Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Revolts in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Revolts
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Drama, Suspense, Action






Book One: Turning Sides




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April 9th, 2012






The Revolts is a chronicle series based seventy-five years after the Hundred Year War between the Fire Nation, and the rest of the Avatar nations (Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, Air Nations). Team Avatar is long gone, the only member remaining being Katara. Avatar Aang left the world in great peace, he established a sense of moral and love in the world. However, as generations grow, new ideas have emerged. The Earth Kingdom has inherited a sense of world supremacy, as the Fire Nation did seventy-five years ago. Their flourishing land, strong economy, and clever people have united under a sense of Earth Kingdom pride, and have decided to overthrow the world. The new Avatar, Sheng-Su, a native earthbender from Ba Sing Se, must help defend the Water Tribes and Fire, which are both under the process of recovering from the economical and land damages of the Fire Nation War, from disaster. The leader of this chaos, Long Feng and the Dai Li. They have returned, they have learned, they have increased. They have kidnapped and brainwashed Earth King Kuei. The new Firelord, Azaio - grandson of Firelord Zuko and Firelady Mai, must defend his Kingdom at all costs. Hao, the Emperor of the Water Tribes, must do the same. Read, as the peace of the world once again disappears, and all most prepare for the world the shift out of place.


Avatar Sheng-Su - The protagonist of the story, born as a single child, to a high-class family in Ba Sing Se, Sheng-Su is revealed to be the Avatar at the age of eight. By the time he is fourteen, he has completely mastered the four bending skills, and faces his first role as Avatar when Long Feng returns.

Long Feng - The main antagonist of the story, Long Feng returns to the Earth Kingdom after his sentence to prison. He has improved his plans, and this time plans to overthrow the entire Earth Kingdom government, place himself as Lord of the Earth Kingdom, and conquer to the entire world.

Earth King Kuei - He once again claims his position as Earth King, believing that the world is once again in peace. He was right, for only a small amount of time.

Azaio - Firelord, and grandson of Firelord Zuko.

Dai Li - Once again led by Long Feng, they serve act as a secret police and espionage force.


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