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The Return of Fiery Guy
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Chapter 11

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29 January, 2011

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Someone's Been Kidnapped

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The Agni Kai of Doom


Zaru and some of his friends are running from the Earth King again. After they think they got away, they meet Fiery Guy again.


They were all running. Very fast. The army of the Earth Kingdom was after them (again).

"Are we there yet?" Heesu Saro asked.

"We're there?" Patola screamed, "We're there! We're there!"

Heesu and Patola both sang We're there! until Stroe Vintrel shot them a look.

"This isn't right." Erus said. "They're not chasing us."

"I agree." Zaru said. "Whenever Boli stops chasing us, it's because he sends someone ahead to do it for him."

And of course, a man jumped at them.

"It is me! Fiery Guy! And my mussels are bigger than ever! With them you get smashed!"

Patola sent a water ball, Erus sent a fireball, Zaru sent an air ball, and Heesu sent a rock ball. They were all shot out of the sky by Fiery Guy's fire.

"You stupid! You think you better than me!"

Fiery Guy made an explosion. Zaru contained it with a combination of Airbending and Firebending. Then, Zaru let it out in one gigantic blast.

"RUN!" Erus said. And they did. They ran and ran.

After half an hour, Patola said, "Where are we going?"

They stopped.

"Umm..." Erus said.

"Not really sure," Zaru said. They looked around and realized they were in the middle of the desert.

"How about we set down for the night," Zaru said.

"The sun is still up!" Heesu said.


Heesu groaned, and raised the earth into an igloo like shape.

"Too iglooy," Zaru said.

It changed into a one-room house.

"Too housey. It has to have that camping feeling."

It turned into a pile of rubble.

Then Fiery Guy came back.

"Ha ha you losers! You think you can run from Fiery Guy."

"What's you're real name anyways?" Heesu asked.

"Nobody knows!" Fiery Guy said.

"Well that's stupid!" Heesu said. "What's next? A third eye on your forehead that shoot combustion beams?!"

"I kill you now!"

Fiery Guy shot fire at Heesu and blasted him away.

"He's my favorite buddy!" Patola said, and Patola charged in. "Where's my water?" Patola was blasted away too.

"I'll get him," Zaru said.

"No Zaru. I can take him," Erus said.

"Get the wounded," Zaru said. "We've got him."

Zaru looked at Stroe, and she agreed. Erus ran off, and the two charged in. Stroe drew her sword, and Zaru drew his... fireball.

A stream of blue fire rushed at Zaru. He ducked, rolled, jumped, shot, yelled, shot, passed gas, shot, and rolled! Fiery Guy just kept shooting. He punched the ground with a fiery fist, and blasted Zaru away. Then...

"RRRAAGGHH!" Fiery Guy said. There was a sword in his side. Fiery Guy raised his arms and summoned so much fire, Zaru thought it was the ocean at first. Then he realized it was deadly blue fire heading for his friend.


"How does yelling her name help?" Erus yelled.

"Shut up gramps!"

Zaru ran under the blue walls of fire, and raised his arms. The fire started to wash over them, but Zaru's eyes glowed, he flew into the air, and every last bit of fire hit Fiery Guy.

"AAAAAHHHHH!" echoed through the desert as Fiery Guy flew away, dying.

"You... you killed him."

"Yes. Yes I did."

They set down for the night (the sun was down at this point).

In the middle of the night...


"It is I! Fiery Guy!"

"AAAAHHHH!" Patola yelled, "GHOST!"

"I am not a ghost you stupid head! I am Fiery Guy!"

Fire blasted apart their tent-like rock structure. Three arrows landed in Fiery Guy's foot.


Zhao angry

Fiery Guy breathing fire.

On hurt, he breathed fire.

"I'm getting bored," Erus said. He pointed a finger at Fiery Guy, and electricity came out of it. It bounced right off of his chest.

"You are stupid! I am immune to ALL Firebending!"

"This is bad," Heesu said in a small voice.

A spike flew at Fiery Guy. It was blasted apart.

Fiery Guy lit himself on fire.


"He looks like a fire monster!" Patola said.

Fiery Guy grabbed Heesu, and LIT HIM ON FIRE!


Patola remembered he had a Water skin, and he extinguished Heesu and Fiery Guy.

Heesu raised an earth shell over Fiery Guy.

"I know where we'll be safe," Zaru said.

He opened his Airbending glider.

"Everyone on top!"

Everyone stepped on it.

"It's kind of crowded Zaru!" Erus said.

"I know."

And they glided to the ocean. They only stopped once, when Heesu and Patola fell off while they were fighting. They went back to Zaru's boat, and sailed to the Fire Nation.

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