The Return to Home is the second chapter of book one of Avatar: Alternum.


Aang, Sokka, and Katara leave the Southern Water Tribe to head to the Southern Air Temple, only to find it burned to the ground.


Aang walked into the old, abandoned, small house he was supposed to stay in. "Huh." Aang grabbed some things and put them in his school bag. Katara walked through the opened door.

"Hey Aang!" Katara yelled. Aang leaped into the air.

"AAH!" Aang launched a swipe of air at Katara. Katara was launched across the room, but landed on her feet. Sokka ran into the house and grabbed Katara.

"What did you do?" Sokka pulled out a boomerang and prepared to throw it.

"Sorry! She freaked me out!" Sokka took Katara outside.

"Pack up your stuff, Aang. We're ready to go." Sokka shut the door. Aang took a picture of Mr. Gyatso off a desk and into the bag.

Later, Aang put the bag in the bag of Sokka's car. "I'm ready to go!" Sokka and Katara got into the car.

"Get in," Sokka said. Aang got in the back seat, and the trio drove off.

Hours passed and they haven't gotten off the iceberg the Southern Water Tribe was built on. "Are we there yet?" Katara asked.


"How about now?"




"Actually Sokka, that last one was me," Aang said.

"Okay, no more talking for the rest of the trip."

Hours passed again. The group was finally on the mainland.

"I'm hungry," Sokka said.

"Then pull over." Katara looked outside and saw that they were in the middle of nowhere. "On second thought-"

"No worries, Katara!" Sokka drifted on to the side of the road at high speed. Sokka then got out and grabbed something from the back.

"What's he getting?" Aang asked.

"I don't kn-" Sokka leaped onto the hood of the car, holding a miniature grill.

"SIFU LEE'S SOLAR POWERED ULTRA GRILL!" Sokka yelled. The name echoed through the land. Aang and Katara facepalmed.

Hours passed and the group could see the mountains where the Southern Air Temple is. The group kept driving until the rough terrain stopped them. The group got out of the car and started walking up the mountain.

"Hey Katara, how did you learn waterbending?" Aang asked.

"I kind-of just let the water flow through," Katara said. "I take the energy and just let it flow with my body."

"Let it flow, huh?" Aang and Katara smiled at each other. Sokka ran up the mountain and started walking backwards.

"We're at the top! Welcome to the Southern Air- gwah?" Sokka turned around in shock. Aang and Katara rushed up the mountain.

"Oh no." Aang stared in awe as the Southern Air Temple was revealed to be on fire, burning to ashes.


  • The end of this chapter is similar to the end of The Cave of Two Lovers, where Omashu was revealed to be taken over.
  • Sifu Lee's Solar Powered Ultra Grill is a parody of George Foreman grills.

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