"Put it on one hand," Jiang mutters as Ursa obeys. "Now put your back to me." Jiang kneels down and fastens the cuffs. He opens the cell door and leads Ursa out of her accommodations. He leads her down a path he had traveled too many times, almost subconsciously. Jiang opens the door, making as of much a bow as he could while still retaining a hold on Ursa. "My king, your visitor has arrived," he mutters, pushing Ursa into the room while slipping in himself. Jiang stands in the corner of the room while Ursa rises to her feet.

Ursa looks up to see her husband for the first time in four years, sitting on a throne. She noted the wrinkles in his face and the listlessness of his eyes. "You never give up, do you?" Ursa asks sarcastically.

"Your tongue never was tempered, was it? I suppose being amongst savages for years wouldn't do much to help." Ozai rises from his seat, grinning menacingly. "I was right, banishment is never enough of a punishment. No matter, when the world is mine then you will get your final consequence."

"When?" Ursa snaps back. "Zuko will never let your band of rebels take his nation. You have no idea how much he has matured," Ursa says, becoming lost in the memories of her son. She remembered her happy vacations to Ember Island, and the playfulness of both of her children. She then realized the would never see her daughter again, and that she had another issue to discuss. "How dare you order the death of our daughter!" the infuriated Princess screamed.

"I gave her an order. She couldn't even accomplish it on the day of Sozin's Comet. Why do you think she deserved a chance?" Ozai calmly states. He turned to face his window, starring at the mid-day sun.

"She was your daughter! You said that she was born lucky!"

"Not lucky enough," Ozai retorts. He turns around to look at his wife. She hadn't aged a bit. The granddaughter of Avatar Roku was able to remain at peace wherever she was sent, a luxury he didn't seem to share. "Neither was the other."

"How could you do that to Zuko? He always tried to meet your expectations, and he never did anything to deserve that!"

"It was to teach him respect. He is too stubborn to learn," Ozai says, recalling his Agni Kai.

"You're too stubborn to accept your fate," Ursa decides.

"He traveled the world, and he somehow decided that all those others were equal to us. Hmm, apparently so did you. So how did you get back?" Ozai inquires, actually interested in what she had to say.

"Iroh. He found me. After everything you had done to him, Zuko, me, and Azula, he still loves you. He wants for you to see what you've done, and to change! Look at what he's done now! He liberated Ba Sing Se, he runs the most successful tea shop in the Earth Kingdom, and more importantly he is at peace with himself!" Ozai's face was contorted in a look of pure rage.

"Get her out of my sight! I want her executed by the end of the day!" Ozai growls, but Ursa's face doesn't change.

Jiang bows, grabs Ursa by her handcuffs and begins leading her out of the room. "It was never your destiny to be Fire Lord!"

"It is the strong who survive, and I will endure forever!" Ozai screams as Ursa is lead down the hall.

Jiang turns the corner, pushing Ursa along. "Don't worry, Princess. I know you're far too important than to be eliminated. You'll make it through today," Jiang mutters, opening the door to her cell and motioning for her to enter her cell.

"You seem to be in charge, aside from Ozai," Ursa says as Jiang reaches for the handcuff's key.

"I am." Jiang continued searching for the correct key, eventually finding it and walking closer.

"Why do you listen to him? Zuko is the Fire Lord now."

"Your child won't be Fire Lord. His claim isn't legitimate."

"But why do you listen to Ozai? He cannot command you," Ursa says, appealing to the Admiral's ego.

"I must," Jiang says while taking off Ursa's handcuffs. "Have fun waiting for your son to save you," Jiang says, tossing the shackles onto the shelf and leaving the prison for his room.


Zhentu had been wandering around the ship for days at this point, wishing he could do something. Jiang Rha had recruited and trained him, but still hadn't sent him on any missions. He was repeatedly questioned on the whereabouts of the Avatar and his friends, but still had no idea. He had told Jiang ever since he was recruited that he had no idea where the Avatar or the Fire Lord were, since he had only been helped by them once. Jiang persisted nonetheless, a fact which annoyed Zhentu greatly. He wanted to be able to extract his revenge on the Water Tribe who had wronged him. Zhentu decided that he would finally confront Jiang Rha about it, since he knew he was ready for greater things.

Jiang had begun his own revolution of sorts. He sat in his room pondering the state of the world and his place in it. He had fought his way through his ranks, quite literally sometimes, for many decades and become a top adviser to 2 Fire Lords. He wanted respect from his underlings, the type of absolute respect that only Ozai commanded in this organization. Ozai didn't deserve his position, or his respect; after all, he had lost to a mere child. He failed his entire nation and allowed for a son, ill fit for leadership to take the reigns of the most powerful country to ever exist. Jiang knew his destiny, and would finally rise to take his rightful place.

He got up and left the room, walking down towards Ozai's room, to finally confront his burning ambition once and for all. Jiang walked down the hall, burning inside, and ready to rise up from the ashes of his former self.

A new Phoenix King

Ozai was staring at the sunset again, feeling the warmth and wishing he could do something about it. As he inhaled and exhaled, Jiang Rha entered the room and closed the door with unnecessary force.

Ozai turned around to look at who entered. Jiang had been visiting him a lot recently and Ozai was beginning to grow tired of it. "Admiral Rha, I did not summon you. What is your purpose? I am busy and do not require your presence." He turned back around and closed his eyes to try and absorb the sun's strength.

Jiang stayed silent facing the ground, a fire burning in his eyes that had the same intensity as his inner rage. Ozai turned around again and looked at Jiang, this time with more demanding rage. "Did you not hear me? What is your purpose?!"

Jiang raised his head and looked into Ozai's eyes.

"What... is... your... purpose, Rha?" Ozai punched the wall in anger at the lack of a response. He jerked his head back in Jiang's direction, and yelled in his most intimidating voice, "TELL ME!!"

Jiang finally made up his mind, and fire began burning all around him, consuming his entire body.

Ozai had genuine fear in his eyes; more so than when he fought the Avatar, at least then, he could use his bending to at least either defend himself or silence his opposition. He was defenseless and finally must face his fate. "What are you doing?" he said in terror. "Get away from me!"

Jiang burn

Jiang killing Ozai

Ozai tried to run past Rha, but Jiang threw him across the room and into the wall. Jiang had a small smirk on his face as the fire around him grew. "You said it yourself... The strong survive. You won't last forever... I'm sorry it had to end this way... My King..." He thrust his palm forward, and sent the flames he had been charging for a minute bellowing straight at Ozai, who could only watch in horror as they approached and engulfed him. In a matter of moments, the once mighty Phoenix King was no more.

Zhentu had been walking towards Jiang's room only a minute after he left. He heard the footsteps on the floor and followed them towards Ozai's room. When he opened the door, he saw Jiang kill Ozai with a massive fire blast.

By the time Zhentu burst through the door, Ozai was already dead. He put out the flames around his body and quickly turned to Jiang. "What have you done? He was the Phoenix King, and you just killed him!"

"He was nothing, and got what he deserved for letting his Nation down," Jiang replies coolly, as if nothing had just happened.

"He led his nation as well as he could, what right do you have to judge him?" Zhentu screams, still shocked at the murder he just witnessed.

"Zhentu, you will silence yourself or this defiant breath will be your last," Jiang said in a stern voice.

"I'm going to tell the entire group what you just did! Everyone! You killed him, and you won't get away with it!" Jiang grew tired, and sent a fire blast at Zhentu. Zhentu ducked and spun before sending another fire blast at Jiang. As Jiang sidestepped, Zhentu ran out of the room.

Zhentu sprinted down the hallway, looking for a way off of the ship. Jiang emerged in the hallway and shot a massive fire blast that covered the length of the hallway. Zhentu created a fire wall in front of him, stopping the attack. He pushed the fire wall towards Jiang before running down the hall. As Zhentu ran, he heard Jiang's voice. "That kid killed the Phoenix King! Don't let him leave this ship alive!" Before he could even get to the end of the hall, Phoenix Warriors emerged and began attacking him. Zhentu sent a fire wall back at them before sliding down a ladder. Zhentu fought off 15 Phoenix Warriors total before hiding in the cargo hold. After a minute to catch his breath, he picked up a heavy box and threw it out the window. The captain saw the ripple in the ocean, and left his post to tell Jiang of his discovery.

"Admiral! The boy jumped out of the boat. He didn't come back to the surface. He's gone, sir."

"Good. I only wish I could have killed him myself. Gather the crew. I have an announcement," Jiang said with a fire in his eye. He had his best plan yet.

The Announcement

As the crew arrives, Jiang realizes that they have no clue what happened. He begins addressing them, with a false calm in his voice, as well as fake emotion. "My friends, our beloved Phoenix King is no more. He was killed by one of our own, a traitorous scum who was executed for his crime. I know this saddens you, for it is a close blow to my own heart as I hope it is to yours. I had him tracked down, killed, and thrown off the ship. He will never harm one of us again. The Phoenix King did not die immediately; he first granted me full control of the Fire Nation, and also the world in his absence. I can only hope to lead you all with the skill and wisdom in which he possessed." Jiang pauses briefly, and looks over the gathered crowd with a menacing grin.

"He gave me other orders as well; he ordered me to purge what's left of his family, and bring them to justice for betraying him. I will start immediately. I have witnessed the death of two already, and will search to find the final one. Continue your current mission, and make this a glorious empire in his memory!" As the crowd cheered, Jiang turns and leaves. He walks back to his quarters with a small smirk on his face that he was careful not to allow any of the Warriors to see.

"They're all mine..." he couldn't help but think to himself.

Zhentu, hearing this echo from the cargo hold, closed his eyes, curled up in a ball, and a tear fell down his cheek. He was now an enemy of his entire world.

Production Information


Ever since early in the series, The Bos had the idea of a violent takeover of the Phoenix Warriors by Jiang Rha from Ozai. He eventually decided that Jiang's frustration would overwhelm him, his idea about Ozai's constantly negative and demeaning attitude only served to increase that likelihood. The Bos also wrote another chapter that is a different part of this story. This chapter created several plot inconsistencies, but The Bos managed to catch and fix them before publication.


The Bos got the idea for this chapter very early on in the series, and wasted no time in writing it down. He originally wrote the scene of Ozai's death early on, saving it to be improved upon later. After the introduction of Zhentu, The Bos decided that it would be a good idea to have him play a role in Ozai's death as well, especially giving him a better role later on in the Book.

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