The reunion is the second chapter of Avatar: Aftermath.
The reunion
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October 20th 2010

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Team Avatar and Lee, the newest member, had been riding on Appa above the ocean for 3 weeks.

-So what really happened to your parents, Lee?" Ty-Lee asked.

-"What I told you before isn't all a lie," Lee said.

Seeing the others confused expressions he said,

-"Let me start at the beginning." He paused, "It was 4 years ago. I, my parents and my younger sister were living in a small Fire Nation town on an island."

"Wait a minute, if you're an earth bender, then why did you live in the Fire Nation?" asked Sokka.

-"My mother was a fire bender and my father was an earth bender, so me and my dad had to hide our earth bending. But anyway, the army had been charging taxes that were increasing each month. One day, my father had had enough. When a general came to collect the taxes my dad stood up to him and demanded that he stop robbing the town. The general said that he would rid the Fire Nation of the town forever. The next day there was a forest fire that destroyed the town, but everyone escaped. I'm almost sure the general was behind it. During all the commotion, I got separated from my parents and my sister.

-"That's so sad," Katara said.

-"But why would the Fire Nation destroy their own town?" asked Sokka.

-"I have no idea," said Lee.

-"This happened before, when we were traveling we visited a village on the water and the army was polluting their river. Katara disguised herself as the Painted lady and helped the village at night. She even destroyed the factory. When a general with a scar tried to destroy the village, Katara defeated him and the army left the village," said Aang. Aang had grown a head of hair.

-"Wait a minute; general with scar?" Lee said. "That's the same one that burned my village."

-"Oh man," Suki said.

-"Well, as I was saying, I made weapons," Lee said as he showed his knives and Sais. "I can even reshape them" He continued as he changed his Dao swords into duel Katanas.

-"So you can metal bend?" asked Toph.

-"Yep," Lee replied. "So where are we going now?" he asked.

-"As part of Zuko's plan to rebuild the world, we've decided to visit the Southern Water Tribe, Ba-Sing-Se, and one of the islands in the Fire Nation," said Aang.

-"So, where are we going first?" asked Lee.

-"We're already there," replied Aang as they started to descend onto an island.

-"Here, Aang, Sokka," said Katara, handing Aang a head band. Then she handed Sokka his Wang Fire beard.

-"I still don't get why you, Sokka and Aang have Fire Nation clothes" Lee asked Katara.

-"You'll see" Katara answered as she slipped a pillow under her dress.

-"Ahem" Sokka said clearing his throat. "My name is Wang Fire this is my wife Sapphire Fire," he said pointing to Katara. "And this is our son, Kuzon Fire." He finished, and pointed at Aang

-"Oh man," said Lee, slapping his forehead.

As they landed in the center of the town, several soldiers bowed before Zuko and offered a ride in a Palin key.

-"Okay, me and Mai will take a ride through the town."

Toph, Momo and Suki will go get some more supplies and the rest of you will go to the school," said Zuko. -"Sounds good," said Aang.

-"What School?" asked Lee.

-"You'll see," replied Ty-Lee.

Aang, Katara, Sokka, Ty-Lee and Lee headed towards the school.

-"Are you sure they will let you in with those swords, Lee?" Ty-Lee asked.

-"I don't see why not," he replied.

As they got to the school entrance, two guards were in front of the school.

-"State your business," said one of the guards.

-"My name is Wang Fire, this is my wife Sapphire and our son Kuzon. We are here for a parent-teacher conference with the headmaster," said Sokka.

-"And who are the two behind you?" asked the guard.

-"Our body guards," replied Sokka.

When they got into the school they went into the headmaster's office.

-"You again?" said the headmaster. "I hope you gave this boy a good punishment, especially after that secret dance party."

-"About that," said Aang. He took off his head band revealing his arrow.

-"Y-Y-You're the Avatar?" said the headmaster stuttering.

-"Yep, now could you please tell us where the students are?" said Aang putting his head band back on.

-"In the courtyard," said the headmaster, still shocked.

As they stepped into the courtyard, On-Ji came up to them.

-"Hey Kuzon, I haven't seen you for a while."

-"On-Ji?" said Lee.

-"Lee?" said On-Ji.

They hugged each other.

-"What's going on?" asked Ty-Lee.

-"On-Ji is my sister," said Lee.

-"You're kidding, right?" said Sokka and Katara.

-"Nope," Lee replied.

-"So, On-Ji is your younger sister you were talking about?" Suki asked.

-"Exactly," Lee replied.

-"Mom and Dad were so worried about you," On-Ji said.

-"What is going on here?" Hide said, pushing his way past a few other kids. When he saw Aang, his face turned red with anger.

-"You!" he exclaimed as he launched a fire ball at Aang.

The young Avatar rolled out of the way and the fire ball struck a nearby statue.

-"And who do you think you are?" Hide shouted at Lee.

-"He's my brother!" On-Ji said defensively.

-"Your brother?" Hide scoffed "Yeah right."

-"Don't challenge me," Lee said as he assumed a fighting stance.

-"Maybe I will" Hide replied as he tried to punch Lee, the boy easily evaded him and landed several jabs on Hide's sides, and the teenager fell to the ground, paralyzed.

-"Looks like your lessons have paid off," Lee said to Ty-Lee.

-"That was good but there's a slight problem," Ty-Lee said.

-"What do you mean??" Lee asked.

-"You took him out, bending and all, but the way you did it, it only lasts for about a minute."

-"So you mean?" Lee said as Hide rose up behind him. Lee turned around and barely had enough time to make a thin earth shield in front of him before Hide launched a fire ball that shattered the earth shield and sent Lee flying back.

-"I'm out of here" Hide said as he fire bended hand and foot jets and took off down an ally.

-"We have to follow him," Lee said. "Come on Aang."

Aang grabbed his glider from Sokka, who was using it as a cane, and took off after Hide. Lee bended his broad swords into hook swords climbed in between two houses. And since the houses where on a slight slope down, he could slide downwards quickly with his hook swords in the eaves troughs.

-"Did you know this guy was a fire bender?" Lee shouted to Aang as he summersaulted off one set of houses and onto the next.

-"Sort of," Aang shouted back.

As Hide passed another block he set a few crates of blasting jelly on fire

-"Look out!" Lee shouted.

-"Grab on," shouted Aang.

As Lee came off, he grabbed onto the foot rests on Aang's glider and they both went high in the air as the blasting jelly exploded, destroying half of each building.

-"Bring me down closer," Lee said.

Aang's glider swooped down like a bird of prey and Lee jumped off and landed right behind Hide.

-"What the...?" Hide said as he turned his head.

-"Look out!" Lee cried as Zuko and May's Palen key passed in front of them. Hide barely had enough time to turn his head around before he crashed into the group.

When Aang and Lee landed, servants where sprawled on the street, the Palen key was in pieces and May and Zuko where picking themselves up. A crowd began to form. Katara and Sokka, who had removed their disguises, Ty-Lee, On-Ji and the head master came up behind them. Suki, Toph and Momo joined the crowd.

-"What is the meaning of this? A guard said helping the Fire Lord up.

-"This student has destroyed private property, assaulted us, and, as you can see he destroyed the Palen key," said Aang.

-"But how did you fly like that?" asked Hide, who was being held by two guards

-"I'm the Avatar," said Aang revealing his arrow and surprising Hide, On-Ji and a few of the members of the crowd. At this, Hide fainted.

-"That's it. Off to the prison with you," said one of the guards holding Hide.

-"Prison?" Hide asked, springing up again. "Wait a sec, I can't go to the prison and I'm too young! On-Ji will back me up, right On-Ji?"

-"No Hide, you're so hot headed and angry and out of control. I never want to speak to you again," On-Ji said, stepping out of the crowd.

At this, Hide fainted again.

"Perhaps jail time is a little too harsh for a student of this age. A better solution could be one month of detention," said the head master, who still had a soft spot for the troublesome student.

-"Three months," said the guard.

"Fine" agreed the headmaster

As Hide was dragged away, most of the citizens went back to their normal routines.

-"Would you like to come to my house for supper?" On-Ji asked. "I'm sure mom and dad would be happy to see you again," she finished, looking over at Lee.

A few minutes, later they arrived at On-Ji's house. It was large and two stories high with several flowers on the patio.

-"Mom, I'm home," cried On-Ji, swinging the door open.

-"How has your day, sweetie?" asked On-Ji's mother, peeking her head out of the kitchen.

-"Good, I finally broke up with Hide," she answered.

-"Good for you," her father said coming down from the 2nd level.

-"And I made some new friends," On-Ji continued as Zuko and Aang entered.

-"Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang," she introduced.

Both parents bowed in respect for the Avatar and the Fire Lord.

-"There's no need," said Zuko, slightly blushing.

-"And their friends," On-Ji added as the rest of Team Avatar entered.

-"And also someone we all know well," she said as Lee stepped through the doorway.

-"Mom, Dad!" Lee said.

-"Lee!" they both cried as Lee hugged them.

-"What has happened all these years?" Lee's father asked.

-"I'll explain over supper," Lee replied.

-"So then, Hide got arrested and On-Ji broke up with him," Lee said, finishing his story. "Pass the roast duck please."

-"Sounds like you had quite an adventure," Lee's mother said.

-"Pretty much," Lee answered.

-"So now what are we going to do?" asked Katara.

-"You can sleep here; we have a few extra rooms," Lee's mother answered.

The next day, Team Avatar was packing up.

-"I'm back," Zuko declared.

-"How did it go?" asked Aang.

-"What are you talking about?" asked On-Ji.

-"Zuko just delivered a new oath to the school," Aang replied.

-"Great," On-Ji said.

As Team Avatar climbed on Appa, Lee said farewell to his parents.

-"I know you want me to stay but I think I should help Aang and Zuko defeat Azula.

-"We understand," his parents replied.

-"I'll come back soon," he shouted as Appa took off.


It is revealed that Hide is a powerful fire bender in this chapter.

This chapter was meant to be a lot shorter, but with the addition of Lee's back story, this chapter may be one of the longest chapters in Aftermath.

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