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The Return of Koh
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Aang was alarmed by the sight of Koh.

The Avatar Airbended the spirit a great distance away from him, being careful not to show his face. Aang did not need an explanation he knew immediately what was going on. "You sent me here!" Aang shouted.

"Yes, and soon your face will be mine!" Koh declared. "You may have eluded me the last time you came here but now there is no escape for you!" He concluded.

Aang was confused. "Why are you doing this?" Aang questioned him.

"Careful, Avatar! You would be wise to show no emotion!"

All I need to worry about is covering my face." Aang replied. "Now answer me!"

"You are not worthy to be the Avatar and I am relieving you of your duty." Koh explained.

"How dare you say that?!" Aang asked. "May I remind you that you have failed to take down one simple Firebender and allowed him to cause massive devastation on the Earth Kingdom?" The Face Stealer reminded him.

Aang was infuriated. "May I remind you that I ended the war and single-handedly defeated Fire Lord Ozai?!" He retorted.

"By bending his energy like a weakling!" Koh spat. "If you were truly an Avatar, you would have killed him without hesitation!"

"Avatars are supposed to be peaceful!" Aang screamed.

"You're other past lives had no problem with killing others!" Koh responded.

"Aren't you going to let me have a turn to talk?" The man who had been with Koh in the shadows spoke up. He stepped out and revealed himself to be Admiral Zhao.

"Zhao?!" Aang said, completely shocked. "You teamed up with Koh?!"

"That's right, Avatar." The admiral responded. "You do not understand. I never actually died."

"What?!" Aang asked in even more disbelief.

"Let me explain." Zhao started. "Hurry up, Zhao!" Koh yelled. "I am growing impatient!"

"Very well, Koh." Zhao responded. "When La the Ocean Spirit grabbed me and pulled me underwater, it did not kill me. Instead, it pulled me into the Spirit World and I have been trapped here ever since. Eventually, I found Koh and he wanted my face, badly. I made a deal with him that if I told him how he could bring you here, then he would send me back to the real world and my face would be spared."

"Alright, Admiral you have told him everything. Now I shall finally get what I want." Aang quickly opened his glider and flew away before Koh or Zhao could strike. Koh growled in annoyance "Find him!" He ordered Zhao. "It would be much quicker if we both looked." The Admiral pointed out. "Yes, I suppose you are right. We shall split up!" The spirit decided.

Meanwhile, Aang was flying through the sky, trying to get as far away from that monster as he could when he saw something in the distance. It looked like a dragon and as it got closer he knew who it was. "Roku!" Aang yelled.

Roku riding on Fang approached Aang. "Aang, come with me! You will be safe with me!" He shouted. Aang flew over to Fang and with a twirl of his glider he landed and they flew off.

"Roku, Koh the Face Stealer is after me. How do I get out of here?" The monk asked him.

"I know he is after you, Aang that is why I came to find you. I will take you to the one place in the Spirit World where Koh cannot go." Roku told him.

"How did Zhao and I get here?" Aang wondered "It should be impossible for anyone to go into the Spirit World without leaving their body behind."

"Not if another spirit sends you here." Roku answered. The two Avatars flew for a while and finally came to a large building. Fang landed and Aang and Roku dismounted.

"I didn't know there were buildings in the Spirit World." Aang said.

"This building is the only one in the Spirit World." Roku replied. As they entered, Aang saw hundreds of statues. "These statues, Aang, are of all the Avatars that have ever existed." Roku said as if he had read Aang's mind. "This place is the Realm of the Avatars where only Avatars are allowed."

"So there is a statue of every Avatar that has existed?" Aang inquired.

"All but one. The Avatar Spirit has been around for countless years. The very first one did not get a statue because the tradition had not yet started and no one ever bothered to make him one."

"That must have stunk." Aang stated.

"Roku!" A woman yelled. Aang and Roku turned to see who it was. "What, Kyoshi?" Roku questioned.

"It's Koh, he is here!" Kyoshi informed him.

"Aang, you must do battle with him." Roku said.

"But, Roku I thought you brought me here to tell me how to leave." Aang said.

"No, Aang. I brought you here to keep you safe from Koh but you must do battle with him for you cannot leave unless you kill Koh." Roku explained.

"I don't know if I can do it, Roku." The Air Nomad doubted.

"I will help him." A man said from behind. Everyone turned around and saw Kuruk standing there. "Aang, I know you do not wish to kill anyone but now you won't have to. Just weaken him up and then I'll deliver the final blow. Besides, I still owe that monster some payback. I've got your back, Aang."

"Aang, when you are finished with your battle you must return here and find Avatar Shui. She will heal your burns that were given to you by Jun."

"Thank you, Roku." Aang responded. "And thank you, Kuruk." Aang added. As Aang and Kuruk exited the Realm of the Avatars, they saw Koh and Zhao outside. "How are we going to fight these guys if we can't even look at them?" The Airbender asked, doubtful.

"We can't look at Koh." Kuruk reminded him. "His little friend on the other hand will be a lot easier to beat."

"Alright, let's do this." Aang announced. The Avatar closed his eyes and used seismic sense to feel where Koh was. Before the spirit could attack, Aang launched an earth column out of the ground, knocking Koh back. The Face Stealer retaliated by lurching forward and ramming into Aang. Kuruk then shot an air stream directly at Koh. The spirit was about to fight back but before anyone could do anything else, a huge fire augmentation engulfed Koh. The Face Stealer lay down and died instantly.

"Foolish old spirit!" Zhao yelled.

"That was supposed to be my kill!" Kuruk shouted.

"Kuruk, what does it matter? Now I can leave." Aang said.

"I'm afraid not, Avatar. Only one person can leave and it won't be you." Zhao smirked.

Using Airbending, Aang sprinted towards the dead body of Koh as fast as he could, as the portal to the real world opened. With all of his strength, Aang unleashed a huge breath of wind, blasting the Admiral far away in the distance. "Well done, Aang." Kuruk congratulated him. A bright light lit up where Koh was and multiple beams of light were shot out. A curly tailed blue nose monkey walked away in the distance. An owl also flew away. Also, several men and a blue-faced spirit walked way as well. The last person to appear was Ummi, Kuruk's wife. "Ummi." Kuruk uttered the single word. "Finally I can be happy again. Go Aang. You have done well."

Aang nodded and flew back towards the Realm of the Avatars. Once there he called out a name. "Avatar Shui? Where are you?" He shouted.

A woman dressed in Water Tribe attire appeared before him. "Hello, young Avatar Aang." She introduced herself. "I am Avatar Shui. I understand you need me to heal your burns." Aang nodded. "Very well then."

Back in the Foggy Swamp, Jun was arguing with Hong Wu. "I am not just going to wait for The Avatar to come back! That could take days!"

"Well, master I am sure that if you have patience-"

"Patience?!" Jun spat the word back at his right-hand. "How dare you say I have no patience?!" The man shouted. Just as he was about to strike Hong Wu, Aang returned to the very spot he had vanished. "Well, well. You're finally back." Jun said.

Aang took a fighting stance as did Jun and the two prepared to battle.


The reason Aang, Kuruk, Zhao, and Shui are able to bend in the Spirit World will be revealed later.

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